Cafeteria & Menu

Marshall Springs students are permitted and encouraged to eat lunch at school.

Marshall Springs has a supervised lunchroom available to students. Full meals are available for purchase with a variety of hot and cold foods Monday through Thursday. An optional fee assists the school to subsidize the costs related to running the staffing and providing supervision to all students over the lunch hour.


We have a full service cafeteria providing a number of hot and cold choices Monday through Thursday. There are also vending machines in our common area where the students will be able to purchase healthy snacks / beverages. 

Students who bring meals from home are also encouraged to eat their lunch with their classmates in the school cafeteria / open area. There will be a microwave and hot water available to all students over the lunch period.

See our Servery Daily Menu for food options and prices. At the start of each new month, we being with the week 1 menu and alternate each week. If a month has 5 weeks and ends with week 1, we will still begin at the start of the next month with the week 1 menu rotation. 


If your child has your permission to leave the Marshall Springs campus over the lunch period, please be aware there is no school supervision provided to any student going off campus. Supervision of students is limited to Marshall Springs School. If your family has made the decision to allow your student to leave campus, please discuss appropriate behavior when patronizing the businesses in the neighbourhood, and being in the community itself. Students should be respectful of others using these establishments, as well as disposing of litter in trash bins available. Students who are abusive or disruptive will face consequences at school. Businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone and to initiate police involvement if behavior dictates.

Students in Grades 4-6 are not permitted to leave campus over the lunch hours, unless permissions have been granted (via the office) in advance for students who walk home for lunch. Students are expected to be back at the school on time when the lunch break is over and ready for their classes to begin in the afternoon.


Nut allergies are present in our school as are other food allergies. We are an ”allergy aware” school. Keeping students and staff from a variety of allergens is a shared responsibility of students, staff and parents. Learn more about allergies on our Illness & Medical page.

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