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Olympic Heights Update - December 8
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Getting Ready for Kindergarten Registration
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Olympic Heights Update - December 1
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Olympic Heights Update - November 24

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Principal's Message

Nurturing Wisdom, Love, and Respect: A Journey Through Fall at OHS

​Dear Olympic Heights School Community,
As we navigate through the final months of 2023, it is with great joy that we share the collective wisdom, love, and respect that have shaped our school's journey from October through November. Drawing inspiration from the first three of the Seven Sacred Teachings - Beaver (Wisdom), Eagle (Love/Care), and Buffalo (Respect) - our community has thrived on these foundational principles.
Wisdom Unveiled - Inspired by Beaver
Our school embarked on a journey of discovery, mirroring the industrious nature of the beaver. Off-site adventures to locations such as Rothney Astrophysical Observatory and Bow Habitat Station allowed our students to explore the wonders beyond textbooks. This wisdom, gained through experience and curiosity, serves as a guiding light for informed decision-making.
Nurturing Love and Care - Guided by Eagle:
Love and care, symbolized by the majestic eagle, soared through our hallways. In-school activities like themed phys. ed. stations, design/building challenges, and spirit days fostered a sense of community and compassion. Our November fall break became a time for self-care, allowing both students and staff to rejuvenate, coming back with hearts full of love for learning and teaching.
Respect Echoes - In the Spirit of Buffalo:
Echoing the spirit of the buffalo, our community embraced respect in various forms. Learning conferences with parents were a testament to the respect we hold for each student's unique journey. Sports and extracurricular activities showcased the respect we have for teamwork, leadership, and the diverse talents within our school.
As snow began to grace our surroundings, we embraced the transformative beauty of winter, captured through student art, community walks, and land-based learning. These moments, guided by the teachings of Beaver, Eagle, and Buffalo, solidified our commitment to the three enduring Pillars of Care: care for ourselves, care for others, and care for this place.
The Seven Sacred Teachings continue to guide us, and we eagerly anticipate delving into the remaining teachings of Bravery (Bear), Honesty (Sabe/Sasquatch), Humility (Wolf), and Truth (Turtle) in the coming months. These teachings, like the beaver, eagle, and buffalo, are threads woven into the rich tapestry of our school community, fostering an environment of growth and unity.
As December unfolds, our school is adorned with festive holiday and winter themes, showcasing the diversity of cultural celebrations that mark this special time of year. It's a reminder that our collective wisdom, love, and respect create a tapestry that is uniquely ours.
As we look toward the end of 2023, we are filled with anticipation for the opportunities and experiences that the new year will bring. We extend our deepest gratitude to each member of the Olympic Heights School community for contributing to this tapestry of wisdom, love, and respect.
Wishing you all a season filled with warmth, joy, and the essence of the Seven Sacred Teachings.
Warm regards,​
Trevor Barkley, Principal
Adam Eakins, Assistant Principal

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