Lunch Supervision 

We provide a four-day a week Lunch Supervision program due to early dismissals on Fridays. Please visit our Lunch Supervision page for information.

Reverse Lunch

Our school organizes the lunch hour to allow students to play and be active first, and then eat their lunch. This is called reverse lunch. 

Reverse lunch is beneficial for students when they play first and then eat lunch. When students play outside before lunch, schools notice that students:

  • are more cooperative on the playground, in the lunchroom and in the classroom.
  • take in more nutrients by wasting less and eating more of their lunch.
  • focus on eating rather than rushing through lunch to get to outside.
  • leave less litter on school grounds.
  • return to the classroom calmer and ready to work after lunch.

Lunch Schedule

11:40 AM         Outdoor recess
12:03 PM         Bell to enter, go to classrooms and eat lunch
12:25 PM         Classes resume

On cold days, the amount of time spent outside will be adjusted based on the temperature. For students who go home for lunch, their schedule will be the same. When they return to school they will come inside to be supervised.

Eating breakfast is an important way to be ready for the day. Schools that have reverse lunch find that students are often more hungry and thirsty while at school. Please send a water bottle and a healthy snack to school; teachers provide opportunities for children to eat their snacks during the morning.  

Change of schedules and routines can be difficult. We will be checking in with students to see what they think of the reverse lunch. Please let us know your thoughts.

You can visit the Alberta Health Services School Nutrition website for lunch and snack ideas at

Snacks at School

We encourage healthy food choices and recommend that students drink water while at school. We encourage students to bring a water bottle (labeled with their name) each day and to take the bottle home each evening for washing. We also encourage students to make healthy snack and lunch choices and discourage them from bringing candy and high sugar foods to school. We provide a snack break in the morning so please think about how you will help your child understand what is for lunch and what would be a good snack.


Please remember to send the proper eating utensils to school with your child’s lunch and/or snacks. If our lunch team provide a plastic utensil to your child please wash it and continue to use it.

Allergy-Aware School

Nut allergies are present in our school population, as are other food allergies. We ask that nuts or food containing nuts are not brought to our school. At this time, please do not send in food to be shared with the class or other students.

We ask that students do not share food during lunch or snack time. See our Illness & Medical page for more allergy information.

Healthy Hunger Lunches

It’s time to add LBS Healthy Hunger Lunches to your schedule. These lunches are a tremendous treat for the students. A day they look forward and a break from packing lunches for parents. We are using Healthy Hunger, a FREE online management system for school lunches. See attached information and instructions or visit

Fun Lunches will occur every  other week and participation is optional. Your family may participate as often or infrequently as you choose. We focus on ensuring the cost is minimal and enjoyment is maximized.

Last year and continuing this year we have added 20% to the cost of each item as part of our fundraising. This money helps to provide items such as, but not limited to field trip subsidies, laptop trolleys, laminator, printer, paper cutter and Artist in Residence supplies.

We attempt to offer different options on the menu and when possible do our best to consider allergies. If the options do not work for your child we encourage you to provide a special lunch. Please respect the order deadlines as we nor the restaurants can not make ANY changes after the cut-off period. Also if your child is not present for lunch that day, their order will be held in the front office fridge only till the end of the day and then disposed. The school will not keep them over the weekend. Watch the blog for updates and reminders.

Email us if you’d like to volunteer your time for Healthy Hunger Lunches. It’s not a huge time commitment but you do need to have your Police Clearance and volunteer paperwork completed. Volunteers are not permitted to bring younger, non-school aged children during volunteer time. We look forward to a great year of Healthy Hunger Lunches and appreciate your support.

Thank you,

Fun Lunch Team

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