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June 29 Summer Send-off

​Summer Send-off 
Congratulations Keeler students and families – you’ve made it through a busy year!  This was an exciting year.  From wrapping up construction, to staffing changes, to bringing back the Keeler talent show, there was a lot of change.  Lisa and I hope you have wonderful summer with your families, before coming back to Keeler in the fall for another great year together.   We have a few things to share below to help get ready for the new year: 
Back to School Information 
Grade 1-6 students will return to school on August 31 
School office is open Aug 28-30 (8am-2:30pm) 
Kindegarten students will return Sept 5 or 6, depending on individual schedules. Families will receive schedules via email very shortly. 
School hours will remain the same, and are posted on our website, along with the school calendar (under the calendar page): 
Staffing Changes 
Keeler is sad to say goodbye to some staff as they move onto new adventures: 
-Megan Ozegovic is moving on to be an Area 3 Inclusive Learning Strategist 
-Dallas Daniel is moving G.W. Skene to be a Learning Leader 
-Gabriela Chinea is moving to Terry Fox School 
-Vageesha Sharma is moving to Radisson Park School 
-Lindsey Secord is moving to Louis Riel School 
-Sandy Pryor is moving on to new adventures 
-Katelyn Slessor is moving on to new adventures 
-Emily Glawe is moving to Dougless Harkness School 
-Paige Browne is moving to Ethel M. Johnson School 
-Cheery Oyog is moving on to new adventures 
-Tanya Johnstone is moving on to new adventures 
And, we are excited for some new staff and returning staff to new positions: 
-Helen Hennick is joining as a Phys Ed. Learning Leader from CBe-Learn 
-Janelle Schiffner is returning as a full-time teacher 
-Jaclyn Cruz is joining from Rundle School 
-Katherine Kim is joining from Terry Fox School 
-Valeriya Dubova is returning as a Learning Leader 
-Anna Salazar is joining from Peter Lougheed School 
-Kristina Lloyd is joining as a Lunchroom Supervisor 
-Jen Ashe is returning to the Office Admin team 
-Emily Cadman is returning to the Keeler Team 
-Lauren Sergent is returning to the Keeler Team 
Important Dates 
August 28-30st: Office open 8:00am-2:30pm  
August 31:  First Day of School for Grade 1-6 students 
August 31, Sept 1: NO SCHOOL for Kindergarten students (Transition meeting schedule to be sent) 
September 5 or 6: First Day of Kindergarten (Families will receive schedule in June) 
2023/2024 Yellow School Bus Service 
One more reminder about bussing: 
Yellow School Bus Service registration is open for the 2023/2024 school year. Registration is available using MyCBE account.  
To ensure bus service to start the year, this must be done in June.  It can take up to 8 weeks to assign a bus stop, and students are not permitted to ride the bus until assigned to a bus stop.   
Thank you again everyone - it has been an honour travelling this year’s journey with you.
Enjoy your summers! 
Lisa Taylor and Cailean Duggan 

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