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Moving to online learning - April 19, 2021

John Ware Families,  

This week's update has a lot of information to help support families in understanding expectations and details related to next week's shift to online learning. It includes information on:

  • Schedule
  • Attendance
  • Communication Boundaries
  • Assessment Expectations
  • Student Code of Conduct & Appropriate Use of Technology
  • Mental Health

Monday – Thursday Schedule
 Grade 7Grade 8 Grade 9

Period 1 & 2


CoreCore Phys Ed / CTF

Period 3 & 4


Phys Ed / CTF CoreCore

Period 5 & 6


CorePhys Ed / CTFCore
Friday Schedule

Period 1 & 2

8:30 – 9:30

CoreCorePhys Ed / CTF

Period 3 & 4

9:30 – 10:30

Phys Ed / CTFCoreCore

Period 5 & 6

10:45 – 11:45

CorePhys Ed / CTFCore


Attendance:  Please contact the school johnware@cbe.ab.ca regarding any absence, including on-line absences.  Your support with this will greatly reduce the time we spend investigating reasons for absence. Also, parents may receive messages in the afternoon regarding an absence which may have occurred in the morning if they were not logged into class on time. Please check with your child's classroom teacher to confirm – many staff are working from home and the office is not able to easily answer queries.

Student Code of Conduct & Appropriate Use of Technology:  Students have generally shown great resiliency, citizenship, and maturity during the transition to on-line learning.  We all agree we would rather be in-person, but we are making the best of our situation currently and finding ways to continue to build a positive sense of community.

For a small minority of our students, we have needed to intervene and remind them our Student Code of Conduct and Appropriate Use of Technology policies are still in effect. 

A few students learned that the natural consequence of inappropriately using our technology was to have access to CBE learning platforms and email suspended temporarily.

Communication Boundaries:   Our staff members are highly dedicated people managing countless accountabilities for planning, assessment, and on-going support of students and each other.  The communication workload of assisting students and parents at home has necessarily increased. 

Please be generous and mindful of the demands on teachers during this time.  We continue to have an ideal reply time of no more than 24 hours for a response to inquiries, and I will be asking teachers to have communication hours of no earlier than 7 AM each day and no later than 5 PM each day.  This may result in a slightly delayed response time.  Teachers will be available during regular class hours to answer questions specific to that class – so if your child has a specific question about the math assignment they have been assigned that class, they can ask for help during that class.

Assessment Expectations:  Parents /guardians now have the opportunity to 'see' all their child's school tasks on-line in their Google Classrooms.  It is now possible for parents to supervise the completeness and quality of tasks prior to submission, which is great. 

It has never been possible for teachers to formally assess every piece of every task assigned.  Often, teachers review tasks for general completeness and quality, so they can focus their assessment and feedback on particular tasks periodically.  Please keep this in mind prior to asking about specific inaccuracies in a student's submitted task.  

If you are aware of any troubling on-line issues, please bring them to our attention so we can investigate.

Mental Health:  Lastly, but most importantly, this pandemic has been tough on everyone.  We will get through this, and we will be stronger because of it. There are numerous online resources available to kids and we encourage families to review them with their child prior to needing them. We want to normalize kids reaching out for help.

Our first recommendation is to build breaks into the day.  Being on screens all day is not healthy.  If possible, take those breaks physically and get outside, get fresh air, do something active. 

Kid's Help Phone is an amazing resource for students and is accessible on a number of platforms to make it easy to seek support. https://kidshelpphone.ca/

If your young person seems to be having a particularly difficult time, please contact the school and we will work together on how best to support them.

The Class / Room 10 Students - John Ware will be continuing to offer in person programming for learners in specialized classes. This means students in The Class (Room 10), will continue with in-person learning from April 19 to April 30, 2021. Students are welcome to come to school to complete their online learning and receive support as needed. We can also determine with the support of Mrs. Lerner a modified schedule each day. Unfortunately, we are not able to extend in-person learning to all students with staff working from home. 


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