School Property

We take great pride in keeping a tidy school; both inside and out. We ask all our students to be good citizens by putting garbage and recycling where it belongs, and helping to keep our classrooms and playground clean.

Also, a reminder that smoking is not permitted on CBE property. Parents and family members may not smoke anywhere outside of the school. This includes sidewalks. Your cooperation is both appreciated and expected.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Scooters, Rollerblades, Hockey & Lacrosse Sticks

For safety reasons, scooters, skateboards, roller blades, hockey and lacrosse sticks, crazy carpets and sleds are not allowed at school as indicated on CBE posted signs. Students are welcome to ride their bikes to school. We ask that they:

  • Wear a safety helmet
  • Lock their bike on the bike rack
  • Walk bikes on school grounds and on sidewalks.



Designated play areas are at the back of the school, extending to the south end of the soccer field and to Shannon Close on the west side. No child is allowed to leave the playground at recess, or the school during class time without teacher and parent permission. For safety reasons children need to remain on school property during the school day including at recess time. Out of bound areas include: the parking lot, bike racks, electrical boxes, fencing, the large dumpsters, down the hill beyond the soccer field and by the utility building (shed).

Students, remember that for your safety, we must be able to see you at all times! 

Creative Playground | Safety

The school is committed to providing students and staff with a safe and secure environment through the support and efforts of all staff, students and members of our community. The Creative Playground should only be used during the school day by students while they are attending class. For safety reasons, younger siblings, who are not attending school or Kindergarten students who have completed their half day of class, should not be on the playground while students are using it. 

The reason for this measure is to avoid potential accidents or injury to the young child and/or to one of the students using the playground equipment. The staff is responsible for children using the structure. Even if a parent is supervising, if an accident were to occur, the responsibility still rests with the school for allowing younger children on the playground with the knowledge of the potential risk involved.

Consequently, we ask that parents refrain from allowing their younger child/children from playing on the Creative Playground while students are using it throughout the school day since teachers can take out their students for a natural break anytime during class time and especially during our lunch times (10:40-1:00). At other times in the day, unless students are outside using the playground under the supervision of a teacher, parents can make the choice of using the playground at their own risks. 

Teachers and lunchroom supervisors have been asked that if they notice a younger child, who is not a student at the school or is a Kindergarten student who is currently not in class, playing on the Creative Playground to remind parents of our safety practices for the use of the structure. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us provide a safe playing environment for our students. 

Playground Expectations

As a school, we consistently review our playground rules and expectations with our students as needed throughout the school year. Please take a moment to review these with your child(ren):

  • If it looks unsafe, we will ask you to stop
  • Rocks and snow stay on the ground
  • Stay inside school boundaries at all times
  • Students can play on the playground on their assigned day and time

Specific Rules to follow on the Playground:

  • walk at all times
  • hold on with both hands when swinging or climbing
  • hold on to the railings
  • slide down FEET FIRST, sitting up, and one person at a time
  • no climbing up the slide
  • wait your turn patiently
  • keep clear of moving people
  • remove scarves and other clothing items that could get tangled on the playground equipment
  • always keep hands to yourself
  • respect the personal space of others

Use of School Equipment, Open Spaces & Play Areas

Students are expected to use school and recreational equipment appropriately. Students are expected to play safe games that will not potentially endanger themselves or others. Students are expected to respect the rights of participants in organized games and not to disrupt the activity.


  1. Cartwheels are allowed as long as the student is doing them in an open area where others won’t get kicked
  2. Students performing cartwheels must have three points of contact on the ground (no aerials or round offs or back handsprings are allowed)
  3. Students performing cartwheels should be confident in their ability to do them (essentially, children who have never done one shouldn’t be learning them from another student)
  4. Cartwheels need to be performed on even ground


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