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RT @OsgMoore: Talking about stories yesterday! Read the book retold by Nancy Van Laan! The students learned about the heroism of the crow. https://t.co/7B7zu01ESZ

RT @OSGRANADA6: Room 6's classroom spiderweb. We talked about the importance of working together as a team to create something amazing like this spiderweb! https://t.co/Ogm1XI70WB

RT @OSGEger: Welcome to EES 18! Check out our learning space 🎒 https://t.co/h3aRkKTFeP

RT @OSGRaeRoom4: This week in grade 5/6, we learned about our classmates & expected behaviours. We also chose our own desks & classroom jobs. Ask me about our assembly, The Geiger Tiger, and our “Figure Me Out” math project. Watch for more Tweets from Rm.4 https://t.co/Ny5IGkyIfu

RT @OSGGeraldi: Ask me about our retelling with loose parts https://t.co/VOimjOQYcH