Apr 28
Principal's Message - Reconnecting as a Community

Returning from spring break with the easing of Covid restrictions, the month of April has been joyous for us at McKenzie Towne as we have been able to resume many of the activities such as field trips, volunteers in the school, fun lunches, merging of cohorts, and SINGING that bring us together as a community.

As we prepare for the 2022-23 school year, we are in the throes of planning and staffing processes for next year. Every year brings changes in staffing as we add new staff members and say goodbye to others whose career choices take them in different directions. Staffing continues through the month of June. I hope to be able to announce the 2022-23 staff to you in a short final newsletter that will go home with report cards on the last day of school, Tuesday, June 28th at regular dismissal time. During the next two months teachers and administration will come together multiple times to organize and plan class lists for next year. Please note that this is a collaborative, intentional process and many factors are considered in planning classes for next year including such factors as: children with special learning needs and/or social/emotional concerns, English Language Learners, gender, student needs in terms of their working relationships with peers as well as their individual strengths, and consideration of possible classroom dynamics. Parents who have particular information that they feel may support the classroom planning process may contact me in writing with that information which will be considered in the process. Requests for particular teachers by parents is not part of this process given the multiple factors listed above. Class placements will reflect our sincere effort to create balanced classrooms where each child is valued, challenged and successful. 

As in previous yearSchool Council has made a huge differencithe learning opportunities that have been offered to our students throughout thischooyearIn addition to thevents that have been planned and hostebSchool Councisuch as special lunches, and the upcoming grade 4 farewell celebration, fund- raising efforts planned by School Council and supported by the parent community have been invaluable to our students.  We thank yofor your support of the fundraising initiatives which havenabled us to provide enhanced learning experiences for oustudents thiyear includinThree left Feet dance residency for K-2 and Alien Inline Skating for grades 3&4, busing for grade field trips, and support of the cost of busing for grade 4 swimming. Thescurricular-related, but extra” learning programwoulnot bpossible withithe provincial fundinframeworthat exists for schoolsso once agaiwe thank you for supporting thesworthwhiland memorable experiences. Over the years MTS parents have supported the establishment of resources for our Music, PE, literacy, library, and academic areas enabling us to offer programs that are well-established and provide extensive learning opportunities for our students in both core academic and specialization areas.

LookinforwartMay and June...

The months of May anJune arsignificant itermospecial eventsfield trips and celebrations in the schoolFor our grade 4 students it wilbe the time to safarewell to the school theknow and love as themove on to neschools and adventures ilearning. As well, some families of grade 3 students have chosen to send their children to McKenzie Highlands School for grade 4. McKenzie Towne School will continue to provide grade 4 classes. All grade 3&4 students will have the opportunity to visit McKenzie Highlands School on May10 through a field trip organized and hosted by McKenzie Highlands School.

Kindergarten Orientation for Next Year Students

We will be hosting a Welcome to Kindergarten Orientation on May 26 (6:00-7:00 pm) for next year's Kindergarten students. We are very excited to welcome the newest group of MTS learners. This orientation will be in person at the school.  Parents and future Kindergarten students are welcome to attend to learn about the Kindergarten, see the classrooms spaces, and to answer all the questions that new parents might have.  We look forward to welcoming our newest and youngest learners in September!

Other special events scheduled for May and June include:

  • Online Book Fair- May 13-20
  • Grade 3 Assembly – May 27, 8:30 am (open area west side of school)
  • Field trips – grades 1,3 and 4 ( check website and teacher blogs for dates and details)
  • Kindergarten farewell assemblies – June 22 and 23 @ 2:00pm (open area east side of school)
  • Grade 4 farewell assembly – June 24. 10:30 – 12:00 (gym)
  • Sports/Fun Day – June 27
Finally, I would like to extend a thank you to MTS families who supported the recent collection of household and personal items in support of Ukraine. Our heart goes out to the people of Ukraine and once again MTS families have shown their care and generosity. We thank Jennifer Dobson, parent, for organizing this collection that has been delivered to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church/Cultural Centre in Calgary for distribution.

I hope to see you at the school over thnextwmonths!


Dr. Lorraine Slater​


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