Jun 25
Farewell Message June 2021

​With realization of one's own potential and self-confidence in one's ability, one can build a better world.      -Dalai Lama 

These wise words from the Dalai Lama identify and represent a goal we have at Midnapore School for developing skills, attitudes and knowledge in our students so that they will be prepared to go out and build a better world.  From Kindergarten to the end of Grade 4 or Grade 6, Midnapore School staff have worked to promote curiosity, provoke deep thinking, and excite and engage the learners who walk through our doors each day.  

In addition to creating learning experiences focused on the basics of reading, writing, math, science and social studies, it has been our wish to support students in developing self-advocacy skills and self-awareness so that each one of you who leaves our doors has the confidence to speak up for yourselves; recognizing your own learning strengths, abilities and challenges. Many of you have had the added challenge of learning  - not just in English – but in Mandarin!  The richness of learning another language will give you a big advantage in your lives. 

This year has had the added challenge of living and learning through a global pandemic!  All of you quickly learned the “new" school rules – sanitize your hands, maintain social distance, wear your masks in the hallways.  By following those rules, you helped to make sure that our school was a safe place to learn. 

It can feel sad to say good-bye.  Not only are students moving on, but a number of staff are also off to further adventures.  We will truly miss Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Stewart, Ms. Duan, Ms. V. Ms. Ikuta, Mrs. Busch, Mrs. Reese, Mrs. Hebert, Ms. Fan and Ms. Boettcher.  They have all left their mark on Midnapore School.  But we are also happy for them as we know that they are moving on to other adventures in their lives.  We wish them the very best that life can offer! 

Thinking about all of you Grade 4 and 6 students today, I am confident that your experiences here at Midnapore School have helped you better understand the world and, perhaps more importantly, better understand yourselves.  On behalf of all the staff here at Midnapore School I want to congratulate you on your learning accomplishments so far. Whether you are moving on to Harold Panabaker School or MidSun or even another school in another part of the world, we have confidence that you will use your skills and understandings to connect and learn with others – and help to make this world a better place.  


Ms. Pynoo


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