Families of Learners

At Manmeet Singh Bhullar School we know that learning extends from Kindergarten to Grade 6 and that all learners are part of the learning community at our school. We are organized into three “Learning Families” of mixed grades of Kindergarten to Grade 6 students. The learning families are learners of all ages designed to work occasionally together on various learning activities. Teachers who are not assigned to a regular classroom are also part of the Learning Family Organization. Our three Learning Families have taken on names of nature: Lions Pride, Mighty Mammoths and Brave Bisons.

Lion's Pride

Our Lion’s Pride family of learners had an opportunity to get together for a large group activity before our break. Students spent some time prior to meeting, discussing how they could work together to design bridges using spaghetti and marshmallows. The goal was to make them as long as possible, without any of the spaghetti touching the floor! It was so neat to see the older students working together with our littlest ones to plan and execute these creations! Over the next month we will have an opportunity to meet again to continue getting to know each other better! Using the theme of “Pride”, students will be participating in activities where they will have opportunities to share about themselves with the goal of pro-moting cultural diversity and acceptance within our school! Go Lion’s Pride!! ROAR!

Mighty Mammoths

This winter the Mighty Mammoths have been manifesting mindfulness. In December, our K to 6 family of learners collaborated on writing instructions on how to make a snowman. Once our plans were in place we used our plans and art skills to create salt dough snowmen. In the upcoming months, we will continue to learn about how we can use mindfulness to assist in our learning in a variety of ways.

Brave Bison

The Brave Bison family of learners has already engaged in a large group activity that involved art, wellness, and literacy. Learners in this group range from kindergarten to Grade 6. In the upcoming weeks, learners will come together to complete STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) challenges connected to a variety of books including, If You Hold a Seed. We are all very excited for this upcoming learning opportunity as a family of learners.


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