School Behaviour Expectations

  • Be punctual. Arrive at school and class on time
  • Be prepared, organized, and ready to work in class
  • Respect school and private property
  • Respect the rights of others to learn (behaving appropriately in classrooms and hallways)

The staff, parents and students of Nickle School believe everyone requires and deserves a learning environment where individuals feel valued, respected and safe. We also believe that the great majority of Nickle students are capable of taking ownership for their behavior and for accepting the consequences of their behavior.

We also believe that, when students have difficulty meeting the behavioral expectations of the school, staff, or community, they have the responsibility to work cooperatively in order to find effective ways to be successful.

Major Offences

Some examples of behavior that are considered to be a MAJOR offence:

  • Actions which threaten the physical and/or emotional safety of others (Weapons/Assault/Fighting, Intimidation, Harassment and Bullying)
  • Chronic disruption to the learning environment
  • Drug or alcohol use or possession
  • Vandalism – damage to or destruction of school or personal property
  • Theft
  • Chronic truancy
  • Smoking/Vaping, including possession of any products on school property
  • Serious breaches of the bus rules

Major offences will be dealt with through administrative intervention.

Part of the administrative intervention will include a discussion with the student and the referring teacher. It may include a conversation with the student’s parents, and it will outline the resolution.

Consequences for major offences may include:

  • Suspension from class or classes or school
  • Suspension to the Calgary Board of Education Suspension Desk
  • Other consequences as authorized by a member of the administrative team.
  • Referral to the school Resource Officer/Calgary Police Services.

Multiple refusals to comply with school expectations and/or major offenses may result in Behavior Contracts that could prohibit students from attending off-site events such as field trips.

Smoking or Vaping

Smoking/Vaping is against the law for anyone under the age of 18. Smoking, including e-cigarettes is not permitted in the school, on the school grounds, or at any extracurricular event or activity. Students caught smoking/vaping or in possession of contraband, will face immediate disciplinary action.

Violence and Bullying

Violence and harassment is any verbal (including digital) or physical action taken which threatens or results in the inflicting of physical, emotional or psychological distress or harm on a person. Violence/harassment is not tolerated at Nickle School and will be dealt with immediately.


It is expected that student work is original. Through the course of study, classes will be discussing note-taking, research and summation techniques. Under no circumstances is it acceptable for students to directly copy material from ANY source and all sources MUST be appropriately documented in standard bibliography format. Plagiarism is a serious offense that will be dealt with stringently.

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