Preparing for High School

The transition for our students to high school starts months in advance. Our school works with our four designated high schools to arrange student orientation visits, program options, and registration. Parents can get involved by visiting the school's open houses and working with their student to choose the best courses for their learning path. 

As dates become available, they are posted on CBE's main events and open house website (linked).

Nickle students are designated to Joane Cardinal Schubert, Dr E. P. Scarlett, Lord Beaverbrook and Centennial. There are also alternative programs of choice available. Parents will need to investigate these possibilities independently, but our teachers/administrators are happy to provide our thoughts on these when asked.

Usually, in November all of our grade 9 students attend a tour of their designated high school. Acknowledgement of Risk forms are sent home, to be signed, close to the tour dates. We ask for the help of parent volunteers for these tours. Parents must have a current police check with Nickle to volunteer.

***It is important to note that all high schools in the city hold Open House nights – this is a wonderful opportunity to get to know what is available to your student for grades 10-12. Please do view further information for Junior High Students transferring to one of our designated High Schools:

In January, our two largest designated schools, Joane Cardinal Schubert and Dr E. P. Scarlett will speak with our grade 9 homeroom classes. We distribute registration forms to be completed online and/or taken home and discussed with their families as provided to us from all designated schools. Usually, these schools will return to Nickle in late February to register our students.

Teachers are facilitating conversation with their classes about program options and processes. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer, please email Candace McGovern clmcgovern@cbe.ab.ca. 

Do You Have a Student Who Will be in a CBE High School in Next Year?

Check out the CBE's Get Ready, Get Set, Go For It online guide for information on the high school, completion requirements, course planning and programs. The guide is also available in print at your child's school. Please visit the CBE High School webpage for more information on available options.

You can also discover International Baccalaureate (IB), dual-credit, exploratory and off-campus learning opportunities in arts, business, software development, recreational leadership, trades and more. Henry Wise Wood is our designate IB school. Please visit their site for more information at Henry Wise Wood. Visit our Unique Opportunities and Off-Campus Education webpage today for alternative opportunity details.

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