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Dr. E.P. Scarlett High School

Grade 9 High School Course Selection Information

Our grade 9 students had a visit from the Guidance team at Dr. E. P. Scarlett this Monday.  They were given a lot of information about high school next year and are now considering which courses to enroll in for their core academic classes along with their electives.  Please consider the attachment here - digital viewbook link - when seeking information on different electives programming, and also for information regarding Advanced Placement programming registration.

Students have been asked to make requests for their classes and were provided a guideline of February 2 for completion.  We have confirmed with Dr. E. P. Scarlett that they are able to accommodate requests being made throughout next week, up to and including Friday, February 4.

Marshall Springs teachers do extensive work to ensure accurate assessment information is provided for each student.  For the majority of our students, information from the report cards, which will be shared on February 1, will provide appropriate guidance for students and their families to select courses.

As a general rule, students receiving indicators of 3s and 4s on their report cards should request English 10-1, Social Studies 10-1, Science 10 and Math 10C.  They also might wish to consider enrollment in Advanced Placement courses.

As a general rule, students receiving mostly 3s with some 2s on their report cards should also feel comfortable enrolling in English 10-1, Social Studies 10-1, Science 10 and Math 10C.

As a general rule, students receiving mostly 2s should consider the information provided in the following attachment (core course selection recommendations link), reflecting on their knowledge, skills and attributes as learners.  If they have questions after reviewing the attachment, students should consult with their teachers.  

As a general rule, students receiving below 2 should request enrollment in English 10-2, Social Studies 10-2, Math 10-3 and Science 14.

Regardless of what indicators students see on report cards, they should feel welcome to speak with their teachers for guidance and suggestions.  Parents/guardians and students are also welcome to contact Mr. Radder at with any questions.  

In the end, students and their families have the ultimate decision making authority when enrolling in courses next year.  We offer our guidance through report card information and conversation to support families in these decisions.

Students should access the following link to make their course selections:  

If you have any questions about the use of the form you will need to contact Dr. E. P. Scarlett.

Henry Wise Wood High School

Henry Wise Wood High School is your CBE Area V/VI designated IB school. The IB program is an academic program of choice offered to ALL students who are interested in registering who live in Area V and VI. If students are passionate about content in at least two school subjects in junior high, they can register in the IB program and be provided with the opportunity to delve into the school subjects of interest more deeply in Grade 10, 11 and 12. IB courses are available in all Core Subjects - English, Social Studies, Math, and Science as well as complementary areas of Philosophy, Art, Film Studies, French and Spanish.

Students designated to HWW by address are eligible to submit IB registration documents. Please see attached letter also available under Resources.

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