Program, Focus & Approach

At King George School, character circle meetings happen daily to engage students in conversation and critical reflection about certain ways of being. Adults have a crucial role to play in helping them construct meaning around moral concepts.

Character Education

How do we achieve The Results at King George School?

Citizenship: Each student will be a responsible citizen by being an informed and involved member in his or her local, national and global communities.

Character: Each student will possess the character to do what is right, act morally with wisdom, and balance individual concerns with the rights and needs of others.

Authentic Learning: Student-Focused Design Process

King George School aims to give children the opportunity to learn French in an authentic way by using the creative process of integrating various school projects. Based on the work that has been done over the last few years, we will continue to challenge our students to think differently and creatively in a second language environment. 


Meaningful learning activities may occur at home based on individual classroom projects. At the same time, a strong foundation in reading will have long term benefits for your child. We encourage you to set-up a daily reading routine
where the school will support your child in accessing level appropriate books in French and English. While the school aims to promote the supportive role of the home in the child's education, we are conscious at the same time not to interfere with the child's pursuit of other wholesome non-school interests of educational, cultural, or recreational value. 

Student Learning Team

The Student Learning Team provides assistance to students who have been identified as requiring specific strategies and conditions for success. This group is comprised of the classroom teacher, resource teacher and administrator. The classroom teacher in consultation with the parents usually initiates referrals to the School Support Team. Parental referrals should be directed to the Principal. 

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