Nov 25
November Updates

​November has been a very busy month with lots on the go!  Below are some important updates that everyone should be aware of.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Traffic Safety

Thank you to the parents/adults that are doing everything they can to model traffic safety for our students.  We see you and we appreciate you!


In the event that you see unsafe traffic practices around the school at drop off and pick up, please contact 311.  In the event of a near miss, please try to capture the license plate number of the car(s) involved and contact the Calgary Police. 


Since it is darker each morning, please consider putting reflective tape on your child's backpack.  This will help cars to see children crossing the street.  Mrs. Kivi has observed that cars can spot children in bright and reflective colors much easier.  Students in dark winter gear are really hard to see in the mornings. 


The Library is Open….almost!

Mrs. Knox, our Library Assistant, is very excited that we can start to open the library for book exchange!  We will be starting with English Grade 4 Classes on Monday, Nov 29 and will gradually add classes.  Mrs. Knox and the classroom teachers will be training the students on the new library protocols and routines.  Students will be going to the library on their own to exchange books, not as a whole class (due to complex scheduling issues).  We are hopeful in the New Year we can have volunteers to help in the library with sign out and putting books away.  Stay tuned!


Kindergarten Attendance and Early Dismissal

For parents with students in Kindergarten, please be aware of the Fridays that your child attends.  There is an increasing number of Kinder students showing up on the wrong Fridays.  This information is communicated in a number of ways:

·      The weekly parent week at a glance sent by email

·      Posted on the Kindergarten doors

·      Posted on the school website (scroll to the bottom of the home page and click Calendar Print out to view the entire month)


There are also an increasing number of Kindergarten students that are not being picked up on time on Fridays.  Dismissal is at 12:15 every Friday.  It is the caregiver's responsibility to have pick up arranged for dismissal time.  We do not have supervision for students that are not picked up.  The office does not have the staff or the means to supervise the students for long periods of time.  Teachers are on their deserved lunch break and are not required to keep students in class.  If you are running late, please call the school office 403-777-8670.


Metis Week (Nov 15-19)

Metis week was another huge success at JJ, all thanks to Mrs. Rivard!  Once again, she took time to share her Metis heritage with students and staff.  On November 23, Mrs. Rivard spent the day telling oral stories to each cohort.  Students were engaged and hanging off every word! 


“I have felt much pride this past week teaching and sharing my knowledge of the Metis with the staff and students.  The teachers explored and discussed the Metis people through teachings of the sash, the buffalo, the jig and many examples of Metis art.  Children throughout the building were buzzing with excitement and wonder.  I hope the excitement carried on at home through sharing and rich conversations".  ~Mrs. Rivard


“We must cherish our inheritance.  We must preserve our nationality for the youth of our future.  The story should be written down to pass on". ~Louis Riel


Squid Games- not recommended

We have had an increasing number students that are talking about and playing their version of Squid games (a show from Netflix) while outside during recess.  JJ is a primary school setting and Squid Games is TV-MA show (rated for Mature audiences only).  Students are not allowed to play any of the games related this show at recess or lunch recess, google Squid games on school technology, or engage in conversations about the show.  If you have any questions about this, please contact Mrs. Kivi directly (


Travel Outside of Canada

It is so exciting that families can begin travelling outside of Canada again- HOORAY!  As you begin to book family vacations, please be advised that children under 12 who are not fully vaccinated, are required (as per the Government of Canada) to quarantine for 14 days.  This means that students that have travelled, are not able to attend school during quarantine.  Please know before you go:

·      Teachers are not required to provide work as their programs can't simply be photocopied and written down with instructions. Any work completed will not be assessed.  It is up to the parent(s) to provide any work during a child's absence.

·      Travel (although a very good experience) is marked as an unexcused absence in PowerSchool.

·      Students will be marked as absent during their quarantine- they are not allowed to return EVEN if they have several negative COVID tests.  If you have questions, please talk to the boarder agent at Customs about the required quarantine time for children.

·      Please contact Mrs. Stahl in the office and she will assist you with understanding the required absent dates (403-777-8670).  She will share with you the required Extended Absence form that will need to be completed before your vacation.

Please visit  for the latest travel information.  

Unvaccinated children under 12 must complete pre-entry, arrival and Day-8 tests, unless you have evidence that the child had a positive COVID-19 test taken 14 to 180 days prior to arrival in Canada or the child is under 5 years of age.

For the next 14 days, the children must also:

  • not attend school, camp or daycare
  • not attend large or crowded settings, indoors or outdoors, such as an amusement park or sporting event
  • not take buses, subways, trains or other crowded transportation
  • not attend a setting where they may have contact with vulnerable people (e.g. long term care facility), including people who are immunocompromised, regardless of that person's vaccination status or public health measures
  • stay in a place that allows the child to avoid all contact with any person that:
    • has an underlying medical condition that makes the person susceptible to complications related to COVID-19
    • has a compromised immune system from a medical condition or treatment; or
    • is 65 years of age or older
  • limit contact with others:
    • remain with their fully vaccinated parent or guardian, as much as possible
  • wear a mask and physically distance when in contact with non-household members​


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