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June 2018

May was such a beautiful month with warm weather and minimal wind for students to contend with while they played outside. We hope that June will be just as nice but some rain and cooler weather will help Marion’s Meadow grow. June is always an important month for our Grade 6 students who are preparing for the last 4 Provincial Achievement Tests. They have worked hard this year and we feel they will do well on these assessments.

Thanks to parents for your patience in finding more information about our teacher roster for next year. There have been some changes recently and we needed to confirm our placements before we share them with parents. As noted in the recent email, the list is as complete as it can be but there is a possibility for changes in the next few weeks. Please have all requests sent to the office by June 4. Be sure to follow the guidelines mentioned in the recent email.

On May 31 we had an opportunity to say thank you to our volunteers for all of their efforts this year. We were pleased to see so many volunteers come out to the Volunteer Tea. The student performers were so pleased to see so many parents, family members and friends of Marion Carson School be a part of the afternoon. Thank you again to all of our volunteers!

Along with all of the off-site trips our students will be attending this month, we have Sound Kreations coming to our school to teach students hip hop and Latin dance steps.

Over the summer we encourage parents to ensure their children have some recreational reading time on a regular basis. This will help students when they arrive back in September. They will be able to move forward from where they left off in June and not have to catch up instead. Some good examples are reading of signs as they travel, taking time for comics or much more casual text, sharing a summer novel together and writing and reading emails to relatives who live far away.

There have been messages sent out already about the need to register children for transportation. This will only affect children who live outside of our walk zones. Please make sure that if your child needs yellow bus transportation that you register by June 11 or your child may not have a stop in place at a closer location until mid-October. There is no fee until your child takes the bus in the fall. You will not be able to pay a fee until then. You will only be able to pre-register. If you intend to drive your own child and not use the bus system, you will not need to pre-register. Thanks if you have already pre-registered your child!

If you know that your child will be leaving Marion Carson School and have not informed the school yet, please do so at your earliest convenience.

In case we are not able to see you in the next month, we wish you all the best and hope you have a safe and enjoyable summer.

We have some long awaited updates for staffing and student events:

We would like to congratulate Mrs. Wilson on her appointment as Assistant Principal at Colonel Sanders School. She will assume her new role in August 2018. We are very excited for her but will truly miss her calm, engaged, and passionate teaching manner in our school. We thank Mrs. Wilson for the many years of service at Marion Carson School and wish her the best in the upcoming school year.

As noted in the Parent Association Meeting on May 15, Mrs. Gilbert and Mrs. Sutor will be retiring at the end of June. They are both looking forward to spending more time with their families and enjoying the time to catch up with other adventures in life. They have said they will miss their students just as we will miss these teachers! The CBE has benefitted a great deal from all of their work over the years.

As a result of the above changes, the staff roster is not complete but we will let you know of any further changes that may occur. Here is the staff list as we know it today:

Kindergarten - Mrs. Hoglund
Kindergarten Mandarin Bilingual - Ms. P. Wu
Grade 1 - Mrs. Sterling / Mrs. Stevenson and Mrs. Tolooei
Grade 1 - Mandarin Bilingual - Ms. Keller and Ms. L. Wu
Grade 2 - A teacher in for Mrs. Buller (On Leave) and Mrs. Sheppard
Grade 2 - Mandarin Bilingual - Mr. Wiskar and Ms. W. Zhang
Grade 3 - Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Lowe Synnott
Grade 3 - Mandarin Bilingual - Ms. Eastly and Ms. M. Zhang
Grade 4 - Ms. Hay and a Teacher To Be Announced
Grade 4 - Mandarin Bilingual - Mrs. Wilcock and a Teacher To Be Announced
Grade 5 - Ms. Hymers and Mr. Rodger
Grade 6 - Mrs. Campbell / Mrs. McGown and Mr. Wiedener Music - Mrs. McPhail French - Teacher To Be Announced
Assistant Principal - Ms. S. Li
Principal - Mr. Watson
Admin Secretary - Mrs. Cinnamon
School Secretary - Mrs. Gascoine
Library Assistant - Ms. Roth
School Assistants - Mrs. Bulley and Mrs. Schimpf
School Assistants Mandarin Bilingual - Ms. Guo, Ms. A. Li, Ms. Yuan and
School Assistant MB To Be Announced
Education Assistants - Mrs. Akbar, Ms. Barthelemy, Mrs. Boldt, Mrs. Keeler, Ms. Leask, Mrs. Proulx and Ms. Shellborn
English Language Assistants - Mrs. Keeler and Mrs. Wong
Lunch Supervisor - Mrs. Aubin, Mrs. Bulley, Mrs. Bryan, Mrs. Elefante, Mrs. Huang, Mrs. McDougal and Mrs. Siddiqui
Facility Operators - Mr. Hanson and Mr. Congo

Any staff members who have a probationary or temporary designation may return but we will only know at a later time during the staffing process.

We would like to thank the following staff members who have been an important part of our school this year and wish them all the best in the 2018-19 school year:

Teachers - Mrs. Enerson, Ms. Saretsky, Mr. Williams and Ms. Wang Education Assistants - Mrs. Davalos, Ms. Jamrozek, Ms. Xu and Ms. Roy

Lunchroom Supervisor – Mrs. Reid If parents have a request for next year's teacher for their child, we will be accepting your input until June 4. Please write a letter or email and have it forwarded to Mr. Watson. We require all requests be in a positive format giving reasons why the teacher will be a good fit for your child. Negative letters will be discarded. Be aware that we do our best to match students with peers they can work well with and will not distract them. If they have successfully worked well with their close friends, they may get an opportunity to be together, again. That will be a decision made by the present teacher. If an older child of yours has been with a teacher previously and you would like to have your younger child in that teacher's class, please give us a reason why that teacher will match the needs of your younger child. We often are in agreement with parents but we do reserve the right to make a decision based on our professional judgement of the child's work ethic, behaviour and social interactions. The class lists are compiled with great forethought and consideration. Thanks for your patience!

Sound Kreations will be joining us next week to teach our students hip hop and Latin dance. Our last experience with SK was lots of fun! Even students who felt they are not talented dancers have had a great time! There will not be a final performance following the three classes on June 5, 6 and 7 but we are sure there will be many stories to tell.

Next Year Daily Schedule

Grades 1-6
Monday – Thursday Entry - 9:10 AM
Monday – Thursday Dismissal - 3:50 PM
Friday Entry - 9:10 AM
Friday Dismissal - 1:20 PM

Kindergarten AM
Monday – Thursday Entry - 9:10 AM
Monday – Thursday Dismissal – 12:00 PM
Friday Entry – 9:10 AM every second week- See Calendar from Orientation
Friday Dismissal – 1:20 PM every second week - See Calendar from Orientation

Kindergarten PM
Monday – Thursday Entry – 1:00 PM
Monday – Thursday Dismissal - 3:50 PM
Friday Entry - 9:10 AM - every second week- See Calendar from Orientation
Friday Dismissal – 1:20 PM - every second week- See Calendar from Orientation

Monday to Thursday Grade 1-6 Recess and Lunch hours:
Morning recess – 10:40 – 10:55 AM
Lunch – 12:25 – 1:15 PM

Friday Kindergarten Grade 1-6 Lunch (No outdoor lunch recess)
Morning recess – 10:40 – 10:55 AM
K – Gr 2 – 11:25 – 11:55 AM
Gr 3–6 – 12:00 – 12:30 PM


David Watson


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