Nov 29
Outbreak Update

Dear Families,

I hope everyone is staying warm during this cold snap!  We are staying warm at school with our indoor recesses.  As a reminder, we are required to stay inside when the temperature dips below -20 degrees (with wind chill). 

I have been in communication with Alberta Health Services today and we are able to officially declare that the GI outbreak is over!  We are so happy that our students’ tummies are feeling much better.  Our GI illness rate yesterday was 2.7% and only 1.3% for today.

Overall, our absence rate for today was 10.5% due to illness (15% yesterday).  This means that there are still plenty of other germs going around, especially respiratory.  We are all learning how to fight these viruses together by washing our hands, keeping our hands and fingers away from our faces, and coughing and sneezing into our arms.

Please continue to keep students at home if they are sick.  This helps immensely in keeping our staff and students healthy. Due to illness among CBE staff, substitute teachers are streteched very thin.  This means that sometimes a sub does not show up when we have absent staff.  We have had to be very creative in covering these classes internally.  I am so grateful for the flexbility that staff have shown as we do our best to make sure every single classroom has a teacher.

I would like to thank AHS for their guidance during our outbreak.  A big shout out to our cleaning staff for helping with lots of “wet clean ups”, disinfecting, and keeping our school as sanitary as possible.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to me directly.

Stay warm, everyone!

Mrs. Kivi​


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