Jan 25
Information about Report Cards

Dear parents, 

By the end of January, your child’s report card  will be available to view in your MyCBE account. The report card is one of the ways teachers communicate how your child is progressing in their learning. Teachers may also communicate learning progress through parent/teacher conferences, your child’s daily work and assignments, and other ongoing communication with you. In October, families received communication (K-6 New Curriculum | Revised Report Card) about changes to this year’s report card, which included information about updated reporting Stems. 

Please note:  Only grades 1-4 will receive report cards this term.  Kindergarten students will receive a report card at the end of the year.  

What to Expect in Your Child’s Report Card 

This fall, the CBE began implementing new curriculum in Mathematics and English Language Arts and Literature (K-3, and grade 4) and Physical Education and Wellness (K-6). Some of the learning outcomes in the new curriculum are new or may have previously been taught in later grades.  

Please note: our French Immersion program is also piloting the new French Immersion Lanugage Arts curriculum. 

This means that students may be learning new curriculum without having had instruction in related outcomes in the previous grade and may see grades lower than what they might previously have achieved. This is to be expected whenever new curriculum is introduced. It may take more than one school year to build these foundational skills. While curriculum is grade-specific, many concepts are revisited each year, giving students the opportunity to build on their previous knowledge and achieve success. 

Teachers work to plan the delivery of curriculum content in ways that are engaging, creative and inspiring and will continue to respond to the needs of students as we work through this transition together. As always, if you have specific questions about your child’s learning please connect with their teacher. 

Thank you,  

Mrs. Kivi​


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