Booking an Appointment & Hours

Students can book appointments with a guidance counselor. 

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How We Can Help

We support our students in the following areas:

  •  high school diploma requirements
  •  course registration
  •  course sequencing
  •  course pre-requisites
  •  timetable issues
  •  post-secondary questions
  • scholarship & bursary information

Our guidance counselors can also support students needing:

  • academic counseling support working through issues that impact learning and life 
  • emotional counseling
  •  access to community supports
  •  financial support
  •  help resolving conflicts
  •  an advocate at school 

Services Offered


Trellis family & youth support services provides individual support to youth 12-21 to help improve outcomes for youth around sense of belonging, self-esteem, self-confidence empowerment and identity. The support that Trellis staff provide is guided by goals and objectives identified by the youth. Staff also connect youth to support services, resources or social groups to best meet their needs.  


The CCIS Immigrant Youth Outreach Project provides settlement support for newcomer high school students. The Program Outreach Worker will be at the school every Tuesday during school hours to assist students with finding employment, life and career counseling, as well as general support and advocacy on the students behalf. Students will also learn about and be invited to the various program opportunities that are available at CCIS throughout the year. 


Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association (CIWA) is a non-profit organization established in 1982 as a registered charity. CIWA is a culturally diverse settlement agency that recognizes, responds to, and focuses on the unique concerns and needs of immigrant and refugee women, girls and their families.

Girls Culture Club

  • Offered once a week, during the lunch hour on Wednesdays
  • Consist of workshops, forums and discussions about various issues that affect young girls, such as racism, identity, and self –esteem; educational and recreational field trips as well as craft activities.
  • Provide opportunities to build peer relationships and connections to their school community

Learning Leader and Graduation Coach for Indigenous Learners

The graduation coach provides targeted supports to Aboriginal students and universal supports to staff to ensure the whole schools is a welcoming, caring, respectful, safe learning environment that allows students to find a sense of competence and achievement in learning.

Along with High School Success, Literacy, and Mathematics, the Indigenous Education Strategy is a key pillar of the Calgary Board’s Three Year Education Plan. The graduation coach initiative is a key aspect of working to fulfill the mandate of the Indigenous Education Strategy.

One-on-One Counselling

The One on One Counselling program provides:

  • Customized individual counselling sessions for immigrant women youth (13-24 years),  and seniors (50 and above), in home support services to address immediate needs and crises (e.g. Isolation, employment, family conflict, intergenerational conflict, peer relationships, mental health etc.) 
  • Confidential, culturally sensitive one on one counseling service is provided to clients preferably in their own language as most of our counselors speak multiple languages. Interpreters and translators assist staff while they ensure that clients understand how to access community resources 
  • Clients are provided the knowledge and confidence to actively engage in the community 
  • Clients are made aware of their right and responsibilities as per the Canadian laws and they are provided confidence and encouragement towards accessing the community resources. 
  • Group sessions for Immigrant Youth and Seniors (Self-esteem, self-respect and empowerment): 
  • Offered in various locations so that the program can be more accessible to clients 
  • Opportunity to come together to increase self-esteem, self-confidence and build stronger support networks 
  • Immigrant women aged 13-24 and above 50 receive leadership and life skills coaching to enhance their ability to integrate and become contributing members of society.

Timetable Changes

Changes to student timetables will be accommodated in special circumstances when there is space in the receiving class. To request  a change, students must  book an appointment with their Counselor. Students are required to follow their current schedule until their requested changes have been approved. Student requests for timetable changes will not be considered after the Schedule Change Deadline each semester.

Course drops must be approved by an Assistant Principal and will not be considered because of poor marks or poor attendance. Failing grades will be recorded on official transcripts. The deadlines for student initiated course drops are:

  • Semester I: September 18
  • Term II only: November 13
  • Semester II: February 10
  • Term IV only: April 2

Course Change Forms: Course Change Request Form (

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