Jun 27
End of June Updates

JJ Families!

The end of the year us upon us but there's still lots going on!  Please read all of the information below so that you're in the know!​

Wednesday Afternoon- PIE event!

Tomorrow some brave staff have volunteered to have students throw pies at their faces. We will be selecting students based on a raffle to do the pies. This event will kick off at 1:30pm on the compound. Students in each class will put their names in a giant jar and names will be drawn to toss the pies.  Some staff are even willing to endure more than one pie!  Fun times!

Lost and Found

Our lost and found is making its final appearance for the 2022/23 school year!  It is on display on the front fence for your easy pickings.  The lost and found donated after 12:30pm Thursday, June 29. Please take a moment to go through the items on display.


If you are interested in enjoying more of our school garden's bounty over the summer, please sign up to help us tend the garden! 

Feel free to reach out with any questions to the garden volunteer, Jacquie Strom  jastrom@cbe.ab.ca


Our very first yearbook will be handed out this week.  Some students have already received theirs, and others will be get theirs in the coming days.  Some teachers are writing personal messages in them and will hand them out once their personalization has been completed. 

Since this was our very first time creating a yearbook, we have learned a lot, and we still have lots to learn!  We acknowledge that there are some errors and we wish we could have spotted them before Life Touch printed them.  A high school volunteer, Sofia Kivi, created our yearbook and she did her very, very best.  If you have any comments or questions, please email Mrs. Kivi.

Mrs. Kivi has personally signed each yearbook.  There is an autograph page for students and staff to sign, if a student wants. 

We would like to extend a big thank you to anyone that donated money to the yearbook.  We collected about $900 in donations.  Thank you again to FJJSA for purchasing and supporting this work! The cost that council contributed was over $5000. 

Planning for Next Year

If you know that you are NOT attending JJ next year and you have not notified the school, please do so immediately.  This is very important information that can impact class lists, class organization, and staffing.

Summer Contact

Please know that the school is closed over the summer.  Our last day is June 30 and we will open again August 28.  Mr. Carl will be working all summer on cleaning and waxing the floors, however, he is not available to answer parents at the door.  You are welcome to use the school email JanetJohnstone@cbe.ab.ca but please know that you will not receive an answer until we open at the end of August.

Staff are encouraged to unplug from their CBE email over the summer!  Please do not expect them to reply to emails, as they have earned their summer breaks. 



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