Apr 17

Hello Manmeet Singh Bhullar Families!

Spring is here and it's amazing to see how much we've achieved together this school year! Our goal has always been to create a supportive and engaging learning environment where everyone feels valued and included. As we continue to navigate the changing seasons, please make sure your child has appropriate clothing for both indoor and outdoor learning experiences, including community walks and field trips.


We appreciate your feedback and are excited to announce that we will be planning more field trips this year! If you would like to help us achieve this goal, we encourage you to sign up as a volunteer. Please contact the School office to get started. These learning opportunities are not possible without volunteers. 


Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Scholastic Book Fair. Thanks to your support, we were able to raise $4000.00 to buy books and resources for the school.


This spring, our students will be treated to a drumming experience led by One World Drum Company. We hope to share our what we have learned from One World Drum Company at a sharing circle in our beautiful courtyard. Keep an eye out for your invitation.


We're also excited to announce that we will be making some changes to the outside perimeter of our school. Through a partnership with the City of Calgary, Sustainable Calgary and our school community, we have designed and planned changes to encourage more students to walk to school and to help with traffic safety, during school entry and dismissal. Stay tuned for more information!


We would like to extend a warm welcome to Mrs. Behal, who has returned to our school community. While we will miss Mrs. Ayed, we know that Mrs. Behal will be an asset to our team.


Finally, we want to remind you that our teachers are always available to speak with you. We value the strong relationships we have with our families and appreciate your ongoing support throughout this school year. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us


Thank you

Cheryl Zelmer and Gavin Schumm​​​

Dec 15
Principal Message

As we wind down 2022, all the staff here at Manmeet Singh Bhullar are truly thankful. The fantastic students' excitement as they eagerly share their stories, discoveries and wonders with us. Our dedicated Teachers and Education Assistants who collaborate together to bring engaging tasks for your children. Our supportive Lunchroom staff who make sure that our students get time to eat and play safe. Our custodians who keep our school clean. Our Awesome Mrs. Saunders and Mrs. Fahad who help everyone with a warm, friendly smile. The Amazing Manmeet Singh Bhullar Foundation who collaborated with us and the community in having a very successful Food Drive for those families in Calgary who are in need.

We have some special gifts a little early this year. Mrs. Hallett will be returning to MSB this Friday, December 16, 2022. This does not mean that we are saying farewell to Mrs. Greenhough. Mrs. Greenhough will be teaching Mrs. Barley's morning Kindergarten class. Mrs. Barley will be supporting Division 1 students and staff in literacy.

To end the school year, we are going to have a “COZY" final day next Thursday December 22, 2022.  Students can wear the most comfy and snuggly, in good repair, PJs as we gather for the final day of learning. We ask that stuffies are left at home as we don't want their fuzzy friends to get lost or misplaced. Thursday is still a day of learning.

Mrs. Weslowski and I are looking forward to seeing all of the students back at Manmeet Singh Bhullar on Monday January 16, 2023.

Have a safe and cherished holiday!​

Jun 29
Summer Update 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians

Summer has arrived and with it comes the time for students to take a break from school, and a time for families to spend time enjoying the longer summer days as we enjoy warmer weather.  This Summer Update is being written collaboratively with both Ms. Warmington (Principal) and Mr. Bauer (Principal on Leave) joining as the year ends.

Farewell For Now Friends

As has been the tradition at MSB School, we choose not to say “good-bye” but rather send “farewell for now friend” as our greeting to those that are leaving the school.

Firstly, we celebrate our Grade Six Students who will be leaving to attend other schools.  We are confident that these students will be a source of true pride as they carry on their learning in Grade Seven at their new schools.  Many of our students are attending Crossing Park School, while some are headed to other schools in the CBE and outside the CBE.  Grade Six students---“farewell for now friends” as you leave MSB for the final time.

There are a number of staff members who are leaving the school as well.  We know that change is a natural part of any school’s staffing process and we wish to acknowledge these individuals.

"Farewell for now Friend" is sent along to Ms. Rita Dua, a lunch supervisor who has taken another position within the CBE school district. Ms. Dua will continue her work with the students in the new Prairie Sky School setting. We wish her success and happiness in her new setting.

Ms. J Cleroux has been a lunch supervisor at MSB for the greater part of this school year.  Ms. Cleroux has made strong ties with students in and outside the lunchroom.  We wish her well and thank her for  her work in our school.  We bid her a fond “farewell for now friend” as we begin our summer break.

Ms. Chreif has also been a lunch supervisor here at MSB this school year.  The building of relationships in the lunchroom and on the playground are important aspects of the work that Ms.  Chreif took on willingly.  We say, “farewell for now friend” as the school year ends.  We wish you continued success in CBE.

Ms. Ryan has been teaching for 4 years now at MSB School and has decided to gain more experience in a Grade 5-9 School.  Ms. Ryan has a deep passion for building relationships with her students.  Ms. Ryan has taught from Grade 2 – Grade 5 at MSB School.  We will miss her smile at the school.  Ms. Ryan’s impact will be felt as she leaves and it’s “farewell for now friend” as Ms. Ryan begins her new role in Middle School.

Ms. Olson has been teaching Grade 1 and 2 at MSB School and is looking to expand her horizons as she enters into a Junior High School setting.  Ms. Olson’s experience will be a valuable asset to her and to her new school in the CBE.  We say “farewell for now friend” to Ms. Olson.

Ms. Joshi is leaving MSB School where she has taught Grade 5 and 6 and Grade 1 and 2 classes.  Ms. Joshi’s positive energy and warmth have been a valued asset to the school.  Students and families will miss her.  Together, we say “farewell for now friend” as Ms. Joshi bids adieu to us.

Mr. Strap is taking on an entry level leadership position in South Calgary.  Mr. Strap has been involved in our patrols and now will be looking to use his French Language Skills in this new capacity.  We are grateful for Mr. Strap’s work with our students and send him along with “farewell for now friend” as Mr. Strap continues his CBE journey in this new capacity.

Ms. Kennedy has been at MSB since its opening.  She has the unique ability to remember each student’s name.  Her time in several teaching roles have mostly been anchored by her role in the Physical Education instruction at MSB School.  Ms. Kennedy is also taking on an entry level leadership position in another school.  “Farewell for now friend” is sent her way as she leaves MSB School.

Ms. Cuthbertson will be leaving the CBE to take on a new and exciting journey with another school district.  Ms. Cuthbertson’s quiet ways have been a calming and somewhat steadying factor at MSB School.  Here since the school’s opening, Ms. Cuthbertson has taught in a variety of capacities as a homeroom teacher

, subject specialist teacher and online teacher.  Ms. Cuthbertson, we say “farewell for now friend” and clearly students and families will miss you as you take on this new challenge.
Ms. T. Saunders was part of the school leadership team since the opening of the school.  Ms. Saunders has a wide range of skills and talents and has helped to shape the culture of the school and its learning profile.  Ms. Saunders is continuing her leadership journey in a Traditional Learning Centre (TLC) School.  Always looking for new challenges, Ms. Saunders’ experience, warm and caring personality and ability to lead will truly be an asset in her new CBE school.  We say “farewell for now friend” as Ms. Saunders explores this new teaching and learning model.

Welcome to New Principal

We wish to welcome Ms. Cheryl Zelmer as the new principal at Manmeet Singh Bhullar School. Ms. Zelmer has a deep understanding of the learners, the community and the passions and needs of the school.   As you have with both Ms. Warmington and with me, please extend your welcome when she arrives as the school re-opens in August.

Final Message from Ms. Warmington (Principal, MSB School)

It has been a pleasure to work with all the students, faculty and staff at Manmeet Singh Bhullar School. As well, I have truly enjoyed acquainting myself with and supporting the strong sense of learning that is so evident in the school.  Additionally, I’d like to thank all the families and community for their warmth and welcome interactions in this brief time at MSB School.  It has been a pleasure to work here in a great place, with great students, great families and great learning.  Manmeet Singh Bhullar School community has a special place in my heart. Farewell and best wishes for the future.

Deb Warmington

Final Message from Mr. Bauer (Principal, MSB School)

I recall so vividly the first time I walked through the building that we now call Manmeet Singh Bhullar School.  It was still somewhat unfinished, but I could see the bright colors, the many windows, the great spaces and I could easily envision the ways we could transform this building into a school.  While it was a great building, it was not yet a school.

When we opened the doors of the school that August, filled our rooms with teachers and students and learning supports and materials, the once quiet halls came alive.  And, while the building hadn’t changed shape or look any different, the energy and excitement for learning had transformed this lovely building into a school.  Through working with families, the community, the Bhullar family and so many others, we were able to create a vision together of a place to learn, to grow, to gain a deeper understanding of what a learning community could be. 

As I leave MSB School, I feel satisfied that we have made a difference in the work we have done to create a viable robust learning environment.  And, this legacy doesn’t rest on any one person or group.  It is the collective nature of schools that makes each of them unique and wonderful.  It has been my honor to lead that work and to see it grow so continuously as the years have passed.

Finally, it’s been “Nice To Manmeet You” and I will take many fond memories of my days as the principal of a truly wonderful school with me to treasure always!  Take care.

Kevin Bauer

We sadly say “Farewell for now, Friend” as Mr. Bauer leaves Manmeet Singh Bhullar School to enjoy a well deserved retirement. Mr. Bauer had a long and distinguished career as a teacher and educational leader. Mr. Bauer believed that relationships were at the centre of teaching and learning. He lead with compassion and an unwavering commitment to student success. One of Mr. Bauer’s proudest accomplishments was opening Manmeet Singh Bhullar School in 2017. Through his leadership, a strong caring learning community came together with students and their best interests at the centre. Mr. Bauer’s legacy is felt throughout the school: his belief in everyone’s ability to achieve success, encouraging others, staff and students, to achieve their next step in their life and learning journey and providing a safe place where risk-taking and innovation are celebrated.

Happy Trails, Mr. Bauer. We wish you every happiness in your retirement. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our students.

MSB Staff

Jun 24
An Honour to Be Here

Dear Manmeet Singh Bhullar Families,

It has been my honor to be at Manmeet Singh Bhullar School for these last months of this school year. Learning, caring, and community permeates this school building. We have kind and generous students and staff who welcomed me warmly. I felt a sense of belonging and will miss seeing our students and teachers engaged in meaningful and joyful learning activities. I am leaving with many happy memories. Thank you to those parents that I have met also for welcoming me. A special thank you to our School Council. The School Council parents are dedicated in their commitment and support of the school. It has been a pleasure working with you. The staff and students at Manmeet Singh Bhullar School hold a special place in my heart.

At Manmeet Singh Bhullar School, our staff is committed to the personalization of student learning. Our teachers promote intellectual engagement in learning by designing intriguing inquiry tasks. Students are encouraged to develop self-advocacy and socialization skills are intentionally taught as well as through “teachable moments”.

Planning, organization and staffing occurred this spring. To learn and focus on the implementation of the new Alberta curriculum for English Language Arts and Literature, Mathematics, and Physical Education and Well-Being in every grade next year, our teachers decided that classes would be straight grades next year. This is a change from multi-aged classes in the past. We are looking forward to welcoming our students back in August 2022 as well as welcoming our new families and our Kindergarten students.

Our school is committed to continuous improvement. For 2022-2023, our School Development Plan will continue to focus on improving Literacy skills, specifically in writing, Numeracy skills, and Student Wellness (mindfulness, self-regulation and resilience). The School Development Plan is shared in the fall.

A new school year brings excitement and enthusiasm. It is an opportunity to make some new friends and renew prior friendships. Our teachers work hard to plan engaging learning experiences in every classroom and are looking forward to meeting their classes.

School Office Open

While our school is closed for the summer, please check out the Back-to-School information posted on our website.

Our school office will open Wednesday August 10 2022 and will be open from 8:30 AM - 2:00 PM. The School Office will be open for parents from 7:40 AM - 3:30 PM on school days starting August 15 2022.

First Day of School

The first day of school for students is Monday August 15 2022.
The first 4 days for Kindergarten students are Staggered Entry Days. Kindergarten parents, please follow the schedule that you received at Kindergarten Orientation in June.

Our school hours are as follows:

Morning (AM) Kindergarten
Monday - Thursday
8:00 AM - 10:50 AM
Alternate Fridays
8:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Afternoon (PM) Kindergarten
Monday - Thursday
11:40 AM - 2:30 PM
Kindergarten Classes Alternate Fridays
8:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Grades 1-6
Monday- Thursday
8:00 AM - 11:45 AM
12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Friday Early Dismissal – Staff Professional Development
8:00 AM -12:00 PM

For more information on school hours, visit our Contact Us page.

Thank you for the memories. I wish every member of Manmeet Singh Bhullar School, students and staff, success, joy and happiness in the future.

Deb Warmington
Acting Principal

May 18
Dear Families

Dear Families of Manmeet Singh Bhullar School, 


I hope this email finds you well.  I wanted to share with you that I will not be returning to MSB School following my leave.  While my leave ends in July, I have made the decision to resign from the Calgary Board of Education.  


On a professional level, the opening and opportunity to lead MSB School has been a career highlight.  I am grateful to those whose support and diligence made these opening years important in establishing a school where student success and well-being-for-learning are the target of each day. 


Next steps for the school include the hiring of a new principal.  In communication with the Area 4 Director, I am given to understand this will be done in June.  You will be apprised when this information becomes available.  


There will be many moving parts at MSB School and I want to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Warmington for the leadership and skill she has brought to MSB School.  I am so grateful to have her among you all.  As well, I want to thank the Leadership Team as they have supported the success of MSB School in these changing times. 


In moving forward, a plan will be created to bid farewell.  Until then, be well and take care of each other. 

As ever, 

​K. Bauer

Feb 15
Mid-Winter Update 2022 (February)

Dear Parents/Guardians

At Manmeet Singh Bhullar School we come to learn.  Our mission as a school continues to support the learning needs of our students and while we have made several adjustments at the school, learning remains our common purpose and our daily goal.

In a time when there are many “moving pieces" in terms of our day-to-day lives, we work to establish a school environment that is familiar to students who are learning on-site.  As well, we have created alternate plans to address any learning detours that have taken place and work through assessments of student work to develop an awareness.  This is being addressed in both Literacy and Numeracy intervention to maintain quality learning in these key areas.   To address these changes, we have re-organized the school.  Our current Faculty and Staff are as follows:

Faculty Roles                                                                                    

K. Bauer                               Principal                                              

L. Weselowski                   Assistant Principal                           

T. Saunders                        Learning Leader                               

A. MacLellan                      Learning Leader                               

J. Kennedy                          Teacher Phys Ed (K-6)                    

J. Carey                                Teacher (Lit. Intervention)          

G. Cartier                             Teacher (Math Intervention)     

S. Cuthbertson                  Teacher (Gr 5 & 6)                          

E. Di Mambro                    Teacher (Gr 3 & 4)                          

M. Hallett                            Teacher (Gr 1 & 2)                          

A. Hunter                            Teacher (Gr 3 & 4)                          

A. Jantz                                Teacher (Gr 5 & 6)                          

D. Joshi                                 Teacher (Gr 1 & 2)                          

M. Kwan                              Teacher (Gr 3 & 4)                          

E. Lock                                  Teacher (Gr 1 & 2)                          

G. Malhi                               Teacher (Gr 1 & 2)                          

H. Miller                               Teacher (Gr 5 & 6)                          

T. Olson                                Teacher (Gr 1 & 2)                          

V. Pereira                            Teacher (Gr 1 & 2)

H. Ryan                                 Teacher (Gr 3 & 4)

T. Strap                                 Teacher (Gr 5 & 6)

S. Tarasoff                           Teacher (Kinder)

V. Ung                                   Teacher (Gr 1 & 2)

N. Visram                            Teacher (Gr 3 & 4)

D. Ward                                Teacher (Gr 5 & 6)

C. Williams                          Teacher (Kinder & Literacy)

C. Wood                               Teacher (Gr 3 & 4)


Staff Roles

K. Saunders        Administrative Assistant

M. Fahad             School Secretary/Reception

S. Khan                 Library Assistant

A. Tejada             Facility Operator

S. Jawne              ELL Assistant

K. Imtiaz               Education Assistant

D. Kinnera           Education Assistant

L. Lijdsman          Education Assistant

R. Saini                  Education Assistant

M. Boersma       Lead Lunch Supervisor

J. Cleroux            Lunch Supervisor

R. Marasigan      Lunch Supervisor

M. Sharma          Lunch Supervisor

C. Hill                     Bookkeeper

D. Ediong-Sacla Caretaker

J. Masas               Caretaker

F. Sagum              Caretaker


As the weather in Calgary continues to fluctuate, please be aware that when the temperature (including wind chill) exceeds -20 degrees C, students are asked to come into the school after 7:45 AM for safety.  This process is called a “Blue-Dot-Day" and large blue dots are placed on the entrance doors and these doors (Door # 1 and Door #2) are unlocked to allow students entry.  As well, these same conditions and considerations apply in inclement weather when students staying for lunch do not go out of doors if these conditions go below -20 degrees C.  Please check our school website for the weather conditions used to base these conditions and considerations at the school.  

Kindergarten Registration for 2022-2023 School Year

Online registration for the 2022 – 2023 school year is now open.

Please go to:  School Engage to register your child/ren.​

Resources to Support your Child's Learning

The Calgary Board of Education makes recommendations about homework in Policy and Regulation 3066. Students and parents are encouraged to set aside a regular time each evening for home study and/or reading. This promotes the development of good study habits, supports student growth and the reinforcement of learning. Parents should encourage children to read, and review math facts each evening.

Engaging and effective activities that can be done at home to support learning include:

  • Practicing printing by writing a grocery list or a letter to a family member
  • Following a recipe and measuring ingredients
  • Playing board games (e.g. Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Checkers)
  • Reading poems and rhymes or a story from your child's RazKids account
  • Reinforcing numbers using connect the dot worksheets
  • Using Play-Doh to shape letters or draw letters in shaving cream 
  • Planting a garden, observing and recording plant growth and changes


Other educational websites to explore:

In celebration of Family Literacy Day, Calgary Public Library is pleased to introduce Family Literacy Kits. Families (and classes) are invited to choose one of five titles to read together.  For more information and to download a kit beginning January 25, 2022.


Helping Your Child Learn to Read; March 1, 2022 7:30-8:30 PM.
Through a series of webinars, resources and book recommendations, the Kitchen Table Classroom helps parents and caregivers with tips and tools they can use to support learning from home. 


An app and website created by Edmonton Public School Board that hosts learning activities designed for learning from home in a way that doesn't feel like school work - games, art projects, cooking for gr. K-12.  https://www.epsbtogether.ca/activities/

Virtual Scholastic Book Fair Coming Soon!

MSBS will once again be holding our Scholastic Book Fair online from March 7th – 20th.

This year, to avoid shipping costs for our families, all online packages will be sent directly to the school and then distributed to students to take home.

The book fair is a great opportunity to grow your child's home library and support the school! 20% of sales results in rewards for us to purchase books to support teaching and learning!

Please watch for further information and reminders on your child's Google Classroom as we get closer to the dates. If you are interested in taking a “Sneak Peak" at the books available and more, please use the following link:


Mark your Calendar with these upcoming dates:

Feb. 17 & 18       Non–Student day, Teacher's Convention

Feb. 21                  No School, Alberta Family Day

Feb. 23                  School (Parent) Council Meeting via teams @ 6:00 PM

Mar. 5                   Student led Conversations Booking Open @ 8:00 AM

Mar. 10                 Regular School day for S tudents

Mar. 10                 Student led Conversations via teams 3:00 – 6:30 PM

(an appointment is required; please book starting Mar 5 @ 8:00 AM with your MyCBE/Parent Account)

Mar. 11                 Student led Conversations via teams 8:00 – 11:30 AM

(an appointment is required; please book starting Mar 5 @ 8:00 AM with your MyCBE/parent Account)

Mar. 11                 Non-Student day

Mar. 21                 Start of Spring break

Apr. 4                    Classes Resume for all students

Apr. 15                 No School, Good Friday

Apr. 18                  Non-Student day, Easter Monday

Report Cards / School Fees / MyCBE/Parent Account

Your PowerSchool Account is a vital tool for all parents and guardians with students of the Calgary Board of Education.  Thank you to those who have set up their PowerSchool Accounts.  If you have not yet done so, please take a few moments today to set up your PowerSchool Account. If you require your child's CBE number, you can ask them (they use it to access technology, and can see it on their IRIS profile), or you can call the school office for assistance. Please note, we cannot give this information out over the phone but can, if requested, send it home with your child.

For access and best use, you will require a computer for PowerSchool.  PowerSchool does not work properly on a phone.  After you have set up your account, you can use it to see your child's report cards (live now) and pay your fees (available now).  Later in March, you will again need your account to access Parent/Teacher Conversations. Stay tuned.

School Safety​

At MSB School, student safety is an ongoing concern.  MSB School patrols are grade 5 & 6 student volunteers who focus on sidewalk and travel to school safety for the school. Our school is fortunate to have a variety of volunteers and 5 School Patrol Teacher Advisors working alongside our patrollers in this leadership opportunity. If your child is interested in becoming a school patrol member, please have them watch for upcoming opportunities to join.

Patrollers play an important role.  Student patrollers are in charge of creating safer crosswalks for students to use during peak travel times before and after school. School safety patrol operates before and after school. AM patrollers typically arrive around 7:35 AM and patrol from 7:40- 8:00 AM in the morning. PM patrollers are on patrol from 2:25 – 2:45 PM. In the coming weeks patrollers will be creating some examples of how we can create safer communities for everyone to enjoy during, before and after school.

Please support our school patrols in keeping our school and community safe for students as they travel to and from the school

Mr. MacLellan, Mr. Strap, Ms. Ryan, Ms. Williams, Mr. Cartier

School Patrol Teacher Advisors


Feb 04
Winter Update

December 17, 2021


Dear Parents/Guardians,


At Manmeet Singh Bhullar School, students come to learn.  This remains our central purpose.  As we work our way toward our winter break, this same importance to learning continues.  We remain diligent in maintaining strong impact for our students' learning.


Important Dates:

  • Our winter break begins for students with early dismissal on Friday, December 17, 2021 at noon.
  • Classes resume on Thursday, January 06, 2022 at 08:00 AM

Whatever your holiday traditions, our best wishes to you and your families.  May the joy of the season provide time to celebrate and enjoy time together.   We look forward to seeing you all back in 2022.



K. Bauer

Sep 27
Autumn Update Sept 2021

Dear Parents,

Our school year has begun like most school years in many ways.  We have been very excited to see the return of many of our students who were online last year and some of our teachers who have returned to on-site learning and teaching as well.  As you, we are fully aware of the current situation and we continue to take measures to keep everyone safe. 


WE NEED YOUR HELP!  If your child is demonstrating any of the symptoms that are outlined by Alberta Health and The Calgary Board of Education, keeping them at home (even if you're uncertain of what's the cause of their illness) keeps everyone safe.  Please do the daily check.  As a school, we want to be aware of and support an ongoing healthy and safe environment. Students at MSB School require masks.  Students should come with a mask and providing an extra mask in their backpack is always a good idea, just to be sure!


As you are aware, our enrolment numbers were projected at 555 students and we are about 60 students below that projected number. As a result, our school has had to re-organize based on the numbers of students and teachers.  While our school was below the projected numbers, other schools were above their numbers and as a result required more teaching staff.  To address this need, we have re-organized our school and we now have to bid “Farewell For Now Friend" to Ms. Morrow, who has been appointed a teaching position in South East Calgary.  Ms. Morrow has taught Grade 1 and 2 at our school and this year has been teaching Grade 3 and 4.  Always a strong advocate for student learning, Ms. Morrow's talents will be deeply missed.  We are grateful for the many wonderful moments of learning our MSB School students have shared over the years with Ms. Morrow and we send our best wishes as she begins at her new school Friday, September 24, 2021.

As a result of our re-organization, Ms. Visram who has a vast experience in many grades, has been welcomed to the Grade 3 and 4 teaching team effective September 24, 2021.  Our Grade 1 and 2 classes have been re-organized and any students' families who were involved in this process, have been notified.  This new organization will begin Monday, September 27, 2021.   


As you are aware, Mr. Schumm is on leave at this time and Ms. Weselowski assumed the interim role of Assistant Principal.  An Acting Assistant Principal has now been appointed to the school.  We welcome Ms. Rupi Bergamin.  Ms. Bergamin has school leadership experience and will bring her talents, passion and skills to our learning environment effective Monday, October 4, 2021.

At this time, I would like to acknowledge the dedicated work of Ms. Weselowski who skilfully led in this role to support teaching and learning at MSB School.  As well, Ms. Miller (Grade 5 and 6) returned to her previous role in the interim and Ms. Saunders supported her former role as these adjustments were made.  As principal, I am pleased to see the agility of teachers and leaders to make the learning environment at MSB School the central focus of all our actions.


The MSB School Council and Annual General Meeting was held and quorum was not achieved.   As a result a new meeting date will be forthcoming.  Please watch for a new date for this meeting.  Your participation and engagement is a positive addition to the school and learning opportunities for our students.


In the spirit of reconciliation, staff and students at Manmeet Singh Bhullar School will be building awareness and a collective understanding about the Indigenous Peoples through Truth and Reconciliation Week. From September 27th to October 1st,  several topics will be covered including land and treaties, languages, culture, and reconciliation. The school community will be coming together to honour Orange Shirt Day on September 29th by wearing something orange. There will be opportunities for students to reflect on the history and legacy of residential schools and to discuss stories of survival and strength. At Manmeet Singh Bhullar School, we have made a commitment to ensure that every child matters, and that each student is welcome, safe, respected and cared for in their learning community every day. 


FRI          SEP         24                           -Non student day (Professional Learning Day)

THU       SEP         30                           -Non student day (Day declared to honor Truth and Reconciliation)

FRI          OCT        08                           -Non student day (Professional Learning Day)

MON     OCT        11                           -Fall Break begins

TUE        OCT        19                           -Classes resume




K. Bauer


Feb 26
MSB School Update

Dear Families


It's not a secret that this school year is like no other in some ways.  However, to be clear, we have maintained our goal of student learning as our central focus.  That has not changed and we will continue with the important work of learning as we continue to create our learning paths together into the well-deserved spring ahead.

Thank you to all of you for the work you do with your children each day in preparing them to come to school and be ready to join the congregated settings of a school environment.  I would however like to draw your attention to the self-checking process that you are responsible to do each day with every child before they leave for school. Please see this Link​,  to make sure that your child is safe to attend school.  This is an important step and it affects every child and adult in our school.  We are counting on you!  Like many schools, we are adjusting to the conditions that surround us due to the pandemic. Our hope is to eradicate this virus as quickly as we can and as a school community that relies on the work of each and every family in our school.


The Calgary Board of Education is a very large organization and the staffing process spans the entire year.  We continue to adjust staffing as the year progresses.  With that, however we say “Farewell for Now Friend" to some of our valued staff as they leave for our positions etc.   Additionally exciting we get to welcome back others who are returning to our school site.  With the conclusion of semester one and the onset of semester two, we have noted the following:

  • Welcome Back to Ms. Jill Carey who was on leave.  Ms. Carey has returned to teaching on-site and is teaching at the Grade 1 and 2 level presently. Great to have you back among us Ms. Carey!
  • Welcome Ms. Kirsten Tuer to our school.  Ms. Tuer is also returning from a leave and is new to our staff and our school.  Ms. Tuer is also teaching at the Grade 1 and 2 level. Welcome Ms. Tuer; “it's nice to Manmeet you" and we're happy to have you join our school.
  • We welcome back Ms. Nureen Visram!  Ms. Visram was on leave and has returned to a Hub teaching position at the Grade 6 level. Ms. Visram's energy and passion for teaching has been placed into this new area of teaching and learning as we address the complexities and adjustments of the teaching scenario of Covid-19.

Semester one ended with students in the Hub Learning Model.  Some students' families have chosen to return to on-site learning. With this return of students from Hub Learning to our on-site model, we welcome the following teachers back on-site:

  • Ms. Vanessa Pereira (Grade 1 and 2)
  • Mr. Garett Cartier (Grade 3 and 4)
  • Mr. Andrew MacLellan (Grade 5 and 6) 


We have had to bid “Farewell for Now Friend" to Ms. Edeza Diaz who has moved from MSB School.  Ms. Diaz was our Administrative Assistant at the school since its opening. We are grateful for the work Ms. Diaz did as we built our school community.  Ms. Diaz will continue her CBE journey and it is we deeply felt gratitude we wish her a very fond 'Farewell for Now Friend". 

Please watch for the upcoming Parent-Teacher-Student Conversations coming being held on March 11 and 12.  This is an opportunity to stay connected to your child's teacher (s) and to celebrate the ongoing learning.  More information will be forth coming.

Stay well!​


K. Bauer


Sep 24
Newsletter Edition #1

​Dear Parents/Guardians,

Since September 01, students at Manmeet Singh
Bhullar School have begun to create learning environments in somewhat new ways.  Our school, like other schools in the Calgary Board of Education has two modes of operation.  We are currently working with an on-site model (which is considered Scenario 1 – near normal operations) where about 300 students have resumed an in class presence.  New to everyone this year, we have a model of HUB learning where students are being taught remotely.  At MSB School we have close to 200 students from Grade 1 – 6 in this format of learning.   As a result, we have had to re-organize our school.  Equally as unique, we have developed many safety measures to address the pandemic at the school level.  As a school community, we are working with passion and dedication toward a safe and healthy environment with an ongoing target of student learning in our day to day work.

K. Bauer

Please read our Newsletter Edition #1 located under News Section. Thank you.​

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