Apr 04
Planning & Requests for 2023/24


If your child will NOT be attending JJ next year, please notify the school ASAP.  It's important that we have accurate numbers for planning.  For more information, click here.

Reminder: Grade 4 students are automatically enrolled at their designated middle school for September 2023.  ​

Requests for Class Placement/ Class Creation for 2023/24 

In May and June, teachers and administration will be meeting multiple times to assign students to classes for next year.  This is not a task taken lightly at Janet Johnstone School.  Professionals who have worked with these children will engage in discussions to determine the best possible placements.  We will revisit our class lists multiple times. We kindly request our families trust and respect the professional judgement of our staff.  Placement considerations will include multiple factors. Each class will consist of a heterogeneous mix of students.  The achievement and ability level, as well as the independent work habits of each student will be reviewed. 

  • Classrooms will be balanced in terms of numbers of children with special learning needs, social/emotional concerns, English Language Learners, and gender 
  • Children's needs will be considered in terms of their working relationships with peers as well as their individual strengths 
  • Children's learning style 
  • Chemistry of the classroom dynamics  

Please understand that these are important decisions that need to be made by the educators in our school. Through your ongoing conversations with your current child's teacher, Janet Johnstone staff are aware of unique circumstances.  Through personalization of learning and our focus on building relationships with our students, staff have a thorough understanding of the students that they work with.  Class placements will reflect our sincere effort to create balanced classrooms where each child is valued, challenged and successful.  Tentative class lists will be created in early June, with the final adjustments being completed in August.  Staffing is often not finalized until August- the final staff list plays a key role in completing our class lists.   

Due to the nature of our enrollment numbers, and staffing, we will be unable to confirm who is teaching what.  Once we know more about our enrollment for next year, we will share our initial plans at our School Council meetings in April, May, and June.

If a parent has a specific or extenuating request about student placement for the upcoming school year, a specific process must be followed.   

1.     Parent requests must be sent in the form of a letter to the principal, Mrs. Kivi, by email (blkivi@cbe.ab.ca).  Please do not send your requests to teachers.  Verbal requests will not be considered.  The administrative team plays a key role in the creation of each class list, so please know that your letter to the principal will be considered in a professional and thoughtful manner. 

2.     Please indicate in your letter a specific learning need/ learning style for your child.   

3.     We will place students together that have good working relationships.  Friendship requests will not be considered.   Students are given many opportunities to engage with their peers from their cohorts at recess, lunch recess, and gym/music.

4.     Your letter should only talk about your own child's needs. 

5.     Please note: requests are only requests.  They will be considered (within the reasoning listed above) but are not guaranteed. 

6.     Requests will need to be made by May 19, 2023.  Requests made after the deadline will not be considered. 

We are very much looking forward to the next school year- it's hard to believe that we are already starting to think about it!  Thank you in advance for your understanding of the complex processes that we need to adhere to and honor in order to ensure that our students are set up for success for September. 

 If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Mar 21
Understanding Anxiety

The Calgary Board of Education is inviting all community members to join us for an inspiring evening of learning with experts in understanding anxiety. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health concerns affecting children and families across the lifespan. Parents and schools play an essential role in helping children manage their anxiety. This session will explore what anxiety and stress are, how to recognize it, and how to support resilience. 


On April 4, the CBE's Well-Being team will host a free online session where parents will be able to join and learn from to experts in the field of health promotion , ask questions and receive follow-up materials.  


You are invited to join us at the virtual session from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 pm on Tuesday April 4th.


Click HERE on Tuesday April 4th at 6:30pm to join the session 

Understanding Anxiety

Child and Youth Well-Being Series for Families and Caregivers
Tuesday, April 4, 2023
6:30 to 8:00 p.m.


CBE educators believe that parents and caregivers can inspire their kids to make healthy lifestyle choices and increase protective factors — in order to do so, they need the right tools and information.

Since our understanding of student health and well-being is evolving, it is important for parents to stay up-to-date on the same information so everyone is supporting student success. 

This is the fourth session offered in a five-part Child and Youth Well-Being for Families and Caregivers learning series that is offered at no-cost to all Calgary Board of Education employees, families, and community members between December 2022 and May 2023.  

The intention of the series is to advance student well-being by raising family and caregiver's understanding of a variety of health-related topics. Each session focuses on reducing risk factors and increasing protective factors.


The last session will focus on Understanding Social Media (May 2, 2023). Communication about this last session will be distributed separately.


You are a key partner in your child's education and student well-being is critically linked to student achievement.


Thank you for your time and consideration to join us.


Mrs. Kivi 



Feb 27
School Engagement Survey

As part of CBE, we have been provided a survey to share with our community.  This survey has two topics:

  1. School Development Plan
  2. School Fees

Please use the link to complete the survey (scroll down).  This survey should take about 13 minutes.

To provide a bit of context and to review these two topics BEFORE completing the survey, please read the information below.

School Development Plan

This year, our School Development Plan (SDP) has been shared with parents in a number of ways:

  • At school council meetings in October and November 2022
  • Through emails from the principal
  • Posted on our school website

Our School Development Plan is created by carefully analyzing data from:

  • Report cards
  • Alberta Education assessments
  • Surveys (CBE, staff created, Assurance survey for grade 4 students and families)
  • Student voice

Our SDP goals for this year are:

Literacy: students' oral language proficiency will improve when communicating their comprehension of text in English and French Immersion.

Numeracy: Students' oral language proficiency will increase (in English and French Immersion) when verbally expressing their number sense.

Well-Being: Students will feel a sense of belonging when they are at school.

School Fees

School fees include any fees that you pay through MyCBE/Powerschool account.  This year, you may have paid the following fees:

  • Field trips
  • Lunchroom
  • Bussing
  • Recorders for music

Events such as the Halloween Dance, art cards, Purdy's Chocolates, pizza lunch, popcorn snack, for example, are fundraisers and are not considered fees. 

With the disruption of COVID-19 for the past two years, we were limited in our opportunities to participate in field trips (also referred to as off-site excursions).  This year, teachers across the city have been booking field trips for students.  This has made booking these trips very difficult.  We know that only a handful of classes have been able to go on a trip this year.  We are still trying our best to secure spots for classes to go on a field trip before the end of the year.  Our goal is to have each class attend one field trip this school year. 



Jan 26
Administrative Staffing Update

Dear Parents & Guardians,

I wanted to provide you with an administrative staffing update- it's been a very busy and complex week. Mme. Lina, our Assistant Principal, will be on a short term leave of absence.  In her absence, Ms. Kelly Galvin, Learning Leader and Resource Teacher, will be Acting Assistant Principal.  This is a very natural step for Ms. Galvin as she's got a firm understanding of the administrative role and how the office runs.

While Ms. Galvin is in the Acting AP role, Mrs. Tegan Paul, our music teacher and Learning Leader, will be supporting in the resource role.  This time of year is very busy with deadlines for special program applications, student assessments, and the beginning stages of planning for next year.  It's important that this work continues with a strong admin team.  Mrs. Paul's contribution to this work will be valued and appreciated and will be a great leadership opportunity for her.

For the next ten days or so, students will not have music.  We have hired Mrs. Jacquie Strom, a parent in our school, to teach physical education in lieu of music.  Mrs. Strom recently joined CBE as a substitute teacher with French and personal training as part of her skill set.  Our students are very lucky to have her work with them in the gym!

Thank you for your understanding and support as we make these temporary teaching adjustments.  If you have any questions, please reach out to me directly.


Mrs. Kivi


Jan 25
Information about Report Cards

Dear parents, 

By the end of January, your child’s report card  will be available to view in your MyCBE account. The report card is one of the ways teachers communicate how your child is progressing in their learning. Teachers may also communicate learning progress through parent/teacher conferences, your child’s daily work and assignments, and other ongoing communication with you. In October, families received communication (K-6 New Curriculum | Revised Report Card) about changes to this year’s report card, which included information about updated reporting Stems. 

Please note:  Only grades 1-4 will receive report cards this term.  Kindergarten students will receive a report card at the end of the year.  

What to Expect in Your Child’s Report Card 

This fall, the CBE began implementing new curriculum in Mathematics and English Language Arts and Literature (K-3, and grade 4) and Physical Education and Wellness (K-6). Some of the learning outcomes in the new curriculum are new or may have previously been taught in later grades.  

Please note: our French Immersion program is also piloting the new French Immersion Lanugage Arts curriculum. 

This means that students may be learning new curriculum without having had instruction in related outcomes in the previous grade and may see grades lower than what they might previously have achieved. This is to be expected whenever new curriculum is introduced. It may take more than one school year to build these foundational skills. While curriculum is grade-specific, many concepts are revisited each year, giving students the opportunity to build on their previous knowledge and achieve success. 

Teachers work to plan the delivery of curriculum content in ways that are engaging, creative and inspiring and will continue to respond to the needs of students as we work through this transition together. As always, if you have specific questions about your child’s learning please connect with their teacher. 

Thank you,  

Mrs. Kivi​

Dec 19
Relaxed Entry & Severe Weather

Hello JJ families,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend filled with last minute shopping!  Or perhaps you stayed home with cozy, snuggly blankets to stay warm!

We have been gripped with severe cold weather and it looks like it's sticking around for the last week of school.  Given the extreme cold, I would like to invite all students to enter through the most convenient door during relaxed entry for the next 4 days.  This means, students can enter through any door, not just their assigned door.  My wish is to get students into the building as quickly as possible.  

Parents, I'm asking a few things of you:

1.  Please do not use the parking lot to drop off or pick up your student.  The parking lot is incredibly icy and is not a place for children to be walking through. The parking lot is a very busy place with a variety of start and end times for staff and daycare staff.  Please adhere to the signage in the drive way of the parking lot.

2.  The "Hug and Go" zone in the front of the school is a great place to quickly pull in and drop off your child.  They can just run straight to the front door for entry (this week).  Please have your child exit the passenger side of the vehicle so they get out on the sidwalk, instead of the street.  Parents, if you stay in the vehicle, it will help to speed up the amount of time you are in the zone.  

3.  Please drive through the crosswalk very cautiously and stop for ALL pedestrians, not just the children.  I have witnessed many vehicles drive through the crosswalk while an adult is crossing.  Eventhough superivison is not required when it's colder than -20 degrees, I will be out there tomorrow morning to monitor the crosswalk.  Please drive slowly!

4.  Students need to be dressed properly from head to toe!  Even if they are running from the car to the school, they need a hat, mitts, and their jackets should be done up.  We often have kids come to the door not dressed properly.  Skin can freeze within seconds in this weather.

5.  We will have blue days all week.  This means that we will not be going outside for recess, gym or lunch recess.  We are required to stay inside if the weather dips colder than -20 degrees (with or without the wind chill).

6.  Parents, if you are joining us for caroling tomorrow morning at 8:05, I would ask that you park your vehicles and enter through the front doors.  We will need all parents to congregate in the front foyer until the gym is ready.

Everyone is looking forward to a fun week ahead!  Only 4 more early mornings for students- everyone is in need of a restful holiday!

If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.  Thank you for sending kind and respectful emails.  Stay warm!

Mrs. Kivi​

Nov 29
Outbreak Update

Dear Families,

I hope everyone is staying warm during this cold snap!  We are staying warm at school with our indoor recesses.  As a reminder, we are required to stay inside when the temperature dips below -20 degrees (with wind chill). 

I have been in communication with Alberta Health Services today and we are able to officially declare that the GI outbreak is over!  We are so happy that our students’ tummies are feeling much better.  Our GI illness rate yesterday was 2.7% and only 1.3% for today.

Overall, our absence rate for today was 10.5% due to illness (15% yesterday).  This means that there are still plenty of other germs going around, especially respiratory.  We are all learning how to fight these viruses together by washing our hands, keeping our hands and fingers away from our faces, and coughing and sneezing into our arms.

Please continue to keep students at home if they are sick.  This helps immensely in keeping our staff and students healthy. Due to illness among CBE staff, substitute teachers are streteched very thin.  This means that sometimes a sub does not show up when we have absent staff.  We have had to be very creative in covering these classes internally.  I am so grateful for the flexbility that staff have shown as we do our best to make sure every single classroom has a teacher.

I would like to thank AHS for their guidance during our outbreak.  A big shout out to our cleaning staff for helping with lots of “wet clean ups”, disinfecting, and keeping our school as sanitary as possible.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please reach out to me directly.

Stay warm, everyone!

Mrs. Kivi​

Nov 18
November updates

Dear Families,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Chris Alyesworth for support during my absence over the last two weeks.  Students and staff enjoyed his presence as he brought a great energy to the school!  I will be officially back on Monday and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone.  Thank you for all of your kind and supportive emails and messages.  I appreciated every single one of them.

Health and Safety

As you know, Alberta Health Services has declared a GI outbreak at JJ.  Our absence rates continue to demonstrate a high level of illness in our students.  Our staff have also been hit with illness and we've had a sub shortage this week.  We are doing our best to follow the health and safety guidelines provided by Alberta Health Services and the Calgary Board of Education.

Conferences November 24 & 25

In order to limit the amount of exposure at school, we have had to make the difficult decision to move our conferences on November 24 and 25 to an online format.  Hosting over 1000+ people during conferences will only contribute to our high level of illness. 

When you book your conference time through you My CBE/PowerSchool account, you will receive a Microsoft TEAMS link in your email.  Please use that link to attend your conference.  ALL conferences must be booked through My CBE/PowerSchool account.  Teachers do not book conferences for families.  If you have questions, please contact your child's teacher.  Conference bookings open on Monday, November 21 at 8:00am.

Please note:  we are unable to use Zoom or Google Meet to host a conference conversation about student progress.  These platforms are not secure.

Scholastic Book Fair

Our Scholastic Book Fair will continue to run November 21-27.  Students will create wish lists when they view the book fair selection next week with their class.  Later in the week, students can bring money to school and do some independent shopping.  Parents and adults can make purchases with the online link provided.  Items can be ordered online at https://virtualbookfairs.scholastic.ca/pages/5166480

Pizza Lunch for Grades 1-4

Our first Pizza Lunch will go ahead on Thursday, Nov 24.  Our Lunchroom supervisors and school staff will run lunch as per our usual practice.  There will be a minimal number of volunteers required to sort the pizzas during a short period of time on Thursday.  Please note: Pizza Lunches are ONLY for grades 1-4 students, not Kindergarten.

Art Cards

Most art card samples have been sent home over the last few days.  All orders are due November 24- this is hard deadline. 

The theme of our Art Cards this year is “Self Portraits".  Our school wide inquiry for the year is “Belonging" and part of this work is learning about our own identity.  Having students create self-portraits has been an excellent way to start the year and developing a sense of belonging.

Week at a Glance:

  • Monday, Nov 21:
    • Drop Everything and Read Day! We will be dropping everything to read numerous times on Monday. 
  • Tuesday, Nov 22:
  • Wednesday, Nov 23:
    • dress like an action or superhero day!  Please keep all masks and props at home.
  • Thursday, Nov 24:
    • Kindergarten conferences 8:00am-7:45pm ONLINE
    • Regular school day for Grades 1-4
    • Conferences for Grades 1-4 – 4:00-7:45pm ONLINE
  • Friday, Nov 25
    • Conferences 8:00am-11:45am ONLINE

Our goal is to have fewer absences next week due to illness.  We want our students and staff as healthy as possible, as quickly as possible.  We know that none of this ideal- we were looking forward to hosting families for conferences and the book fair but we've done this before, and we can do this again. 

Thank you for your understanding and support. 

Mrs. Kivi


Nov 06
Leave of Absence Announcement

Dear Families,

I hope everyone had a cozy and warm weekend- fall disappeared rather quickly and the snow has created a beautiful winter wonderland!

My apologies for sending an email on a Sunday, but I need to inform you that effective tomorrow, November 7, 2022, I will be taking a leave of absence.  I'm not sure how long I will be away, however, in my absence, Mr. Chris Aylesworth will be acting Principal.  He is a retired CBE principal - he was principal of Jennie Elliott School in Lakeview, and at Sunalta School.  He retired three years ago and has stayed busy taking on acting leadership roles to support administrators on leave. 

I have spoken with Mr. Aylesworth and shared with him the information he needs to start at JJ tomorrow.  He is looking forward to meeting the wonderful students, staff, and parents.  I know everyone will make him feel very welcomed.

I promise that I will return when I am able to.  Please let your children know that I will be okay and will miss everyone very much.  I am surrounded by a lot of love and support while I step away for a bit.

In my absence, you can contact Mr. Aylesworth by email caaylesworth@cbe.ab.ca. Mme. Lina, our Assistant Principal, will work alongside Mr. Aylesworth.  Mrs. Paul and Ms. Galvin, our Learning Leaders, will continue to support the administrative team. 

Thank you for being a wonderfully supportive parent community.  I am so lucky to be part of such a great school and I look forward to returning when I can. 


Mrs. Kivi​

Nov 03
Winter Information

Winter has finally arrived!  The snow can provide hours of fun for children and we are excited for our students to have lots of play time in the snow.

It's important that students wear proper winter clothing to school each day.  Students in grades 1-4 are outside at least twice day, each day. Kindergarten also goes outside at least once each day.  In order for students to be warm and dry during the snowy season, each student should wear the following to school:

  • winter jacket (that they can do up on their own)
  • hat
  • mitts/gloves (water proof)
  • snow pants
  • winter boots

Please label every single article of winter clothing that your child wears to school, including the boots!  Our lost and found always ends up full of black snow pants, COSTCO jackets, and black mitts- it's really hard to know who owns what when many families all shop at the same stores. Labelling each item helps a lot!

For our students in Kindergarten and grade 1, it's really important that they know how to dress themselves in their winter gear.  Please practice at home, even if it takes a long time.  When we are in and out numerous times a day, students need to be independent and efficient when getting ready.  It's also a good idea to practice taking it all off, too- make a plan with them on where to put their mitts and hats, and how to unzip their snow pants.   

We go outside in all kinds of weather!  Although we stayed inside yesterday because of the blowing snow on our field, we usually only stay inside if the weather is colder than -20 C.  Please send your child to school each day knowing that we will be outside.

If you have snow pants or winter jacket that your child has grown out of and have been gently used, we are accepting donations.  There are days when some extra winter clothing can come in handy in the office.  Please know, if you are having difficulty with providing winter clothing for your child, please reach out to me by email and I will do my best to help find support for you.

Do you have extra gloves or mitts at home?  We would like to have a basket of extras for students that need them for recess.  Please feel free to send them in to the office.

Stay warm, everyone!

Mrs. Kivi


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