Classes & Departments

Communication with our families will be on-going through Brightspace by D2L.  Each teacher will have a D2L shell where student notes, handouts and homework will be regularly updated.

Team Teaching Approach School Organization

At MidSun we believe in creating an environment where students build strong relationships with peers and adults. Our teaching team approach strives to reduce the number of teachers a student works with on a daily basis so that teachers and students can build such strong relationships. Each grade is led by a teacher Learning Leader and operates as a “school within a school” creating opportunity for strong learning relationships to develop by staff and students. 

If a parent has a concern that needs to be addressed, they are asked to first speak to the teacher and if the concern persists to speak with the appropriate member of their child’s grade Learning Leader team. Administration will become involved only if the problem persists and only after the teacher has been consulted. Most issues can be resolved at the teacher and pod level.

MidSun Leadership Team

Grade 7 (Red Pod) – Mr. McLean 
Grade 8 (Gold Pod) – Ms. Doyle
Grade 9 (Green Pod) – Ms. Trip
Student Services and Inclusion – Ms. Norcross
Physical Education and Athletics – Mr. Woods
Assistant Principal – Mr. Jensen
Principal – Mrs. Chatani 

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