Aug 29
Welcome to a New School Year!

Dear Parents / Guardians of Marion Carson School, 


It is an absolute pleasure to welcome everyone to the 2022-2023 school year. As the new Principal to Marion Carson School, I am looking forward to seeing all of our students walk through the doors and hearing the excitement back on the school fields, creative playground, natural spaces, in the hallways, learning commons library and of course, in the classrooms. Know that your children will be welcomed to Marion Carson School with open hearts, and a safe and caring environment where learning and well-being are our top priorities. I hope to meet each and every one of your children in the coming days, and meet you, the parents/guardians as well in time. Please be sure to take a moment when you see me to say hello and introduce yourselves. I truly believe that a strong relationship between home and school is needed to best support our students/your children in being the most successful learners and people that they can be now and in the future. 

A few pieces of information that will support our start-up as we move into the new year. 


First Day of School: 

The first day of school is right around the corner. Grade 1-6 students return on Thursday September 1st. Kindergarten has staggered entry on September 1st and 2nd. Please be sure to visit our websitefor more information or click here directly for school hours for your child. We strongly encourage all families to begin their regular routine on this first day (such as taking the bus if your child will regularly be taking the bus or choosing a pick-up meeting spot at a safe location on the school property that will become the daily meeting spot for you and your child). 

Teachers will be contacting families at the end of the day August 30th introducing themselves and sharing important information for the 1st day of school. Please watch for this email. We will ask that you respond to your child's teacher to confirm that you received the information. Please also feel free to ask any clarifying questions that you may have, or share any pertinent information that will help support your child's learning experience. 



If your child is taking the bus, it is extremely important that your child knows which bus letter and which stop they are getting off at.  Have them memorize this. If you registered for the school bus in May/June, you should have been assigned a bus letter and bus stop in your PowerSchool account.  If you registered and did not receive this information or are unhappy with your assigned stop, please contact CBE transportation.  Do not contact the school as we are not responsible for transportation.  Please arrive at your child's bus stop early every day (minimum 5 minutes early).  Students will take the bus if we have not received notification in advance from a parent.  We ask that you don't notify us last minute as things are really busy at dismissal time and the teacher often doesn't have time to check for messages because they are teaching all day. Students telling us they are being picked up will not suffice as they often get mixed up on dates and times. 


Soft Entry: 

Students are invited to arrive at school from 8:55-9:10 am. Only on the first two days of school (Sept 1 and 2) will all students meet their teacher's outside and come in as a group. Starting September 6th, when students arrive at school, they will come directly into the school. Students will enter through their regular doors as practiced with the teacher. There will be staff supervisors at those doors.  As soon as students arrive at school, they will go to their classroom where their teacher will supervise them until instructional time starts at 9:10am.  Students that are late must enter through the front door and get a welcome slip from the office before heading to their classroom. We ask that parents do a quick drop and go (and not park) as there is minimal parking and lots of traffic at that time in front of the school. 


Curriculum Update: 

There is a newly updated curriculum that is being implemented for students in certain grades and subjects. Teachers have been given the opportunity to do some professional learning in these areas to prepare for the school year. This professional development will continue throughout this school year as teachers focus on this curriculum and in designing engaging tasks for student learning. Information about the new curriculum can be found at the new LearnAlberta website which includes various learning resources. The subjects listed below are directly impacting Marion Carson students' learning this year. We encourage you to visit the links for more information on your child's upcoming learning. 


  1. Grades K-3 English Language Arts and Literature (ELAL) 
  1. Grades K-3 Mathematics 
  1. Grades K-6 Physical Education and Wellness 


Marion Carson Staff: 

We are happy to welcome both our returning and new staff. Please click the following link for our current 2022-2023 Staff Roster



Masking is optional.  We respect every child's decision to wear or not wear a mask as we understand that every family has different circumstances and preferences.  We will not be enforcing masking at school so please discuss your preference with your child.  A reminder to keep your child at home if they are ill, even if it is not Covid. 


Marion Carson School Calendar: 

Our 2022-2023 school year calendar can be found here Marion Carson 2022-2023 Calendar and on our school website.  Please print a copy for easy reference and make note of days that your child does not attend school (non instructional days). 


I am looking forward to the new school year. 



Dustin Turner 

Principal of Marion Carson School ​


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