Knowledge & Employability (K&E)

What are Knowledge & Employability (K&E) Courses?

The purpose of K&E is to enable students to:

  • Develop essential concepts, skills, and attitudes in preparation for their roles in the home, community and the work place.
  • Obtain a sense of success and achievement in their learning experiences, thereby enhancing self-esteem.
  • Develop entry-level job skills.
  • Recognize the need for lifelong learning.
  • Become responsible members of society.
  • Develop practical applications and connections to the home, community and workplace.
  • Focus on reading, writing and mathematical literacy and essential employability skills in occupational contexts.

Who Would Take These Courses?

Knowledge and Employability Courses are designed for students with specific needs and goals including students who:

  •  Demonstrate and/or express a desire to enter the workplace after completing a Certificate of High School Achievement or achieving a high school diploma (Non-university entrance).
  • Express goals that include succeeding in school to become better prepared for the workplace.
  • Achieve success through experiential learning activities.
  • Interested in learning the necessary skills to enter into a Trade Apprenticeship.
  • School of choice.

Many other factors are taken into consideration when a student applies to Jack James. (See How to Register for further information.)

How are the K&E Courses Different From Regular Courses?

  • Content emphasis in each course is on the basic skills essential to becoming responsible members of society.
  • Instruction in any skill begins with reference to real-life applications. It is often this deliberate reinforcement in a practical area that enables students to understand more fully the need for academic knowledge as it applies to job success.
  • There is an emphasis on appropriate teaching strategies to suit the unique learning needs of K&E students.
  • Resources are selected on the basis of the needs, interests, and reading abilities of the K&E students.

What can Students Receive Upon Completion of these Courses?

A provincial Certificate of High School Achievement will be awarded to a student upon successful completion of the Senior High Knowledge and Employability Courses.

Certificate of High School Achievement

(80 Required Credits)

Sample Program

Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
English 10-4
Social 10-4
Math 10-4
Science 10-4
Phys Ed 10
Three Shops
English 20-4
Social 20-4
Math 20-4
Science 20-4
20 Level 4
English 30-4

One 30 Level Shop

* A student must complete 40 credits in the Occupational Clusters (Shops). Students may also receive a High School Diploma by taking additional diploma courses.

Possible Route for Diploma

(100 Required Credits)

Sample Program - Alberta High School Diploma

Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
English 10-2
Social 10-2
Math 10-3
Science 14
Phys Ed 10
Three Shops
English 20-2
Social 20-2
Math 20-3
Science 24
Two 20 Level Shops
English 30-2
Social 30-2
Math 30-3*

One/Two 30 Level Shops

* Not mandatory for diploma.

Can K&E Students also Qualify for a Diploma?

K&E students have an opportunity to obtain a high school diploma. Transfer from the Certificate of Achievement route to the diploma route should be made in consultation with the Guidance Counsellors. See academic courses for transfer points.

Course Descriptions

For course descriptions please see the Detailed High School Course Guide.

What are the Registration Procedures?

Please visit our How to Register page for more information.

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