Sports Performance


Sports Performance

With the increasing demands of sport today, all levels of this course focuses on the many aspects of the development of an individual’s performance and fitness relating to sport. Students will learn about training techniques and actively implement them in a hands-on approach to improve their athletic ability and performance. There are also several off-campus field trips and guest speakers from professionals in the fields of kinesiology and professional sport for all levels. 


Sports Performance - Introductory

Topics covered include proper weight lifting practices, the function and correct technique of the back when lifting, how to improve speed and quickness, basic concepts of nutrition for performance and sports psychology.


Sports Performance – Intermediate

Building on the previous course, topics covered include group fitness trends, focused nutrition for improved performance in sports, advanced sports psychology techniques, training of the core muscles and overall muscular development for strength, power and endurance.


Sports Performance – Advanced

As the final course in the Sports Performance pathway, students will investigate, implement and evaluate advanced training techniques in the areas of Olympic weightlifting, flexibility, cardiovascular training, speed, agility and how to program training for an athlete through the course of a calendar year.





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