Aug 28
Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!

Dear Killarney Families,

              We wish to extend a warm welcome to the 2021-22 school year. The staff at Killarney are excited to begin the year and look forward to seeing everyone next week. We hope you had a restful summer and enjoyed the warmth and sunshine.

We have a few updates we would like to share.

Adjusted bell times currently include staggered soft entry and dismissal as well as outside cohorting to accommodate for our Covid-19 protocols:



8:50/8:55 Soft entry and K am entry

8:58 Instruction begins

11:53 K dismissal

12:00-12:21 Lunch

12:21-12:43 Lunch

12:43-1:04 Lunch

12:37 K pm entry

12:45 Instruction begins

3:35 K dismissal

3:35/3:40 Gr 1-6 dismissal


8:55 Soft entry / K entry

8:58 Instruction begins

12:25 K dismissal

12:30 Gr. 1-6 dismissal

*Starting Thursday, Sept 2 the following rooms will enter at 8:50:  1, 2, 4, 10, 12, 14

The following rooms will enter at 8:55:  3, 5, 6, 7, 11, 13, 17 

              Dismissal doors will have room signs on them so please look for your child's room number when picking them up

              As we prepare for our first day with students on Wednesday, September 1 the following information will help you and your child for day 1:

    • Your child's teacher will contact you (email) to welcome your child and introduce themselves prior to Tuesday
    • For the first day only, all students will meet their teacher on the field(s). There will be a sign and the teacher will be waiting in a designated spot.
    • Students should arrive with inside shoes, lunch (if they are staying) and a water bottle
    • Class specific details will be shared by your teacher at a later time

**Kindergarten will begin this week with the staggered entry schedule provided last June.

If your child is late (after 8:58), please use the front doors and have your child head to the office for a late slip. If your child will be absent please call the office 403-777-8360 and leave a message with child's name and reason for absence.

We are pleased to welcome some new members to the Killarney staff as well as share some staffing changes:

Admin Team

Bonnie Caldwell Principal

Rita Traxler Assistant Principal

Leadership Team

Claire Laing Chan Learning Leader

Judy McBrien Learning Leader

Tessa Ethier Lead Teacher

 Teaching Staff

Kim Hubbard K

Sharla Sawatzky K

Dorie Legat Gr. 1,2,3

Katrina Cuvelier Gr. 1,2,3

Claire Laing Chan Gr. 1,2,3

Fallon Squire Gr. 1,2,3

Courtney Merritt Gr. 1,2,3

Alison Potekal Gr. 1,2,3

Carrie Rycroft Gr. 1,2,3

Judy McBrien Gr. 1,2,3

Megan Crowe Gr. 4,5,6

Odetta Neitz Gr. 4,5,6

Angie Tolton Gr. 4,5,6

Melissa Loewen Gr. 4,5,6

Tessa Ethier Gr. 4,5,6 / Lead Teacher

Sharon Thiessen Gr. 4,5,6

Jen Honing Support

Lia Sousa Music

Support Staff

Sandy Norris Admin Secretary

Susan Webb School Assistant

Joanne Wilson Education Assistant

Jessica Mabley Education Assistant

Tracy Loewen Lead Lunch Supervisor

Grizelda Garin Lunch Supervisor

Patricia Parades Lunch Supervisor

Lucy Knight Lunch Supervisor

Mel Phipps Lunch Supervisor

Anjum Khan Library Assistant

Ed Beaven Facility Operator

TBA – day cleaner

              We will be following the CBE guidelines regarding Covid-19 safety and hygiene protocols. Please refer to the CBE website for Covid-19 information:

If  you have specific questions relating to Killarney School, please contact Bonnie Caldwell at

We thank you for your continued belief and support in our Montessori program and anticipate a wonderful year ahead!

With Gratitude,

Bonnie Caldwell - Principal



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