Apr 10
April 2018

Spring Break has just past and there are only three months left in this school year. Time has passed by so quickly. Following Spring Break our K – Grade 5 students are actively involved in swimming, as parents already know from the notice that was sent home in early March. So far classes have been very organized and children are enjoying themselves.

In March our parents had an opportunity to learn more about Youth Learning 2 Lead Leadership Academy. Judy Riege showed parents that students learn the importance of creating a mindset of Leadership “to be positive role models: individuals who serve as a good example and inspire others to imitate their positive behaviour. Role models demonstrate strong personal leadership in their words, actions and contributions to the world around them.” We believe by moving in this positive direction our students will be able to make wise choices when confronted with problems as well as opportunities. Thank you to Judy Riege for her work with our students, parents and teachers.

At this time we are still working through a solution for our classroom space needs for next school year. Our grade 4 Mandarin Bilingual class will have 2 classes instead of 1. For that reason we will have to use one of our 2 available class spaces: the computer room or room 217 where Pre-Kindergarten is presently located. Both are beneficial to our school: the computer room allows classes to work together to complete projects and inquiries and Pre-K provides parents with childcare and enhanced kindergarten although it is operated by a private organization. This has been a very positive relationship for the school and Pre-K. We have requested the support of CBE Transportation and Planning and hope to have a decision made in the near future. Losing either the computer room or Pre–K will present challenges. Thanks to all parents who have provided us with their input for space utilization.

I have been asked recently about parent requests for their child’s teacher for next year. Please note that at this time we are unsure of the staff that will be at Marion Carson School in the fall. I will be taking written requests until June 1. After that date, requests will not be accepted. Please make sure that your request includes a positive educational reason along with your choice. Be aware that requests are honoured if it is seen to be in the best educational interest of the child. We do our best to balance the students in classes in terms of ability, motivation, needs and gender. A request to have a child with another friend or having the same teacher as an older sibling had in the past is not adequate. When making class lists, we do our best to make sure that each child is in a group that we feel they can successfully achieve both academically and socially. We would like to thank our parents for their volunteer support. We have many events all year that would be difficult to hold if we did not have that involvement. Thanks for all your work in classrooms, for performances, in the office, at School Council Meetings, in the library and on field trips! Your help at swimming has been greatly appreciated! It is such a pleasure to have supportive parents.


David Watson​


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