Apr 11
Spring has Sprung!

​​Spring has sprung and it feels wonderful!  Spring is such a refreshing time of year- it's filled with excitement and a sense of renewal.  This time of year also kicks off the planning for the new school year.  We have started gathering our projections for enrollment for next year, solidifying our registrations for September, and staffing for the 22/23 school year is underway. 

Please read the information below so that you're informed about how we plan for September and what's coming up to finish off the final months of this school year. 

Requests for Class Placement/ Class List Creation for 22/23 

In May and June, teachers and administration will be meeting multiple times to assign students to classes for next year.  This is not a task taken lightly at Janet Johnstone School.  Professionals who have worked with these children will engage in discussions to determine the best possible placements.  We will revisit our class lists multiple times. We kindly request our families trust and respect the professional judgement of our staff.  Placement considerations will include multiple factors. Each class will consist of a heterogeneous mix of students.  The achievement and ability level, as well as the independent work habits of each student will be reviewed. 

    • Classrooms will be balanced in terms of numbers of children with special learning needs, social/emotional concerns, English Language Learners, and gender 
    • Children's needs will be considered in terms of their working relationships with peers as well as their individual strengths 
    • Children's learning style 
    • Chemistry of the classroom dynamics  

Please understand that these are important decisions that need to be made by the educators in our school. Through your ongoing conversations with your current child's teacher, Janet Johnstone staff are aware of unique circumstances.  Through personalization of learning and our focus on building relationships with our students, staff have a thorough understanding of the students that they work with.  Class placements will reflect our sincere effort to create balanced classrooms where each child is valued, challenged and successful.  Tentative class lists will be created in early June, with the final adjustments being completed in August.  Staffing is often not finalized until August- the final staff list plays a key role in completing our class lists.   

Due to the nature of our enrollment numbers, we are unable to confirm if there will be combined grades for the next school year.  When planning, administration will make every effort to avoid having single classes of combined grades, however, it is not guaranteed.  Once we know more about our enrollment and projections for next year, we will share our initial plans at our School Council meetings. 


If a parent has a specific or extenuating request about student placement for the upcoming school year, a specific process must be followed.   

1.     Parent requests must be sent in the form of a letter to the principal, Mrs. Kivi, by email (blkivi@cbe.ab.ca).  Please do not send your requests to teachers.  Verbal requests will not be considered.  The administrative team plays a key role in the creation of each class list, so please know that your letter to the principal will be considered in a professional and thoughtful manner. 

2.     Please indicate in your letter a specific learning need/ learning style for your child.   

3.     We will place students together that have good working relationships.  Friendship requests will not be considered.   Students are given many opportunities to engage with their peers from their cohorts at recess, lunch recess, and gym/music.

4.     Your letter should only talk about your own child's needs. 

5.     Please note: requests are only requests.  They will be considered (within the reasoning listed above) but are not guaranteed. 

6.     Requests will need to be made by May 20, 2022.  Requests made after the deadline will not be considered. 

We are very much looking forward to the next school year- it's hard to believe that we are already starting to think about it!  Thank you in advance for your understanding of the complex processes that we need to adhere to and honor in order to ensure that our students are set up for success for September. 


Kindergarten Orientation for Next Year Students

We will be hosting a Kindergarten Orientation on May 26 (6:30pm) for next year's Kindergarten students. We were very excited to welcome the newest batch of JJ learners. This orientation will be IN PERSON.  Parents and future Kindergarten students are welcome to attend to learn about the Kindergarten, see the classrooms spaces, and to answer all the questions that new parents might have.  We look forward to welcoming our newest and youngest learners in September!


            Transportation- Yellow School Bus Pre-registration

If your child will be taking the Yellow School bus next year, please watch for information in the coming weeks about pre-registration. 

For any Transportation inquiries, please contact: 

t | 403-817-7433 or e | transportation@cbe.ab.ca


Mark Your Calendars

There are lots of exciting, fun and important events coming in the final three months of the year.  Please make sure you are aware of these dates and plan accordingly.  The calendar feature on the school website is a great resource for parents!  Our website is updated regularly and holds a wealth of information about everything happening at JJ.  Please keep the following dates and information in mind:

·     Assemblies & Performances

·     Trickster May 2-6, evening performance May 5

·     Pizza Lunches

·     May 12: English grade 4s to tour Sam Shaw

·     May 20: Non—instruction day- no school

·     May 23:  holiday- no school

·     June 2: French grade 4s to tour Woodman

·     June 10: Volunteer Tea

·     June 24: JJ Jamboree! (watch for more information)

·     June 24: Kindergarten performance at assembly (to kick off JJ Jamboree); Kinder last day

·     June 28:  Last day of classes for grades 1-4


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me directly.


Mrs. Kivi



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