May 06
Spring - Finally!

​It is the end of the first week of May. The weather is improving and students can spend more time outside for physical education and community walks. After spending most of the last few months indoors, the opportunity to go outside is met enthusiastically by both staff and students!

One of our focuses over the month of April was to update physical education equipment and expand the range of activities that students can participate in. This includes carts of outdoor balls available for use at any time both for gym and for class-centered activities. Being able to offer diverse physical activities is good for students and enhances their desire to try new activities.

With the reduction in health protocols in the building, Midnapore has been able to re-implement across grade activities that have long been a strength of the community. Older students work with younger students supporting classroom activities as well as acting as junior coaches and officials for lunchtime sports. This has benefits for all participants and helps build community across grades.

With the warmer weather comes safety concerns. Young minds think “play" and may forget the traffic safety rules that keep them safe. Classes will take some over the next week to remind students about traffic safety. Additionally, warm weather brings the sun. Some students can struggle with sun exposure. If your child is one of these, please encourage then to wear a hat and bring sunscreen for outdoors. We want all students to take all necessary precautions to be safe!

Thursday, 19 May 2022 is our community 'Re-connection' evening. This is an opportunity to come and visit our school, meet teachers face-to-face, explore an art walk and observe a Lion Dance. This is not parent conferences and, if there is a need to discuss your child, please contact the teacher to arrange a time for that. There will be an opportunity to 'find' your child's missing clothing at the lost and found tables and to contribute to our UNICEF fundraiser supporting children in the Ukraine. Thanks to our two student leaders who are the driving force behind this initiative. The evening begins at 5:30pm and runs until 7:00pm. This is a 'drop in' evening and you are welcome to come, experience and leave when you want!

Midnapore School's greatest strength is being a community that works and learns together. When we work together, great things happen. Thank you for all your support! 


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