On the Bus

Children must be courteous and act in a way that does not endanger themselves or others and does not distract the driver. Bus drivers and administration meet regularly to monitor busing behaviour and parents will be contacted if there are concerns. A serious offence or repeated minor offences will result in a formal Bus Misconduct notice being issued by the driver. Repeated misconducts can lead to a loss of bus privileges. In collaboration with the bus driver, students who are disruptive or impolite on the bus may also be given assigned seating.

At Lunchtime

If students are misbehaving on the playground or failing to treat their peers in a respectful manner, they can lose free play time. Supervisors may have them return to the school to speak to a teacher/administrator or have them “stick-and-stay”, which involves a student walking around with the supervisor, rather than playing freely with their friends.

Taking Photos

If you are taking pictures of your friends or teachers at School please remember the following guidelines. Pictures should be taken only with permission and not shared on social media. In the age of technology, it is very easy to post pictures to a wider audience without parental consent.

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