Feb 03
February 2022

It is now February and the weather conditions today remind us that winter is not yet over! Even the groundhogs are optimistic! Ensuring that your children dress for weather conditions is essential to their well being as they travel to and from school. The ever-changing weather conditions in Calgary can make this a challenge as the temperature can swing many degrees up or down throughout the day!

In terms of instructional days, February is a short month. That does not make it any less important to making progress in school. Teachers continue to focus on moving academics forward with a strong emphasis on literacy and mathematics. This focus is driven by the School Development Plan which is available for all parents to read on the Midnapore School website.

Despite some activities being limited, Midnapore School continues to celebrate notable cultural events. Students continue to be involved in school-based activities related to Chinese New Year and the arrival of the Year of the Tiger. Grade 1 students will celebrate “100 Day” – the completion of the first one hundred days of school. Classes will also recognize Valentine’s Day through in-class activities.

A reminder that Thursday, 17 February 2022, and Friday, 18 February 2022, are Teachers Convention. There are no classes on these days. Monday, 21 February 2022 is Family Day. School will reopen for classes on Tuesday, 22 February 2022.

A big thank you to the Midnapore School Council. Thank you for all the support you provide to our school community! I would like to encourage parents, who are interested in getting involved, to join our monthly virtual meetings. Another way to be involved is by supporting Midnapore School Council’s casino fundraiser. Two days of work brings a significant benefit to the school community. The casino runs 08 and 09 March 2022. If interested, please sign up at up https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f45acae2ca0fac25-fundraising.

I am grateful to belong to a school community that works together for the benefit of the students who attend Midnapore School. All your efforts and support are truly appreciated. When we work together, great things happen!


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