Here in our award winning autobody program we combine our first class teacher technicians and the city’s newest & best equipped shop with your passion for cars. After completing the introductory course, student cars are the focus in our intermediate and advanced programs. Car club is hosted in our shop every Wednesday after school for all students and we recently had a student say "I wish everyday was Wednesday"! So come on in join our family and make your dreams a reality in our state of the art shop!


Autobody 10

In this exploratory 5 credit course (with an optional sixth credit). Students complete a 2 week tools and safety course followed by an introductory welding course. In Autobody welding students learn the basic techniques associated with Oxy-acetylene and MIG welding sheet metal. Other projects include using skills such as measuring, sheering, metal braking of sheet metal into a structure project. Next students develop skills and understanding associated with metal finishing including: manipulating, picking and heat shrinking metal. Application of plastic filler combined with sanding and priming of surfaces on a real life body panel. Final application of paint & a design on the panel project that students can take home. A Vehicle Detail course is offered to students who wash 10 cars for one extra credit

  • A fee(50.00) is charged in Autobody 10 only to cover the cost of personal safety equipment (Respirator, safety glasses, ear plugs & gloves-which the student gets to keep)and project supplies & materials

Autobody 20A

This program builds on the fundamentals learned in Autobody 10. Students first work on vehicle maintenance and repair to do with Autobody. Trim repair and replacement on project vehicles. Next, building on introductory course skills students work on more intricate sheet metal forming and repair including spot repair and MIG welding techniques. Finally, refinishing repairs in our new downdraft paint booth. Students own project vehicles are welcome, although this is not a requirement. Material costs are charged to students who bring in project vehicles. An optional Touch Up & Finishing course is offered including power polishing for an extra credit.

Autobody 30A & 30B

These are advanced courses that build on previous skills and develop new techniques. 30A is a one semester class consisting of five 1 credit courses including buying & selling vehicles, damage analysis and estimate for repairs. They also perform plastic and fiberglass repair using adhesives. Students refinish with base/clear and water-based metallic paint materials. 30B builds on 30A with even more advanced five 1 credit courses including, among others: sectioning cars, welding plastics, glass replacement and custom painting. Students may bring in their own project vehicles to work on in either course, although this is not a requirement. Material costs are charged to students who bring in project vehicles.

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