Noon Hour Expectations

Lunch is to be eaten in a classroom or on a bench that is supervised by staff. Students are asked to not sit and eat on the floor in the building. When the weather is suitable, we encourage students to spend some time outdoors during the lunch break. Students have the opportunity to leave campus at lunch to go home or to eating establishments in the community provided they conduct themselves in a manner that is expected of our students. 

Failure to meet behavioral expectations may result in a loss of off-campus privileges. Clean hallways and schoolyard areas are important to us. Garbage cans have been conveniently placed, as requested by students. We show pride in our school by placing all litter, regardless of whose it is, in garbage cans. We all chip in when asked to assist in keeping the school and grounds clean, we’re all in this together.


To decrease the likelihood of an emergency medical situation due to allergic reactions, we request that parents avoid sending peanut butter and/or tree nut products to school. For more information on allergies and/or other health concerns visit our Illness & Medical page. 

Fun Lunches

Our Parent Council is very pleased to offer Healthy Hunger Lunches.

Proceeds raised from these lunches will go towards helping our School Council pay for the Grade 9 graduation, offset costs for new gym equipment, help sponsor various family fun events such as our “Welcome Back BBQ”, fund campus wide programs. It also provides the opportunity for your child(ren) to have a fun lunch every few weeks! And you don't have to make it. 😉

As the Healthy Hunger system resets every year, you must login and register for an account if you want to participate. Also FYI, some vendors do provide gluten free items but we cannot guarantee these lunches will be suitable for any student with severe intolerances or Celiac disease.

To create your Healthy Hunger account just follow these easy steps:

  • Go to
  • Select the orange button “Sign up for a free account”
  • Fill in the necessary parent information
  • The system will create your account and then ask you to log in (left hand side of screen)
  • Select John Ware Jr High School and then “add” your child

Follow online instructions and proceed to place your lunch order and pay online

Helpful Hints:

  •  All lunch orders close 7 days before lunch date. No late orders can be accommodated.
  • Once you have registered your child and placed an order, Healthy Hunger will send you an email reminder telling you that you have not yet ordered for the next Fun Lunch.
  • You can cancel an order any time prior to the order cut-off date.➢ You can order and pay for all your kids at the same time.
  • There is no GST on these lunches but a small transaction fee is charged by HealthyHunger. You may want to order all your kids’ lunches at the same time to minimize the number of transactions.
  • At any time, you can log into your Healthy Hunger account to view your lunch orders.
  • The Healthy Hunger system has been set up to allow you, as the parent, to choose what lunch your child receives. You may choose a complete lunch or opt to supplement a lunch from home.
  • Unfortunately we cannot subsidize these lunches.
  • Please, parents, ask your child(ren) how their lunch was. If it was not good, please drop me a note, so I can replace that vendor. Let's not waste our money. 😉
  • I have tried to find vendors who are reasonably priced with a nutritious lunch. If your child has had a fabulous lunch with Healthy Hunger and the price was reasonable, please let me know.

Should you have any further questions regarding this program, please contact Kondeilenia Kaketsis, 
Fun Lunch Coordinator, at

THANK YOU PARENTS for your continued support in making this a great
school for all our kids!

John Ware School Council

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