Dec 19
Relaxed Entry & Severe Weather

Hello JJ families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend filled with last minute shopping!  Or perhaps you stayed home with cozy, snuggly blankets to stay warm!

We have been gripped with severe cold weather and it looks like it's sticking around for the last week of school.  Given the extreme cold, I would like to invite all students to enter through the most convenient door during relaxed entry for the next 4 days.  This means, students can enter through any door, not just their assigned door.  My wish is to get students into the building as quickly as possible.  

Parents, I'm asking a few things of you:

1.  Please do not use the parking lot to drop off or pick up your student.  The parking lot is incredibly icy and is not a place for children to be walking through. The parking lot is a very busy place with a variety of start and end times for staff and daycare staff.  Please adhere to the signage in the drive way of the parking lot.

2.  The "Hug and Go" zone in the front of the school is a great place to quickly pull in and drop off your child.  They can just run straight to the front door for entry (this week).  Please have your child exit the passenger side of the vehicle so they get out on the sidwalk, instead of the street.  Parents, if you stay in the vehicle, it will help to speed up the amount of time you are in the zone.  

3.  Please drive through the crosswalk very cautiously and stop for ALL pedestrians, not just the children.  I have witnessed many vehicles drive through the crosswalk while an adult is crossing.  Eventhough superivison is not required when it's colder than -20 degrees, I will be out there tomorrow morning to monitor the crosswalk.  Please drive slowly!

4.  Students need to be dressed properly from head to toe!  Even if they are running from the car to the school, they need a hat, mitts, and their jackets should be done up.  We often have kids come to the door not dressed properly.  Skin can freeze within seconds in this weather.

5.  We will have blue days all week.  This means that we will not be going outside for recess, gym or lunch recess.  We are required to stay inside if the weather dips colder than -20 degrees (with or without the wind chill).

6.  Parents, if you are joining us for caroling tomorrow morning at 8:05, I would ask that you park your vehicles and enter through the front doors.  We will need all parents to congregate in the front foyer until the gym is ready.

Everyone is looking forward to a fun week ahead!  Only 4 more early mornings for students- everyone is in need of a restful holiday!

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Thank you for sending kind and respectful emails.  Stay warm!

Mrs. Kivi​


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