Feb 19
Mighty Moments with Mackie

Another busy week of learning at MVS has come to an end!  May I say we are sooooo grateful that students were able to be outdoors for recess breaks again!  Having the chance for free play, getting extended exercise outdoors and a change of scenery from the classroom is such an important part of student wellness, brain health and being present for learning.   

The amazing designer Mr. Ian Regier helped us develop a student recognition form to celebrate Mighty Moments with Mackie. This week, teachers modelled recognizing students for showing kindness, or mastery or other positive traits, which they recorded on the Mighty Moments chit and then submitted to the office.  On Fridays, starting today, Ms. Lemieux then does a random draw, reads the Mighty Moment aloud to the school, and the students who are drawn come down to the office to pick up a desk pet (small animal shaped eraser).  All Mighty Moments with Mackie are then posted up on the bulletin board across from the office for students to read and once it is full, we'll send them home and redecorate with a new batch! Follow us on twitter for photos @MountViewCBE 

We have been very lucky this month and have not had any classes have to return to online learning at all.  We would love to hear feedback from all of you about the online learning model the whole school used in January—please see the link to a very quick survey in the weekly news post here:

Weekly News - School Council Survey​

Teresa Vancise


Feb 05
February News

Calgary never lets us get too excited about a mild winter does it?  Here comes the cold snapPlease make sure that your child(ren) comes to school with full warm winter gear every day, as if that windchill creeps above –20, rest assured we will be bundling everyone up to get outside to burn off some energy and have a break from their classroom spacesWe always have extra mitts and hats etc. in case someone loses something and please let us know if anything is missing and we can see if it made it’s way to lost and found.  

Some MVS students have been working on identifying and researching the geographic regions of Alberta and have posted geometric animal art representing animals across the regions as well as created a brochure to present their learning to their classmates and teachers. We are proud of the time and care students have taken with their learning.  

A group of students have been working their way through the Breadwinner Novel series by Deborah Ellis, and are currently applying their knowledge in small groups to present through character development, creating a campaign, writing and illustrating a children’s book, writing a newspaper article, or producing a talk show. The additional skills students build as they represent their learning in a variety of ways is as important as the content knowledge.  

Stay tuned next week to hear about what is happening in some of our other classrooms this month! 

Thank Yous 

It’s that time of year for the TD book give away for grade ones. These books are generously donated by the Canadian Children's Book Centre through sponsorship by TD Bank Group. Each child in grade one, including HUB students, receives a book to take home and read with their family. This year the book is a Robert Munch classic, Moira's BirthdayEnjoy your books Grade 1 students! 

Thanks Parent Council! Council nominated us to receive a recorded message from Mayor Nenshi talking to the kids about opportunities for KindnessMVS was selected and some of our students were able to submit a few questions that the Mayor will include in his recording that we will have in time for our Valentine’s Day on Feb. 10th 

Thank you to Nova Chemicals! Mount View School has been selected to receive our new Earth Rangers Virtual Presentation for free, thanks to sponsorship from one of our generous sponsors – Nova Chemicals. One of our Kindergarten students and her mom nominated MVS. Classrooms with curriculum links will participate in the virtual event at the end of March.​


Sep 17
Welcome Back

We are so happy to have students back with us both on site at MVS and in the Hub online program! MVS staff look forward to a great year of supporting students in Climbing to Higher Heights through taking academic risks, learning and growing.  Bring it on 2020-2021!


We are well into September and staff at MVS would like to thank everyone for their contributions to a safe and welcoming start up to our 2020-2021 school year! With many new protocols in place through the combined efforts of CBE and Alberta Health Services (AHS) working to keep us all as healthy as possible, it has been great to see how quickly students settled in to practice and learn our new processes so they could get right back to learning and discovering across the curriculum!



Student enrolment of 161 remains consistent at MVS.  We have a portion of our students who have started the year with Hub Online programming.  These students are important and valued members of our MVS school community and we are here for families to connect with at any time.



Please continue to watch our website or the CBE main website for the most up to date communications around Covid-19 protocols and information.  The Covid-19 Information page on the CBE site is always a good resource. Classroom teachers will have information on classroom protocols regarding masks, student supplies, indoor and outdoor breaks and individual cohorts. Please do not hesitate to check in with teachers for information or clarification.


We are following a mandated procedure that requires anyone showing symptoms as identified by AHS to refrain from entering the school. We understand that this is very difficult during cold and flu season and appreciate your support. Please monitor your child for symptoms each morning before sending them to school. 

Daily Checklist

If a Student Has Covid-19 Symptoms


Please contact Gabriela in the office if you need to come in for any reason, so she can set up a time.  Mask and physical distancing protocols are in place for all visitors throughout their time in the building.


School Opening Package

Please return these forms signed and dated by September 21:

  • Student Demographic Verification Form – please check the information carefully and note any changes
  • Consent for CBE Use of Student Information
  • Consent for Use of Student Information (Third Party)
  • Admirable Use of Technology Policy


Student Medical

Please ensure that we have the most current medical information for your child on file. If your child requires an Epi-pen or other medication, or has medical conditions/allergies that staff need to be aware of, please inform the classroom teacher and complete a medical form to submit to the office. 


Please ensure emergency contacts are in to the office and are kept current.



MVS would like to welcome some new staff members to our team this year.  We have hired Mascha Knoop as an educational assistant. Mascha has a broad understanding of student needs and will be a valuable member of our team providing student supports this year.

We were also able to bring on a part time literacy teacher this year, and we welcome Brigite Fournier to our team. Brigite will be working in all classrooms with teachers to prioritize and provide targeted literacy supports across the curriculum. 

In addition, our new Facility Operator, Dong Han joined us late last year.  


Our staffing as of September 15 is as follows:


Kindergarten: Allison Kaiser

Gr. 1/2: Lauren Lemieux & Emily Thompson

Gr. 3/4: Naomi Cowling & Sonia Oppenheim

Gr. 5/6: Mandy Jawanda & James Macdonald

LEAD:  Sandy Ngo

Literacy: Brigite Fournier

PE: Hanna Burger

Learning Leaders:  Sandy Ngo & Emily Thompson

Principal: Teresa Vancise


Administrative Assistant: Gabriela Laszlo

English Language Learner Assistant (LEAD): Angela Louie & Amal Soboh

Library Assistant: Melisa Pobee

Educational Assistant: Mascha Knoop

School Assistant: Heather Brownlee

Lead Lunch Supervisor: Heather Brownlee

Lunch Supervisor: Tracy Carruthers

Facilities Operator: Dong Han



Classroom learning communications

In the past, teachers have completed a weekly classroom blog that highlighted what students had worked on that week, and what was coming up. With our move to Google Classroom last year, and the more real-time glimpse into classroom learning that provided, we are going to see if maintaining the Google Classroom environment gives families this space to explore ongoing student learning without a separate blog platform.  Please let us know before mid-October if there is anything about the blog experience that you are missing.


At this time, any IPP and Parent-Teacher meetings will all be done remotely by phone or on a virtual platform. We will maintain 2020-2021 calendar dates unless otherwise notified.


School Events

Wherever possible we are modifying school events to continue to take place, starting with the Terry Fox Run on Tuesday, September 29.  Information will be sent home case by case for events that we are able to maintain. 


Many of our field trip partners are starting to reach out with modified plans for accessing their learning, so as they work through this with CBE, we hope that our students will be able to experience some of these enriching opportunities at some point throughout the school year.


Volunteer Reminder

If you are interested in volunteering should school/field trip access change, we do recommend contacting the office now to start the volunteer registration process as there is a Calgary Police Services component as well as the CBE process that can take some time to get through.


Every Step Counts,

Teresa Vancise (with the support of Kyra Bogensberger)

Principal, Mount View School

Jun 26
Final Friday Message

Dear Mount View Families, 

Well this year was one for the record books! I haven’t decided yet if we should hide that book at the bottom of a drawer or put it in the display cabinet!  We packed a lot of twists and turns in and we know that for some families this year has brought a variety of challenges that will be ongoing, and for others it brought a variety of opportunities.  As a community, please know that we are here to offer support in the fall where ever we can and to celebrate successes with you as well. 

While all of the staff here at MVS would have loved to celebrate the end of the school year with their students in person, CBE made the decision to maintain the original level of safety standards to keep everyone healthy going in to summer break, and we certainly stand behind that difficult decision.   

Both the Kindergarten and Grade 6 online Farewell ceremonies this week were wonderfully organized and executed by Ms. Kaiser, Mr. Macdonald, Ms. Jawanda and Ms. Ngo. Each child in attendance was recognized for their accomplishments this year, as they took part in their important transition ceremonies with our Kindergarten students heading into “Big Kid School” as they sang about in their graduation song, and our Gr. 6’s heading off to even “Bigger Kid School” at junior high! I know that they have had excellent preparation, even under the circumstances of Covid-19, and will do well next year with new teachers and in new schools.  We often have visitors from the junior high schools throughout the year, so please know that Gr. 6’s are welcome to come see us next year as we can’t wait to hear how their adventures in your new schools are going.  

Final Farewell

Mr. Webber was so surprised this morning when he drove up to see all of the signs and decorations in front of the school! He was even more surprised when he went to his “broadcast room” and found all of the digital cards and messages running on the smart board and the room decorated with a Mine Craft theme and cards and gifts from you.  We’ll post some photos on the website and @MountViewCBE so you can take a look too.  He was invited to classroom farewells and got to share time with students to hear their reflections on the year, and to say goodbye. Mr. Webber has been such an important part of our learning community these past three years. He leaves behind the legacy of his work with students modernizing the learning commons, bringing in the creative tech and programming tools of Makey Makey and Ozobots and inspiring us all to think creatively about task design and integration across subject areas.  In true Mr. Webber fashion, he has done an amazing job of teaching us and sharing his expertise with the students and the staff, so I know that we will be able to continue his work in a way that will make him proud (and we can always call him if we get really stuck on a tech question!)

Student materials

We appreciate the trips you have all made in to collect your child’s belongings and learning materials.  We completed our final round of drop off and pick up last week. 

Any items not requested for hold will be disposed of.

Any of the items left in lost and found will be making their way to the donation bin next week. 

Important dates

June 29th: 

Student item pick-up: last morning to request a hold on student items not collected. Please call or email the front office by noon if you would like us to hold items for your child. 

Report cards: as report cards were published online this year, we are only printing paper copies if you are not able to access the digital copy. Please request a paper copy by noon and arrange a time for pick-up.

Appeals Day: This is the last day to contact your teacher by phone or email with any questions or concerns about the final report card.

August 1st:  Provincial announcement of return to school scenario (1/ full return, 2/modified or 3/online)

Next year

We will be leaving our little old school in the capable hands of a restoration crew who will be making sure that any water damage from the Great Storm Water Sink Explosion of June 2020 is properly managed and any repairs required are taken care of so that teachers can get classrooms ready in August.  

We are preparing for a resumption of classes in September, and I will be working with our CBE leadership to be ready for which ever scenario is announced in August.  

Check the Mount View School and CBE websites over the summer for any news. 

Mount View School website

I am still waiting to hear about some positions that we have been able to post for the 2020-21 school year, so I will post the full staff list in my August communication. I can tell you that at this time, we are welcoming back our existing classroom teachers and support staff.  If there are no big changes in our enrollment over the summer, we will be able to add a part time literacy support teacher to help get our students back on track, and some daily EA time.  Class configurations are currently set in the same format as this year, but are subject to change right up until the end of September once our final enrolment registration period is complete.

On behalf of all of the staff at MVS, I want to thank you for your continued support throughout this year.  This is a truly amazing community and we count ourselves truly fortunate to work with your children to build their skills and deepen their understanding. 

Thank you all for a memorable first year at Mount View School. Have a great summer and let’s hope for only positive surprises going forward.

Gratefully yours,

Teresa and Todd

Mar 30
School Update

Dear Mount View Families,

I hope that you were able to find creative ways to enjoy and connect with each other as the options available to all of us became fewer this past week. Our staff team at MVS are eager to get reconnected this week and start off on the next leg of this journey together!

Personal Items

Some of you may be wanting to pick up your child’s personal items if you weren’t able to before the break.  Please email or call to set up a time an adult is able to collect these and Kelly will have them ready for you inside the front doors.  We will ask you to reschedule if you have: a cough, fever, or generally not feeling well, travelled outside of Canada in the past 14 days,

Student Learning Plan

You would have received a recent email from Chief Superintendent Usih with more information about the ongoing learning opportunities. Included in his message was a link from the Ministry of Education with the expectations for the coming weeks. If you haven’t already, please click on the link to guidelines to direct student learning while in-school classes are cancelled.

Elementary schools are expecting to receive information and guidelines for delivering student learning early this week. Once staff have had a chance to become familiar with the platforms, your child’s teacher will confirm the platform for delivery that we have chosen at Mount View and will let you know how they will provide an introduction to it, course materials, as well as the best way to reach them if you or your child has questions. We are planning to have teachers engaging with their students regarding these next steps in their learning by the middle of the week. 

As we move to a very different model, I understand that there will be a learning curve for the children, their supporting adults, and the teachers, so I ask that  you keep the lines of communication open with your classroom teacher(s) to share any pitfalls that come up so they can do their best to address them in a timely manner and support your child’s learning within the parameters of this current reality.

Checking In

On Monday, your child’s teacher(s) will connect with you (by email or phone) to ask if your child has access to a device and the internet, or if a paper-based learning package would be the option available to them. Teachers will be making a plan to address the needs of students without these resources and to determine how to support students with paper packages or possibly technology loans.

They will also ask you how you and your family are doing and ask if there is anything you or your family need assistance with. Please do not hesitate to let them know if we can help make connections to CBE or community resources, as schools often receive communications about services and supports that you may not yet have come across.

To quote Chief Superintendent Usih, “We recognize that learning at home presents many challenges for our families. We do not expect parents to deliver the same learning that students receive at school, but to do whatever they can to encourage and support learning for their children while classes are cancelled.” I want to stress the importance of choosing and focusing on your family’s current priorities. We are here now, or when your family is ready.

As always, your patience and grace is acknowledged and appreciated.


Teresa Vancise

Principal, Mount View School  tavancise@cbe.ab.ca

Climbing to Higher Heights: Every Step Counts!​

Aug 27
Welcome Back

Hello Families and welcome back to another exciting year of learning and building relationships at Mount View School!

Staff have been coming in to prepare their classrooms to build welcoming learning spaces for the students and are looking forward to filling them with new and returning learners! We have seen some of the grade groupings move from one wing to another and we have some new faces along with so many returning staff members this year. Staff are spending some time together this week to learn about how to foster resilience and support healthy brain development in our students, to explore our new learning commons where we have installed a living wall, received new resources for robotics programming and creative learning to inspire teacher long range planning and to do final preparations for the student’s arrival.


First Day

Our first day back with students will be Tuesday September 3rd.  Playground supervision starts at 8:15 and the entry bell will ring at 8:30 a.m.

Meeting places will be set up for each grade grouping, and teachers will organize the students into classes at those meeting places before heading in to start the day.

Kindergarten and grade 1/2 children will gather by the side “compound” doors

Grade 3/4 and the LEAD students will gather by the south entrance (baseball diamond)

Grade 5/6 students will meet their teachers at the east entrance (school field)



A special welcome to our first time students and their families! Kindergarten parents should have received a welcome postcard and information on staggered entry with a day and time that your child will come for an orientation.  Please call the office if you have any questions.


Students receiving bus service should have been contacted by the bus company with their pick up times and bus stop locations.  Please contact the bus company directly at the contact information they provided if there are concerns about pickup/drop off or if your child will not be taking the bus in the a.m. or p.m. for any reason.

Friday Schedule

We will have shortened days on Fridays, including September 6th.  Dismissal is 12:40 p.m. so please be reminded to arrange for student pick up and after school care for those half days.

Family Resources

In the theme of fosteri​ng resilience in children, we wanted to share a great parent resource you can access if you are interested as well.  http://www.fosteringresilience.com/7cs_parents.php

Our partners at Alberta Health Services have created a great Back to School Health -Families link that includes a health checklist and a variety of family resources https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/info/Page2542.aspx?fbclid=IwAR2XEv_PScta4HHZyhSAlbp14nn5t4I6oZE85zFIU8t-Cv__u2YzmPTlLIk

I have appreciated the warm welcome I have received from students, staff and parents and am looking forward to meeting everyone at our upcoming Muffin Mixer.  Watch for details coming soon!

Teresa Vancise​,

Jul 11
Year End

​Dear Families, 

Another school year has come to an end and with summer arriving, on behalf of our staff, we wish everyone a fantastic break. I would like to thank all of the staff for their dedication towards the teaching and learning of our students. I would also like to extend a special acknowledgement to Mr. Webber for his leadership and for being an outstanding team partner. Our staff’s enthusiasm, devotion and commitment to student learning is exceptional. It has been a pleasure to work and learn with your children. 

We appreciate all of the grandparents, parents, and volunteers who have supported and given so much to our school. Our staff has appreciated the friendly and supportive atmosphere as we work together to educate our students. As in previous years, school council has made a huge difference in the learning opportunities that have been offered throughout this school year. The funding of all fieldtrips, our swim program, and special events that have been planned and hosted have enhanced the learning for all the students. 

I would like to thank you, the parent community, for your support during my time here. Your commitment to your children and our whole school community greatly contributes to the special environment that has been established. It has been an honour to lead the school and I am proud of the learning that both students and staff have done over the past years. Serving as the principal at Mount View has been one of the most rewarding times in my career, I am blessed to have been able to start my years as a principal with this community. It has been my absolute privilege to work with and for the staff- they are so passionate and committed. I know that the students will continue to be cared for and supported by this amazing team. It is a pleasure to have our new principal, Teresa Vancise, leading this work in the upcoming year. Mr. Webber and I are working closely with her to ensure a seamless transition. 


Edie Reichardt​

Apr 12
MVS Spirit Wear

Introducing Mount View School Spirit Wear!

Our own line of custom apparel, designed by school parent Ian Regier to boost school spirit and raise money for our school.MVS-SpiritWear-2019-Web.jpg

T-shirts, Long-sleeve Shirts, Hoodies, Ball Caps and Toques are available in five different designs and dozens of colours from our Online Store.

T-shirts are only $16.95!

Ordering online is as easy! Simply select the item, colour and size, pay securely online with your credit card and get your order delivered to your home in about 10 days.

Sizes range from youth XS to youth XL. (Note: Specific sizing charts are included in the store. The ball cap size "CY" is for Child/Youth and "TC" is for Toddler/Child.)

Visit the Online Store

Free Shipping for orders over $100 — buddy up to save big! Adult apparel available —Email Ian for details.

Nov 02
November Update

​For the past two months students and teachers have been engaged in rich learning experiences across the disciplines. Our focus on establishing routines and expectations in classrooms has created an optimum environment for all. We appreciate the healthy routines you also establish at home to support learning, including ensuring that your child has lots of rest, a healthy diet and of course regular attendance. Please make every effort to help your child arrive each day for school on time and ready for the learning that will take place. Chronic lateness and regular absenteeism have the potential to create gaps in your child’s learning and may hinder their success. 

As we move into November, we look forward to meeting with families at our upcoming parent-teacher conferences on Nov. 16 and 17. This is an opportunity for your child to share evidence of their learning and for teachers to communicate with you regarding your child’s progress. Families can expect that the information shared at the conference will be supported by the formal report card that will be sent home on Monday, Dec. 18. For students who are on an Individual Program Plan (IPP), teachers will continue to meet with parents to review the IPP. Beyond these formal communication methods, parents and teachers will continue to communicate regularly as the need arises. 

Our staff has begun to carefully analyze our school data to best inform our school development planning for the upcoming year. We will continue to focus on disciplinary literacy with a more concentrated effort on reading and writing across the curriculum. Our professional learning throughout the year will draw on current research to inform our practice as we work together with system specialists and our lead teachers on staff to personalize student learning. We have the privilege of working with highly competent leaders, teachers and support staff. As in any strong team we hold diverse experiences and perspectives which complement and enhance our work together to achieve excellence in student learning and achievement. 

Finally we welcome three additional student teachers from University of Lethbridge who will be completing their practicum experiences in November and December supported by Mount View’s experienced and talented teachers. The student teachers are most welcome in our school community. Our students’ benefit from the student teachers’ energy, dedication and creative ideas along with the support provided to them and the school through their university advisors. 

Warm Regards, 

Edie Reichardt and Todd Webber

Oct 02
Smooth Start to the Year

We have had a smooth start to our school year and have welcomed new students, families and staff to our learning community. Our staff is highly collaborative and interconnected as we work together to create a learning environment with a focus on student success. During the first month of school we focus on creating routines and to allow students and teachers to come to know each other. In order to personalize learning for students, it is important for teachers to know each child as a unique individual to understand how each child learns best. 

Student learning is at the forefront as we begin our school development planning for the year and identify our achievement and instructional goals. As a school staff over the next month we will be examining our data related to student achievement as well as looking at the results of various surveys completed in the school last year. Included in the survey results are the data from the Accountability Pillar Survey administered by the Government of Alberta to students and parents in grade 4, our report card data, as well as our provincial achievement test results. Based on this data, we will set goals for our improvement for the year and create our school development plan. A full description of those results will be included in next month’s newsletter. 

It was wonderful to meet so many of you at our first parent teacher conferences this year and I appreciated all of the conversations I was able to have with so many of you. Teachers appreciated all of the valuable information you shared about your child and this will support them in their planning and designing of learning. Parents who were unable to come for our parent teacher conferences are encouraged to contact your teacher by email to arrange an alternate time for an interview. We know that parental involvement is essential to successful learning and we want you to know that while there is a structured time for interviews, alternate times will always be accommodated for parents who are unavailable on the scheduled date.

Many of you commented on the displays of student work in the school celebrating our school wide theme this month “You Be You”. All students have been engaged in conversations in class with a focus on celebrating who they are and honoring and respecting one another. 

We look forward to our Aussie Kicks residency this month as well as swimming lessons for all students. We are all celebrating the upgrades around the school and our newly painted games on the compound. The students are enjoying playing four square, hopscotch, mirror me, snakes and ladders and more! Come by on the weekend with your family and take advantage of some of the outdoor games while the warm weather is still upon us. 

Warm regards,
Edie Reichardt

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The Board of Trustees and Administration of the CBE have taken the time to carefully review the draft provincial curriculum and current realities within our system. The CBE has decided not to participate in the draft curriculum pilot in fall 2021. https://t.co/AbsjIDMzXp #yycbe

Congratulations to this Western Canada High School student, her story is 1 of 10 shortlisted for The First Page student writing competition in the Grades 10 to 12 category. Read it here: https://t.co/L14XvKTrQK #WeAreCBE https://t.co/DcgGBXEtbY

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There are no CBE classes from March 29-April 5 for spring break. We wish all of our students and staff a relaxing and enjoyable spring break. Please stay safe and continue to follow all public health measures. Classes resume on Tuesday, April 6. #WeAreCBE https://t.co/hSg8htdgmt