Dress Code

School is a work place for students and teachers. Some current fashion may be inappropriate for the school setting and students should use good judgment when choosing attire appropriate for our learning environment. 

Clothing that promotes the use of drugs or alcohol, makes sexual inferences or innuendos or that has crude language, is unacceptable.

Students who do not follow the recommended dress guidelines will be asked to put on alternative clothing, and in some cases, may be asked to go home and change after their parents/guardians have been contacted.

Physical Education

For hygiene and safety reasons, students must change into gym strip and appropriate runners for each PE class. Students are asked to wear Nickle gym clothes or an acceptable alternative that can be discussed with their PE teacher. If a student cannot participate in PE, a note signed by a parent/guardian is required before or the day of. Staff should not be expected to make any phone calls or emails to confirm. If a student is unable to participate for an extended period of time, a doctor’s note is required outlining the reason and expected return date.

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