Mar 16
Activities to do...

Dear Parents,

During this time away from school there will be moments where your children are without something to do.  Here are a few suggestions of activities you can do in your home during cold weather.

1.      Do mindful movement videos (Go Noodle)

2.      Play hide and seek

3.      Have a dance party

4.      Make a fort

5.      Make an obstacle course

6.      Clean and reorganize their room with child input

7.      Do yoga or fitness

8.      Go on a treasure hunt

9.      Write your own story

10.   Put on a play

11.   Do an art challenge

12.   Make play-doh sculptures

13.   Create a gratitude or vision board

14.   Make a mural

15.   Paint rocks for the garden when spring arrives

16.   Trace a life size version of themselves on large paper

17.   Write to a favourite relative

18.   Do a puzzle

19.   Create a “When I grow up” poster

20.   Put together a time capsule

21.   Create a toothpick tower with toothpicks and marshmallows

22.   Make slime

23.   Plan and make your own lunch

24.   Make cookies or brownies

25.   Create snack art (picture out of food)

26.   Write a letter to a first responder



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