​​You can finish school. 

We recognize that life has complexities that make it challenging for students to complete high school, but we want to assure you that it is possible. There are many resources and supports available to young people who are struggling with high school. It's your education and you can do it your way, but you are not alone. Choose the option for completing high school that best fits your learning needs, lifestyle, financial situation and future goals.

Check out our Finish School Your Way Guide​for the tools, available supports and information you need to be successful. 

Finish School Your Way

Fourth Year Applications

Students are expected to complete high school within three years. On occasion fourth year applications are received and considered. Fourth year applications should be discussed with the Guidance Counselor, Complex Needs Learning Leader, ELL/International Learning Leader, Assistant Principal, and will be accepted or denied by the Principal. The decision to approve or deny a fourth year application is guided by CBE Administrative Regulation 6093 – Fourth Year of High School.

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