Jun 29
Summer Update 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians

Summer has arrived and with it comes the time for students to take a break from school, and a time for families to spend time enjoying the longer summer days as we enjoy warmer weather.  This Summer Update is being written collaboratively with both Ms. Warmington (Principal) and Mr. Bauer (Principal on Leave) joining as the year ends.

Farewell For Now Friends

As has been the tradition at MSB School, we choose not to say “good-bye” but rather send “farewell for now friend” as our greeting to those that are leaving the school.

Firstly, we celebrate our Grade Six Students who will be leaving to attend other schools.  We are confident that these students will be a source of true pride as they carry on their learning in Grade Seven at their new schools.  Many of our students are attending Crossing Park School, while some are headed to other schools in the CBE and outside the CBE.  Grade Six students---“farewell for now friends” as you leave MSB for the final time.

There are a number of staff members who are leaving the school as well.  We know that change is a natural part of any school’s staffing process and we wish to acknowledge these individuals.

"Farewell for now Friend" is sent along to Ms. Rita Dua, a lunch supervisor who has taken another position within the CBE school district. Ms. Dua will continue her work with the students in the new Prairie Sky School setting. We wish her success and happiness in her new setting.

Ms. J Cleroux has been a lunch supervisor at MSB for the greater part of this school year.  Ms. Cleroux has made strong ties with students in and outside the lunchroom.  We wish her well and thank her for  her work in our school.  We bid her a fond “farewell for now friend” as we begin our summer break.

Ms. Chreif has also been a lunch supervisor here at MSB this school year.  The building of relationships in the lunchroom and on the playground are important aspects of the work that Ms.  Chreif took on willingly.  We say, “farewell for now friend” as the school year ends.  We wish you continued success in CBE.

Ms. Ryan has been teaching for 4 years now at MSB School and has decided to gain more experience in a Grade 5-9 School.  Ms. Ryan has a deep passion for building relationships with her students.  Ms. Ryan has taught from Grade 2 – Grade 5 at MSB School.  We will miss her smile at the school.  Ms. Ryan’s impact will be felt as she leaves and it’s “farewell for now friend” as Ms. Ryan begins her new role in Middle School.

Ms. Olson has been teaching Grade 1 and 2 at MSB School and is looking to expand her horizons as she enters into a Junior High School setting.  Ms. Olson’s experience will be a valuable asset to her and to her new school in the CBE.  We say “farewell for now friend” to Ms. Olson.

Ms. Joshi is leaving MSB School where she has taught Grade 5 and 6 and Grade 1 and 2 classes.  Ms. Joshi’s positive energy and warmth have been a valued asset to the school.  Students and families will miss her.  Together, we say “farewell for now friend” as Ms. Joshi bids adieu to us.

Mr. Strap is taking on an entry level leadership position in South Calgary.  Mr. Strap has been involved in our patrols and now will be looking to use his French Language Skills in this new capacity.  We are grateful for Mr. Strap’s work with our students and send him along with “farewell for now friend” as Mr. Strap continues his CBE journey in this new capacity.

Ms. Kennedy has been at MSB since its opening.  She has the unique ability to remember each student’s name.  Her time in several teaching roles have mostly been anchored by her role in the Physical Education instruction at MSB School.  Ms. Kennedy is also taking on an entry level leadership position in another school.  “Farewell for now friend” is sent her way as she leaves MSB School.

Ms. Cuthbertson will be leaving the CBE to take on a new and exciting journey with another school district.  Ms. Cuthbertson’s quiet ways have been a calming and somewhat steadying factor at MSB School.  Here since the school’s opening, Ms. Cuthbertson has taught in a variety of capacities as a homeroom teacher

, subject specialist teacher and online teacher.  Ms. Cuthbertson, we say “farewell for now friend” and clearly students and families will miss you as you take on this new challenge.
Ms. T. Saunders was part of the school leadership team since the opening of the school.  Ms. Saunders has a wide range of skills and talents and has helped to shape the culture of the school and its learning profile.  Ms. Saunders is continuing her leadership journey in a Traditional Learning Centre (TLC) School.  Always looking for new challenges, Ms. Saunders’ experience, warm and caring personality and ability to lead will truly be an asset in her new CBE school.  We say “farewell for now friend” as Ms. Saunders explores this new teaching and learning model.

Welcome to New Principal

We wish to welcome Ms. Cheryl Zelmer as the new principal at Manmeet Singh Bhullar School. Ms. Zelmer has a deep understanding of the learners, the community and the passions and needs of the school.   As you have with both Ms. Warmington and with me, please extend your welcome when she arrives as the school re-opens in August.

Final Message from Ms. Warmington (Principal, MSB School)

It has been a pleasure to work with all the students, faculty and staff at Manmeet Singh Bhullar School. As well, I have truly enjoyed acquainting myself with and supporting the strong sense of learning that is so evident in the school.  Additionally, I’d like to thank all the families and community for their warmth and welcome interactions in this brief time at MSB School.  It has been a pleasure to work here in a great place, with great students, great families and great learning.  Manmeet Singh Bhullar School community has a special place in my heart. Farewell and best wishes for the future.

Deb Warmington

Final Message from Mr. Bauer (Principal, MSB School)

I recall so vividly the first time I walked through the building that we now call Manmeet Singh Bhullar School.  It was still somewhat unfinished, but I could see the bright colors, the many windows, the great spaces and I could easily envision the ways we could transform this building into a school.  While it was a great building, it was not yet a school.

When we opened the doors of the school that August, filled our rooms with teachers and students and learning supports and materials, the once quiet halls came alive.  And, while the building hadn’t changed shape or look any different, the energy and excitement for learning had transformed this lovely building into a school.  Through working with families, the community, the Bhullar family and so many others, we were able to create a vision together of a place to learn, to grow, to gain a deeper understanding of what a learning community could be. 

As I leave MSB School, I feel satisfied that we have made a difference in the work we have done to create a viable robust learning environment.  And, this legacy doesn’t rest on any one person or group.  It is the collective nature of schools that makes each of them unique and wonderful.  It has been my honor to lead that work and to see it grow so continuously as the years have passed.

Finally, it’s been “Nice To Manmeet You” and I will take many fond memories of my days as the principal of a truly wonderful school with me to treasure always!  Take care.

Kevin Bauer

We sadly say “Farewell for now, Friend” as Mr. Bauer leaves Manmeet Singh Bhullar School to enjoy a well deserved retirement. Mr. Bauer had a long and distinguished career as a teacher and educational leader. Mr. Bauer believed that relationships were at the centre of teaching and learning. He lead with compassion and an unwavering commitment to student success. One of Mr. Bauer’s proudest accomplishments was opening Manmeet Singh Bhullar School in 2017. Through his leadership, a strong caring learning community came together with students and their best interests at the centre. Mr. Bauer’s legacy is felt throughout the school: his belief in everyone’s ability to achieve success, encouraging others, staff and students, to achieve their next step in their life and learning journey and providing a safe place where risk-taking and innovation are celebrated.

Happy Trails, Mr. Bauer. We wish you every happiness in your retirement. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our students.

MSB Staff


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