Aug 28
Summer Message 2023/2024

Welcome Parents and Guardians,

It is my honor to welcome you to the 2023-2024 school year at Nickle. To all of our returning students and families, welcome back. To our new students and families welcome to the Nickle School community.

The start–up to the school year has been busy as we plan for welcoming our students back and the various activities that we would like to do throughout September and the school year in general. Last year was a transition year from a large grade 5-9 school in 2021-22 to a small grade 7-9 Jr. High School in 2022-23. This year we will continue as a small Jr. High School with a total population of about 180 students. There will be two homerooms for each grade level.

Our first day of school is Thursday August 31. Nickle students will enter through the main doors, grade 7's will go to the Aux gym and Grade 8 and 9 students will go to the main gym to meet with their homeroom teacher. Each student should expect an email from their homeroom teacher prior to the first day of school.

Over the first two days of the school year, I will visit all the homerooms to deliver the same message about my vision for the school year. I want the Nickle School community to be a safe, kind, and caring school community where all students can have a positive school experience. It is something that I can say, our school staff can say, but it is our students that help create that community. I challenge all students to help create this safe, kind, and caring community.

At Nickle School, we have minimal fees; our primary fees are for field trips, athletics, for consumable supplies in Construction and Foods and for the rental of band equipment. If families have any questions, regarding fees please reach out to their teachers or to the main office.

At Nickle School, our cell phone policy is basic; it is the expectation that students have their phones in their lockers. We will have enough technology for all our students and if parents need to get a hold their student, they should call the main office. If a student is not compliant and their teacher has asked them to put it away and they refuse they will be required to turn their cell phone into the office.

Our main office staff includes myself, Mrs. Frayne and Mrs. Davis our resource teachers (They will be splitting this role this year, in addition to classroom teaching duties), Shelly Kolb our Secretary and Lindsey Jackson our Admin Secretary. I have attached a few key documents for the upcoming school year.

If you want to get involved at Nickle School please visit our school website and look under the get involved tab as there are links to School Council, Parent Society and Band Parents Association.

Important Dates in September (Calendar attached):

August 31: First day of school

September 15: Terry Fox Run

September 21 (Evening): Meet the Teacher Night (more details to come)

September 27: School Pictures

September 27 (Evening, 7pm): School Council/AGM

Once again, Welcome to the new school year.  

Chad Flaman


Nickle School

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