Our Staff


Principal | Mary Miller

Assistant Principal | Jeanine Perszon

Teaching Staff

Grade / SubjectTeacher

Ms. Hoblak @OSGHoblak
Grade 1 / 2
Mrs. Myles @OSGMyles
Ms. Verbrugge ...twitter coming soon
Ms. Ranada @OSGRanada
Ms. Standing @OSGStanding

Grade 2 / 3Mr. Mondoux @OSGMondoux
Grade 3 / 4
Ms. Geraldi  @OSGGeraldi
Mrs. Moore @OSGMoore
Ms. Paddock @OSGPaddock
Ms. Steele @OSGLSteele
Grade 5 / 6Ms. Andrew @OSGAndrew
Ms. Boldt @OSGBoldt
Mr. Loewen @OSGLoewen
Ms. Rae @OSGRae
Paced Learning Program- Grade 4/5/6Ms. Innes @OSGInnes
Enhanced Educational Supports Ms. Holly @OSGGlassford
Ms. Genny @OSGEger
Learning LeadersMs. Geraldi
Ms. Paquette (Resource Teacher)
Music Teacher
Mr. Katchur @OSGKatchur

Support Staff


Administrative Assistant
Office Secretary
Library Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant
Education Assistant, PLP
Education Assistant, PLP
Education Assistant, EES
Education Assistant, EES
Education Assistant, EES
Education Assistant, EES

Facility Operator
Facility Assistant
Breakfast Supervisor
Lunch Supervisor
Lunch Supervisor
Lunch Supervisor
Lunch  Supervisor
Lunch  Supervisor

Ms. Boundy
Ms. Penner
Ms. Hill
Ms. Martel
Ms. Kaneez
Ms. Brar
Ms. Dhaliwal
Ms. O'Neill
Ms. Adeel
Ms. Sameena 
Ms. Kathy 
Ms. Jiyan 
Ms. Tammy

Mr. Resch
Ms. Sidhu
Ms. Zemp
Ms. Sohi
Ms. Zemp
Ms. Sami
Ms. Azra
Ms. Penner
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RT @OsgMoore: We made hanger guitars today in grade 3 Science! https://t.co/tYRRIGajiK

RT @OSGRaeRoom4: Check out our Sit Spot pictures! Gr6 made sundials, Gr5 learned about global warming. We had a math quiz and we all ROCKED it! It will come home on Monday after we review it together. Also, please look at our RED homework folder this weekend and return it to school for Monday! https://t.co/rR9APAE27K

RT @OSGLSteele: We worked with oil pastels this week and created some snowy winter landscapes. #art #snow #landscape https://t.co/6IK1UdUV3o

RT @yyCBEdu: CBE parents/guardians, watch your inbox for information from the Chief and Senior Medical Officers of Health in Alberta about influenza circulating in the province & measures individuals can take to reduce the spread/lessen the impact in schools https://t.co/hETIuEDknh #yycbe https://t.co/S5AxW9QgXP

RT @OSGKatchur: Ask me about playing handbells! Ask me to show you my practice homework on Google Classroom! https://t.co/mSxuXnkshT