Apr 15
Weekly Message - April 15, 2023

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1.     Gymnastics

2.     Hull Services – Parent and Child Education Program (social skills)

3.     Spring Fling – Save the Date

4.     Fun Lunch

5.     School Council / Parent Association Meeting


1.     Gymnastics

Gymnastics has started this past week beginning with the use of the floor mats. Please see the  message from Mrs. Summer to describe our gymnastics program as well as how to best prepare your child for learning as we introduce more equipment (such as appropriate attire, etc.). Letter sent by School Messenger on April 15.​

2.     Hull Services – message about upcoming social skills program for parents and children

Calgary Board of Education has partnered with Hull Services to offer free, evidence based parenting courses within the city of Calgary.  We are pleased to announce that Belvedere Parkway School, in the community of Bowness, will be hosting our next FREE Community Parent Education Program (CPEP).  This course will also include a FREE social skills program for children aged 5 - 12. 


The start date of this course is April 18th at 6:00 pm. Hull Services would like to welcome any Marion Carson School families to register. CPEP is a free, 8 week course that focuses on teaching effective parenting skills.  In addition to this, CPEP includes a Children's Social Skills group for children aged 5 - 12. The course is specifically designed for parents who want to enhance their parenting skills and support their children in learning important social skills and executive functioning strategies. CPEP is a research based, evidence supported parenting program which is designed to support parents/adults to learn valuable skills that can support families in improving the overall day to day functioning of families. Furthermore, CPEP specifically addresses the needs of child(ren) that may demonstrate characteristics associated with ADHD.  These practical skills are proven to be strategies accessible in improving and supporting parents/children in all areas of family functioning.


We encourage parents to bring their (registered) children (aged 5 - 12) who can also attend and learn valuable skills through the "Children's Group" with active fun and play.  The Children's Group will focus on teaching children social skills; how to listen, how to accept no/disappointment, how to express their feelings and how to deal with being angry/frustrated.


The CPEP program is facilitated by educated, trained and accredited Hull Services staff.  Hull Services is a leading social service agency in Calgary.  There is no referral needed in order for interested participants to register with Hull Services. Parents can register via email at hullcpep@gmail.com or by using the Hull Services phone line at 403-251-8018. Each program consists of 8 classes that run once a week from 6:00 to 8:00pm. The CPEP program is a research-based program with evidence-based outcomes.  Various topics include relationship building, recognizing positive behaviour, reducing conflict, managing transitions successfully, special Incentives, collaborative planning, effective consequences and problem-solving strategies.

3.     Fun Lunch

The next fun lunch will be on April 21, 2023 with Subway, which is now live on the healthy hunger website!  https://healthyhunger.ca/ The deadline for ordering will be April 16, 2023 midnight!

Please note, Fun Lunch on April 21 is being offered to Grade 1- 6 classes and ONLY the Mandarin Bilingual Kindergarten Group A class as this is the only kindergarten class that will be in attendance over the nutrition break on that day. If parents would like to pick up fun lunches for their absent students, please contact the school to arrange pick up on the same day.  No fun lunches will be kept for the following day.

We will need volunteers to help distribute lunches. Please sign up at SignupGenius if you will be able to help. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/805044DA5A929A6FB6-funlunch1

4.     Spring Fling:

Message went home on Wednesday. Be sure to sign-up and get your tickets.

5.     School Council / Parent Association Meeting 

Our next School Council / Parent Association meeting is this Wednesday, April 19, 2023 at 7pm and will be occurring in a hybrid format both in our Library Learning Commons (doors open at 6:45pm) and online (link below). We look forward to connecting with parents/guardians about our school community and initiatives. The upcoming agenda and meeting minutes from the March 2023 meeting can be found on our school website here.


Please use the link sent by SchoolMessenger if you would like to attend the meeting online. 



Mr. D. Turner

Principal, Marion Carson School​


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