Grade 5

Oct 15, 2021

Magical...our day at OH Ranch was filled with new experiences, reflection and connection to the land.  We learned Indigenous stories of the Aspen Tree and Alberta Rose, went for a breathtaking hike through a deciduous/coniferous forest and found inspiration for our found poems and art looking over the land.  In the classroom this week, we built upon this experience through the creation of an original art piece.  Ask your child about their creation!

Ms Polly & Ms Tanis

Oct 4, 2021

Our week in grade 5 was full of reflection and acknowledgement, as we partook in a number of meaningful activities for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.  We began our week with lessons in landscape sketching and poetry in preparation for our walking field trip to South Glenmore Park.  On Wednesday morning, we enjoyed a beautiful fall walk to the nearby park and took time to engage our senses to connect with the land and nature.  Students found quiet spots to sit and listen, smell, feel and look at their surroundings.  They then “found” words and phrases to capture what they had experienced.  They then took time to create perspective drawings of the reservoir and distant tree line and mountain ranges.  This week we will be going outside onto our school field to continue to develop our sketching skills in preparation for our upcoming field trip to OH Ranch.  We also plan to take those sensory words captured on our walking field trip to create Found Poems.  Again, we will revisit this poetry technique and the development of descriptive language during our trip to OH Ranch.  

This week students also learned about an important art piece by Indigenous artist and filmmaker, Carey Newman. Newman created The Witness Blanket, an art installation made of artifacts collected from residential schools across Canada, to address the subject of Truth and Reconciliation.  This important art piece is part of the collection at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.  After learning about Newman’s work, students engaged in important conversations and listened to stories to gain understanding and inspiration for the creation of their own quilt patch that we will be assembling into a group display. Ask your child to describe the words and images that they have chosen to add to their quilt patch.  Here is a link for you to learn more about this important piece of art and how it deals with the important subject of Truth and Reconciliation.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Ms. Tanis and Ms. Polly

The Grade Five Team


  • OH Ranch Field Trip Oct. 6 (Ms. Tanis) and Oct. 12 (Ms. Polly)
  • Picture Day Oct. 6 
  • No School on Friday, Oct. 8th (NI Day)
  • No School on Monday, Oct. 11th (Thanksgiving)

September 27, 2021

Dear Families,

It was a pleasure to meet with so many of you on Friday as we came together to create a collaborative vision for your child’s grade five year ahead. Thank you so very much for sharing with us your child’s strengths and interests and the goals that they would like to accomplish this year. We feel so very fortunate to get to be a part of their lives each and every day and look forward to guiding and watching them grow this year.

Last week, students continued to engage in our Poetry Anthology project in language arts. Through daily challenges, students composed, shared and appreciated a variety of poems that highlighted the figurative language that we are exploring. Students were particularly eager to ‘get out into the field’ as they became noise detectives while finding their own special spot in our school to gather the sounds of Nellie that they then incorporated into onomatopoeia poems. They also enjoyed using personification and repetition to bring a whole new life to some of the day to day objects that are hiding in plain sight in the building. Ask your child to share with you what object they chose to create their ‘Found Object’ poem about. Students are eager to continue to explore more figurative language through daily challenges and discussions this upcoming week while also searching for the song and some of the poems that they will choose to feature in their anthology. 

In math, we continued to explore fractions, decimals and data collection through ‘Candy Bag’ math last week. The students were highly engaged as they worked in teams to determine the math involved in a simple bag of candy and how they could communicate this math using fractions, decimals, percents, number lines and pictorial representations. This week, we will continue to explore food as the students work in teams to discover the fractional components in a variety of hands-on activities.

We are continuing to explore and learn more about the geography and regions of Canada in Social Studies this upcoming week in preparation for our upcoming field trips to the OH Ranch on October 6 (Ms. Tanis) and October 12 (Ms. Polly). The OH Ranch is an authentic cattle ranch run by the Calgary Stampede. Each year there are only 40 days where they are able to invite students to visit this historic ranch, so we feel exceptionally fortunate to be chosen for two of these days. Please watch for field trip forms which will be coming home early this week. In addition, we will require a small number of volunteers for each of the above dates. If you have your current volunteer clearance and are available to support your child’s class, please email your child’s classroom teacher.

Students have begun our study of Wetlands in science. As cryptozoologist detectives, they will be working to learn more about the science and importance of Alberta’s wetlands as they solve a mystery surrounding a ‘mythical creature’ that has been reported to be lurking around Fish Creek Provincial Park. Students are very excited to use and further develop their scientific knowledge, reasoning and critical thinking skills as detectives. We’ll keep you posted as to what further clues and information we uncover!

As part of Truth and Reconciliation week, we will be engaging in a walking field trip to South Glenmore park this upcoming week. Students will have an opportunity to acknowledge the land that we gather on through this visit while also gaining journaling skills and practice that will support our upcoming trip to OH Ranch. We will be walking over to the park on either the afternoon of Tuesday, September 28th or Wednesday, September 29th. Please support your child to dress appropriately for this trip by wearing supportive walking shoes and clothing for the weather and by bringing sunscreen, a hat and a sturdy backpack to school these days. 

Thank you all for your ongoing support.


Ms. Polly and Ms. Tanis

The Grade Five Team

Important Upcoming Dates:

  • Orange Shirt Day……………………..Wed. Sept. 29 (Please encourage your child to wear an orange shirt)
  • Walk to South Glenmore Park……..Tues. Sept. 28 OR Wed. Sept. 29
  • No School ……………………………..Thurs. Sept. 30 (National Truth and Reconciliation Day)
  • OH Ranch Field Trip Forms Due…....Fri. Oct. 1
  • Fun Lunch Order Deadline………….Sat. Oct. 2
  • Picture Day…………………………….Oct. 6
  • OH Ranch Field Trip………………….Oct. 6 (Ms. Tanis), Oct. 12 (Ms. Polly)

Sept. 20th

This week in Math we have been working on various strategies to learn our multiplication facts up to 9 by 9.  Many students find songs helpful and we have included them below for your reference.  Nightly times table practice, using songs and games (multiplication war - practiced in class), is encouraged. Be sure to discuss and break down strategies with your child (ie 4 x 7 is just 2 x 7 doubled).  Ask them to show you the finger trick for the 9 times tables.  They should be able to tell you why it works!  

In Math, we are also working to develop our understanding of fractions with real world examples (i.e. Candy Math) and rich open-ended group learning tasks (i.e. Making Flags and Submarine Sandwiches).   We will use our understanding of parts of a whole to create visual representations of our strengths and values in our 30 000 day challenge project for LA.  Please ask your child about their heart quilts and to explain the symbols and proportions that they have chosen to represent each of their strengths and values.

In Social Studies, we are learning about Canadian geography and are beginning our study with a self guided mapping project.  We will also be starting our “Game of Life” project where students will randomly pick a location in Canada to live, work and raise their future family.  Through this project students will learn about how the landforms, bodies of water, natural resources and climate impact how people live on and with the land. They will create either a poster or google slideshow to present their town/region to the class, so that we can all learn more about our vast country and the different ways of living.

In Science, we will be starting our study of Wetlands and will be incorporating food chain and predator/prey games into our PE curriculum to reinforce what we have learned in the classroom.  

As always, be sure to ask your child about what they are learning!  We are always here to support you and your child and we look forward to meeting with you on Friday for Meet the Teacher conferences.

Polly and Tanis (Grade 5 Team)


Doubles Song and Elementary My Dear

3 times

3 Numberock and 3 is a magic number!

4 times

4 Numberock and The 4 legged zoo

5 times

5 Numberock and Ready or not, Here I Come! (Fives)

6 times

6 Numberock and The 6 Times Table Song (Multiplying by 6)

7 times

7 Numberock and Lucky Seven Samson and The 7 Times Table Song (Multiplying by 7)

8 times

8 Numberock and Figure 8 and The Skip Counting by 8 Song

9 times

9 Numberock and Naughty 9 and The 9 Times Table Song (Multiplying by 9) 

10 times

10 Numberock and 10 TIME TABLES "ROCK"

11 times

11 Numberock and The Good Eleven

12 times

12 Numberock and Little Twelve Toes

September 13, 2021

The first few weeks of grade five have been full of exploration as we have begun unpacking our big idea, “What is strength?” We started this work by looking at character strengths as students have come to recognize and celebrate their own strengths and personal values. This week, we have undertaken an artist’s study looking at the art work of indigenous artist, Frank Big Bear. Students are currently creating their own Frank Big Bear inspired portrait that incorporates their strengths and values through symbolic representation. 

Students have engaged in an authentic experiment this week as we have jumped right into working through the scientific process. Building off of our class read aloud novel, “The Science of Breakable Things” by Tae Keller, students have investigated different brands of stain remover to conduct real-world experiments to answer a scientific question. Stay tuned to hear back from your child about what conclusions they draw that may impact your future purchasing choices at the grocery store!

In math, we have been focusing on developing our growth mindset and teamwork skills that will support our mathematical thinking this year. Students have been engaged in solving a variety of challenging math problems in randomly generated teams while working on non-permanent vertical surfaces. Be sure to ask your child about what they have discovered about the role of teamwork, risk-taking and perseverance in problem-solving. We are excited to build upon this work further as each of us comes to see and celebrate ourselves as being a ‘math person’. 

Thank you to all of you who have completed and returned the “In a Million Words” and Student Demographic forms. We look forward to meeting all of you and collaborating as a team at our upcoming Meet the Teacher Conferences.


Polly Atkinson and Tanis Sevrens

The Grade Five Team

Some upcoming dates of importance are:

  • Terry Fox Run………………………………...Sept. 17
  • Bottle Drive…………………………………….Sept. 17
  • Meet the Teacher Virtual Conferences…….Sept. 24
  • Indigenous Week…………………………….Sept. 27 

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