Nov 13
Nov 13, 2020

Weekly News Nov 13/20


Picture Retakes – Nov. 16 AM 

Picture Retakes will be taking place on the morning of Nov. 16.  If you would like to have your child get a retake, please send a handwritten note with your child or the original proof to request a retake. Also, students that have missed the original photo day are invited to have their photo taken on this day. 

ATTENTION PARENTS OF HUB STUDENTS: If your HUB student missed picture day or you would like your HUB student to get picture retakes, please come between 9:00 am - 9:30 am to the school's front door and ring our doorbell. We will direct your HUB student to the photographers.

Parent Teacher Conferences 

Our Parent-Teacher Conferences will be taking place on Thursday December 3, 4:30pm-7:30pm and on Friday December 4, 8am-1pm. These interviews are for families, teachers and students to discuss goals and progress.  

Online booking opens November 25th at 6am and will be available until December 2nd at 6am. Alternatively you can call the school office directly to book your conference.  
 Conferences will take place virtually via Microsoft Teams Meetings and will be 15 minutes long. Once your booking is made, you will receive a confirmation email containing your meeting link. Your Online Meeting will be available 5 minutes before the start time. If you do not have access to this technology please book a conference anyway and then email your child's classroom teacher and let them know that you would like to have a telephone conference instead.


We would like to thank the community for using the crosswalks and crossing the street safely, watching for pedestrians at the crosswalks around the school property. As you know, Patrols have not started for this school year and will be re-evaluated in February.  In the meantime, a staff member will be at each crossing in the AM and after school. Please continue to use the crosswalks in order to have students supervised to cross the street safely. 

School Council – Nov. 19 – SDP 

Our next School Council meeting is on Nov. 19th at 6:30 pm.  The meeting will be a virtual meeting utilizing Teams through Microsoft.  All parents are welcome to attend. We will be reviewing the School Development plan and the goals for this school year. 

Food Bank Drive 

Throughout the months of November and December students who are able to contribute, can bring in food and needed items to our donation boxes located in the front entry hallway. 




Karen Barry

Acting Principal

Olympic Heights School

Calgary Board of Education


Nov 09
Nov 6, 2020

Olympic Heights Update - Nov 6, 2020

 There has been a very recent change in how information regarding identification of a positive COVID-19 case in schools will be communicated with families.  Please note that if a case is reported to the school as a positive diagnosis, there will be an Alert email communication to impacted families and appropriate steps to assure student safety at the school will immediately be implemented (such as enhanced cleaning, isolating the cohort with the teacher in school, limiting interactions with other classes, etc). Alberta Health Services continues to investigate and manage all positive cases in the province. Confirmation of contact within the contagious phase must be established by the AHS investigation before any directions to isolate or quarantine are issued to CBE or the school.   
This is a change so that families can be aware of situations and are able to take any precautionary measures they deem to be appropriate. The names of positive cases are never identified as part of our FOIP regulations. 

We truly appreciate parent support during these challenging times and will continue to keep the healthy triad of safe practices front and centre with our students at all times to support a safe learning environment.  The updated AHS website for families to check if children are not feeling well is very easy to use  

Mrs. Austin's Last Day 

Today was Mrs. Austin's last day with Olympic Heights School.  She will certainly be missed by the entire school community.  Students prepared and shared a heartfelt farewell to Mrs. Austin in a virtual presentation.  Each student also created individual postcards with pictures and best wishes that were assembled in a special memory book for her.  In Mrs. Austin's words, “it is a special place" and she will miss it tremendously. 

Remembrance Day – Wednesday, Nov. 11th  

Just a reminder that on Tuesday November 10, Olympic Heights will recognize Remembrance Day and pay tribute to the many people who fought for our freedoms. This year our ceremony will be virtual for students, and poppies will be provided for each student to wear that day. In previous years, we have collected donations for the poppy fund, however, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to accept donations at this time. If you wish to make a donation online, please follow the link

Food Bank Drive 

Throughout the months of November and December students who are able to contribute can bring in food and needed items to our donation boxes located in the front entry hallway. 

​Karen Barry

Principal – Olympic Heights School

Oct 30
Oct 30, 2020

​Dear OHS Families, 


Halloween Celebrations 

What a fabulous Halloween Day we had!!  Starting with a Division 1 Halloween Parade in the morning throughout the neighborhood, then Fun Lunch followed by the Division 2 Halloween Parade and ending with a virtual Monster Mash Dance as a school!  A howling time was had by all!  Thank you to our Fun Lunch Committee Lead, Cathy Hockenhull, for organizing the fun lunch for us on such short notice and making it happen on Halloween Day.  We wish everyone an exciting and safe Halloween! 


Picture Orders Due 

Picture Orders are due by Nov. 6. You can order your picture online at or by completing the form that was sent home and return it to school. 


Jacket Racket  

We will be collecting donations of winter jackets in the office for the month of November to support Jacket Racket.  Please ensure that the jackets are laundered and still in reasonable condition.  Our school's final pickup date is Friday, Nov. 27th


School Fees 

A reminder to please check you're myCBE/Powerschool account as all school fees have been uploaded including supplies, noon supervision and bussing fees if applicable. 

Food Bank Drive 

This November and December Olympic Heights is having a Food Drive. Together, we can fight poverty and hunger in our communities by bringing in non-perishable food donations and most needed items for the Calgary Food Bank. 

The face of hunger can be anyone: our friends, our neighbours, our family. Anyone, from any background, and in every neighbourhood. All sizes of households: wage earners, students and veterans. 

Because anyone can be one crisis away from having to make the difficult decision between food and rent; or heat; or medical bills; or repair costs. 

Throughout the months of November and December students who are able to contribute can bring in food and needed items to our donation boxes located in the front entry hallway. 

Please help us stop need and hunger in our communities and build a brighter future for all Calgarians. 

Remembrance Day 

On Tuesday November 10, Olympic Heights will recognize Remembrance Day and pay tribute to the many people who fought for our freedoms.  

 This year our ceremony will be virtual for students, and poppies will be provided for each student to wear that day. In previous years, we have collected donations for the poppy fund, however, due to COVID-19 restrictions, we are unable to accept donations at this time. If you wish to make a donation online, please follow the link

We appreciate your generosity and support. 


Radon Testing Being Conducted in Schools 

This fall the CBE will be conducting tests for radon gas in a number of schools across our system, including ours. Radon gas is odorless, tasteless and comes naturally through the soil. When gas reaches unsafe levels, over many years of exposure, the gas is known to have harmful effects on health. If testing reveals a heightened presence of radon, various mitigation strategies can be implemented to reduce the concentration of the gas to safe levels. 

Testing involves hanging a small, round testing device (alpha tracker) for 91 days from the ceiling in areas of the school that are occupied 4 or more hours a day. The device is passive, which means it omits no information, sounds or smells. 

The device will be installed on a non-instructional day or over a weekend, so it will not interrupt learning. 

If you would like to learn more about radon, please visit Health Canada's website: 


Thank you, 

OHS Administration 



Karen Barry

Acting Principal

Olympic Heights School

Calgary Board of Education


Tel |403-777-8370

Oct 16
Oct 16 Message

Dear OHS Families,  

We hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday weekend with your families and loved ones. Even if you could not come together in person, our hope is that you made connections with those who fill your bucket. We are thankful for each of our students, parents, and staff members who continue to make Olympic Heights a joyful place to be each and every day. Your support and commitment to support student learning is seen and appreciated greatly.  


Our Learning Plaza continues to bring a source of Joy for students as they walk by each day. Students and staff members have contributed videos, photos, and music to display on our tv as they walk by throughout the day. We are part of such a talented learning community and it has been a pleasure to see their hard work on display. Thank you to the staff members who continue to support this work.  

Important: Current Email on File 

It is imperative that the school has an updated and current email on file at the office. In the event of a Positive Covid-19 case at the school you will be notified by AHS by email only and no longer a phone call. If you need to update your email please call the office. 


Music Updates 

In Music this month, students have been working on connecting music with expression. Students have studied a variety of pieces, describing their moods through art, text and discussion. They have also explored how music can enhance a story or film. We have been applying this connection between music and expression by choosing the best pieces of music to fit a story or scenes in a movie.  


Students have also been reviewing and learning new rhythmic concepts at their grade level. Students have been reading, writing, dictating, creating and playing our rhythms. As an alternative to singing, students have been learning poems and chants to still enjoy music together as a class and practice speaking to rhythm.  

Moving towards November, students in division 1 will begin to play with rhythmic instruments, and continue to learn poems, chants, and explore movement along to music. Students in division 2 will be working with a variety of instruments to prepare for our cover of a Canadian song as part of the CBC Music Class Challenge. 


Fun Lunch is Coming! 

We are so pleased to announce that we are able to hold Fun Lunches again this year through Healthy Hunger! Strict protocols are in place to ensure food is individually wrapped and handled safely. As parent volunteers are not able to help this year, our school staff will ensure a smooth delivery. Our first Fun Lunch will be Pizza on October 29. This will coincide with our Halloween celebration day. Watch for more updates next week! 


Picture Day 

Our students came dressed to impress for Picture Day yesterday. The day ran very smoothly. Three photographers from Lifetouch remained socially-distanced from students and masked at all times. You can expect to see these photos within the next few weeks. Thank you to our staff members who supported each class transition so this day could be a success.  


Grade 6 PATs – Cancelled 

The decision has been made to cancel Grade 6 PATs this year due to continued disruptions as a result of the current pandemic.  

Our school has made the decision for Grade 3 students to complete the written component of their Student Learning Assessment (SLA) in October. This information will serve as baseline data to support our School Development Plan.  


Cold-Weather Planning 

As the temperature continues to dip below what we have previously enjoyed the last few weeks, it is important students come to school dressed for the weather. This includes dressing in layers and ensuring that clothing and shoes are appropriate for changes in weather throughout the day. Many of our students continue to enjoy Phys Ed outside and will need to ensure footwear that is water and snow resistant.  

Have a wonderful weekend!



Olympic Heights School Staff

May 04
Assessment and Reporting

Dear Olympic Heights Families,


We hope everyone is healthy and coping well in the current circumstances.  We are missing all of the students in the building and hope they are healthy, safe and enjoying their online learning experiences at home.  We are all in extraordinary times that have called on us all to live and work in new and different ways. 


As we look toward the end of the year when students receive their final report card, we wanted to provide you with an update regarding assessment and reporting.  Currently teachers are collecting evidence of student learning and assessing the work that was completed between term 1 report card on January 31st and March 15th, when schools were closed.  Please be aware this time frame wasn’t very long and some students may have had limited opportunities to complete assignments, projects and tasks due to a variety of reasons.  Since March 15th teachers have been continuing to gather evidence of learning and achievement and work with their students during this period of online learning.  They are available to support your child and encourage them to participate in the various activities. 


The final report card for term 2 will reflect assessment from both the work that was completed in class, as well as work completed during the online portion of this term.  We understand that all families are dealing with different circumstances and realize that learning experiences may vary for students.  It is possible that there may not be enough evidence of learning in particular portions of the report card and therefore you may see NER which means “not enough evidence”.  If you and/or your child are having difficulty participating in any aspect of online learning, please reach out to your child’s teacher or to the school administration for support.  We will be happy to help you.


We appreciate your understanding and support during this difficult time and we look forward to continuing to engage your students virtually!


Stay safe and please take care,

Karen Barry               Tiffany Austin

Acting Principal.       Assistant Principal


Olympic Heights Staff




Mar 18
Special Message For Students

To the Students of Olympic Heights School, 

 The staff at Olympic Heights School wanted to write a letter to let you know how much we miss you and that it is not the same here without you.  There is a feeling of emptiness in the school!

 You are an essential part of this learning community and the school and classroom doesn’t feel the same without you. It’s too quiet. We miss your laughter and the warmth you bring. We miss your stories. We miss you!

 Even though the school is mostly empty we can still see the many contributions you have made in the art projects still on bulletin boards and work displayed around your classroom. This pause has given us a chance to reflect on how much you all have grown since September!

 While you are away, please remember to practice the mindfulness strategies you have learned in school. Take deep breaths. Notice the things around you. Cherish each moment. Enjoy this time with your family and find some time to laugh and play with each other. 

 Limit your time on electronics. Stay active. Keep reading. Build things from around the house. Learn a new skill. Dance and sing and draw. Keep a journal of your time so we can catch up on all of your adventures once you return. 

 This time is temporary and is only to ensure that everyone around us is healthy and safe. We miss the light that you bring to our school and we know that you will continue to shine at home as you take care of yourselves and each other. 

Mr. Quon and Mrs. Austin have a few words to say.  Please watch this short video at:  https://Olympic Heights Message

 We will see you soon! We miss you lots!  Big Hugs!


 The Staff of Olympic Heights School

Feb 18
Winter 2020 Update


Kindergarten registrations begin Monday, January 20th.  If you know of any new families please let them know. 



Our School Patrols are doing a marvellous job in helping our student/pedestrians cross the road safely.  The teams are always helping each other when someone needs a spare or is sick.  They are being masters at stopping the traffic.  We are working with the Safety Patrollers to identify when the roads are icy and learning how much time the cars need to stop before they put up the Stop sign. Drivers please watch for the STOP signs the patrollers are holding up.  They will step back and put their signs down when you are free to resume again. 



The lost and found bin is once again overflowing.  The lost and found are out on tables for students and parents to go through.  You may also look through it, if you come to the school for an event or to pick up your child.  Anything left after the last day of classes before Winter Break will be donated to Good Will.



All students, whether they are bussed or walk to school, should wear clothing that will keep them warm in cold weather.  An extra pair of mittens and/or head covering could be tucked into backpacks to be ready to use.  During extreme weather conditions and as a basic safety precaution, bussed students should have an alternate plan of action if the bus is late or does not arrive at their scheduled bus stop.  Please discuss with your child(ren) what they should do if such a situation occurs.  Students should come to school prepared for the cold weather.  Students are required to go outside if the weather is warmer than -20 degrees Celsius.  In colder temperatures students will be allowed to come into the school. During lunch hour, activities are planned for students if they are required to stay in. 


In addition, please ensure your child has a pair of indoor shoes, always at school.  If a fire drill or emergency evacuation occurs, students must exit the building and it is not always possible to grab their boots.​

Sep 30
Fall 2019 Update

As we enter this new school year, staff and students have settled into new routines, build community together, and embraced new learning challenges. At Olympic Heights, we continue to reinforce the virtues of the Circle of Courage as a way of living and being at Olympic Heights School. Our goal is to encourage students to be independent learners who are generous with their words and actions, who develop a sense of belonging within our school community, and work to master skills that will they will carry with them throughout their lifetime.        

Thank you to all the parents/guardians who attended Parent-Teacher conferences. The purpose of the September conferences is to provide an opportunity for parents/guardians to inform the teacher about their child’s interests, strengths and areas for growth. This in turn, assisted teachers in gaining a holistic picture of their new learners. 

In addition to Student-Led Conferences in December and March, teachers will communicate throughout the year about your child’s learning. This may happen through personal correspondence, face to face meetings, curricular updates, agendas, blogs, and Iris. If at any time you wish to initiate communication about your child’s progress, please make an appointment with your child’s teacher so that proper time and attention can be given to the conversation. Please refrain from catching teacher’s at the classroom without notice before or after school as this is a very busy time for both our staff and students. 

The Calgary Board of Education Three Year Plan continues to be used as a framework to personalize learning for all students. In response to the CBE Three Plan, this year, staff will engage in Professional Learning Communities, which we will focus on the CBE’s Literacy Strategy around the topic of writing. As new Assessment Documents have also been established in the CBE, staff continue to work through research-based strategies to document and assess up to date student data to inform next steps in learning. The goal of this work is to also ensure students why they are doing, what they are doing, when they are doing it.  

As students embark on another new year it is important that parents support the school in helping each student to build independence and resiliency skills. When a child makes a poor choice or it is imperative that they learn to live through the natural consequences and learn from their actions. As parents, sometimes our natural inclination is to jump in and protect them from any feelings of distress, however the research states that when this happens, the child internalizes the feeling that they are not capable of managing stress, and anxiety starts to manifest. Healthy children are able to learn and grow from their mistakes. Their mistakes fuel opportunities to make better choices in the future. When the opportunity to learn is taken away because someone else has solved their problem for them, then they are not able to experience the feelings of resiliency that comes from overcoming the problem.

Though it may seem like high school is far away from now for your child, the CBE is currently encouraging parents to engage with their initiative around High School Success through the Shaping the Future of CBE Schools webpage. With continuing growth in enrollment and many CBE high schools over capacity, the CBE is looking for input and creative problem-solving to meet the needs of students now, and in the future. Please visit the webpage for more information and to engage in in-person dialogue sessions for parents.   

Lastly, we want to remind you that each grade in our school will have the opportunity to showcase their learning both through a Celebration of Learning evening and a school assembly. These celebrations of learning and assemblies are important for building school community and an opportunity to showcase the important work that is taking place in classrooms throughout the school year. Please check agendas, our school calendar​ for information on each particular grade. 

We want to thank our students, parents/guardians and staff for making Olympic Heights a great place to learn and for a wonderful start-up. If you have any questions with regards to the information in the October Newsletter please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or the administration.

Jun 10
June is the Month Where We reflect back on the school year and Celebrate our many Achievements

We are nearing the end of an exciting, eventful year. June is the month where we reflect back on the school year and celebrate our many achievements. Olympic Heights School is rich in culture, diversity and learning opportunities, and we are proud of our accomplishments this year. When reflecting on our instructional and external programs for students we strive to ensure that all students gain the following:

Academic Success - Each student will possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for academic success.
Personal Development - Each student will possess the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to achieve personal highest potential.
Citizenship - Each student will be a responsible citizen by being an informed and involved member in his or her local, national and global communities.
Character - Each student will possess the character to do what is right, act morally with wisdom, and balance individual concerns with the rights and needs of others.

In the spirit of generosity, we would like to thank the students, parents/guardians and especially all of the volunteers who have supported student learning in so many different ways. We have a lot to be proud of this year. This year at Olympic Heights School current teaching and learning have evolved and connected around the work of the Calgary Board of Education’s Three Year Plan, the OHS School Development Plan and through the learning of staff on PD days and through Professional Learning Communities. Staff meetings and PLC meetings defined a common understanding and coherence around assessment, and the teaching of literacy and mathematics. This work has influenced student achievement and engagement in the classroom as demonstrated through evidence of student learning, artifacts and learning data collected.

The Circle of Courage continues to be an authentic tool for students to use in developing their character and global citizenship skills. Students used the skills and knowledge from the Circle of Courage to utilize in their everyday life at Olympic Heights School, in their homes and in their community. Using the “I” message also carried a powerful message in that we use words and not physical actions to solve conflicts. It has been a remarkable year as students and staff continued to build a sense of belonging for everyone, be generous with words and actions, work to make a difference in the world around us, develop student independence and master the skills, knowledge and attitudes at the students best learning and social potential. Our students, staff and families have proven their commitment to making the world a better place and making a difference to the people around them. We are proud of our learning community.

As the school year ends all grades, continue to participate in culminating projects and assessments. Students continue to be supported to evaluate their growth over the past year and look ahead to set learning goals for next year. Throughout June, teachers in all grades continue to assess student achievement. Students have also self-assessed their progress on a regular basis through rubrics, presentations of projects, written journal reflections and portfolios of their work. This comprehensive, on-going assessment is the best way to measure the overall growth in learning for each student. Students are learning to have a voice and advocate for themselves based on their understanding of themselves as learners.

During May and June, Grade 6 students have prepared for and will be writing the 2019 Provincial Achievement Tests. The Provincial Achievement Tests are written to measure the student’s best effort on each test on a specific day. It is one opportunity for students to show their knowledge and skills they have learned throughout the school year. We are proud of the academic, social and personal growth of these students. As we reflect, we look at what we have done, what we have remaining to do, as well as where we are going next year. Planning conversations continue to take place with staff students, and parents. School organization and staffing continues for the 2019-2020 school year. The opportunity for teachers to move and explore new teaching opportunities at both Olympic Heights School and the CBE is encouraged, as teachers reflect on their talents and gifts and apply them to possible new learning environments. When staffing a school, it is important to look at the gifts and talents of
the teachers/staff and strategically and collaboratively match them to positions that will benefit the entire learning community. At this time, we have some internal changes happening where teachers/staff are choosing to teach and team in a different grade. Once finalized an updated school staff list will be included with the report card. This is due that staffing in the CBE is late and will not be completed until the last week of June. Due to the financial situation with the CBE, Olympic Heights has had to make some difficult decisions around staffing as the OHS 2019-2020 budget was cut and in addition, there has been a reduction in student enrolment for the 2019-2020 school year. To accommodate this, the reality is there will be less teachers next year. Gratitude to staff who have problem-solved and come up with best possibilities for staffing with minimal impact for student learning.

We also appreciate the support and all the work of School Council. Thank you to Kelly Hume and Katey Fok, co-chairs and their executive members, who truly make a difference at Olympic Heights School. Thank you to everyone else
who attended council meetings, held different roles and worked so hard to support student learning. Students greatly benefited from our collaborative efforts because of School Council’s commitment and support. Our last School Council meeting will be on Thursday, June 13th at 6:30. Please join us for celebration of this year’s school year. Snacks and refreshments serve. We invite all parents to join us in September for our first meeting as we begin a new school year.

We look forward to working with all the members of School Council again next year. We have enjoyed working with our families and appreciated the encouraging comments and advocacy for the students and school. Working with many of you throughout the year along with your continued support for our students, makes Olympic Heights School an exceptional learning community.

Some of this year’s school highlights include:

  • Winter and Spring Choir Performances
  • WE Club
  • Circle of Courage as a way of living at OHS
  • Student Environmental Group
  • Daily Physical Education
  • Grade sponsored Assemblies
  • Learning Celebrations for all Grades
  • Student-Led Conferences
  • Inquiry School focus – “What is my Story”
  • Service Learning Initiatives – Terry Fox, Unicef’s Scare Hunger, Entrepreneurial Adventure Program – Homeless Shelter, Kindergarten Gift of Caring Gardens
  • Cards for the seniors at Bethany Nursing Home
  • Knowledge and skill around the Indigenous ways of life – Elder Randy Bottle - land walk and Jason Plain Eagle – Indigenous Games
  • Open Minds School – Grade 5
  • Fundraising for Feeding Nunavut
  • Grade Five Skiing
  • Handbells Club
  • Patrol celebrations
  • Rugby with the Rams
  • Lacrosse
  • Swimming for K-2
  • Ice Skating at the Community Center for Grade 3 and 4
  • Alien In Line Skating
  • Outdoor School for Grade 6
  • Danceplay/Prestige Dance
  • Positive Mental Health and Mindfulness with our Comprehensive School Health Committee
  • Sports Day
  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Grade 6 Farewell

The pancake breakfast to celebrate the success of the 2018-2019 school year turned out perfectly given the weather and the smoke. We fed 1100 people and it was a wonderful turnout by students and families. We want to thank the
Calgary Stampede Community Special Events for supplying the pancakes and sausages and for cooking for our community. Everyone enjoyed the Stampede mascots. We also want to thank Sobey’s for providing the bananas for
this event. Thank you to the Olympic Heights staff for working hard to put on this event for our learning community and lastly to our students and families for making this event so successful.

As we move towards the end of the year, we would like to wish our Grade 6 students all the best as they move ahead into Grade Seven, many of whom who will be attending Vincent Massey School. On behalf of all our staff, we wish them much success and happiness for the future. Some of our families are also relocating. To everyone who are leaving, we bid each of you farewell with a deep sense of pride and affection. It takes everyone, working and learning together to make Olympic Heights School such a successful and excellent place to learn. We will continue to work together to reach new heights. Our Grade 6 Farewell Celebration: Thursday, June 20th – 10:00-11:00 followed by a luncheon and afternoon dance celebration.

For the 2019-2020 school year, Olympic Heights School is pleased to welcome a new system class added to our current enrolment. “The Class” is for eight students in Grades 4-6 who require targeted strategies to support their mental health. This is a new class to our school where students will be relocated from various schools throughout our city to attend. The program is supported by one teacher, an educational assistant and a lunchroom supervisor. Darci Fulton, CBE Behaviour Mental Health and Wellness Strategist, is presently involved in this transition and is supporting Olympic Heights School to plan for any building modifications and resources that may be required. In the Spirit of the “Circle of Courage”, we want to welcome this class to Olympic Heights School. Our school has a reputation for being a generous learning community where we create a sense of belonging for everyone.

Lastly, we want to thank the staff for their hard work and commitment to student learning, support for students, student advocacy, student clubs and programs and everything they do for the learning community at Olympic Heights School. We have an exceptional staff at Olympic Heights School. It takes everyone, working and learning together to make Olympic Heights School a successful and positive learning community. June is a time of celebration and mixed emotion as we end the school year.
End of Year Celebration Assembly: Wednesday, June 26th – 9:30 -10:30 – Everybody welcome!


May 13
Planning for Next Year

May has arrived and we have many successes to celebrate. It is at this time of year that we begin to look at planning for 2019-2020 school year. According to student projections for next year we will plan for approximately 590 plus students. Given this information we continue to address school organization and staffing. Student learning is our priority and we will continue to discuss with our staff the best way to effectively meet the needs of all students at Olympic Heights School. Conversations have already begun with staff and we will keep parents informed as decisions are made.

Is your family moving? If you know that your child(ren) will not be returning to Olympic Heights School in September 2019, please fill in the attached form of this newsletter and return to the office, or call the main office at 403 777 8370 to inform the school. Thank you for your cooperation – this makes our next year’s planning much easier. It is crucial that we have accurate counts for next year as our school organization – staffing and number of classrooms is based on these counts.

As June approaches teachers will come together to create classes for the next school year. Decisions of student placement are intentional and thoughtful. As a school we ask two questions:

  1. Under what conditions does this student learn best?
  2. From the teacher-classroom choices available for student placement next year, what is the best match for this student?

These decisions are made by your child’s current grade teacher, all the teachers from the subsequent grade, the administration team, curriculum specialists: Music, P.E., French, ELL, and the resource teacher. We take into consideration factors such as student’s cognitive ability, gender, social skills, key relationships, second language, special needs, learning styles, and community of residence. Each student also has an opportunity to list five friends they would prefer to have in their class. It is our guarantee that we match them with at least one of their friend choices.

If you have an educational or emotional concern about your child that you would like school administration to consider for your child’s placement next year, please write a letter or an email to Mr. Quon. These will be the only two criteria that will be used for special requests. Please do not request a specific teacher. Our intent is to place students in the most appropriate learning environment in which they will meet their best personal potential and achieve academic success.

We believe all our teachers are competent and truly care about the students. Teachers and staff are committed to ensuring that all students master their learning to their best potential, develop generosity and independence and work at making sure that everyone has a sense of belonging.

We have an upcoming Professional Development Day on May 16th and 17th. This day will be used to assess our School Development Plan from this year and to create a new School Development Plan for the 2019-2020 school year. Goals, Calendar and learning focus for the upcoming school year will also be addressed. We will also examine the work that teachers have done this year with Professional Learning Communities. The professional learning of teachers will be shared as they too have engaged in professional dialogue/learning regarding students’ work. Throughout the year teachers have participated in professional learning around making learning visible, high impact strategies for teaching Mathematics and Literacy, and effective assessment strategies. Professional learning sessions are guided by reviewing student work with the intent to direct instructional decisions and task design. Our staff will be sharing the results and impact that these conversations have had on their instructional practice with each other in the Professional Development Day. Thank you to our Learning Community for supporting our professional learning focus for this school year.

Lately we have dealt with a number of school situations involving physical and verbal altercations among students. Students are reminded to be generous with their words and actions and work hard to build a sense of belonging for everyone. Many of these altercations have involved students not keeping their hands, feet and objects to themselves. This is a school expectation that students keep their hands, feet, and objects to themselves and use their words to solve their conflicts in a positive way. Students have been taught in-class strategies such as an “I” message, how to deal with bullying, the difference between bullying and hurtful behaviours, the role of a bystander, and the difference between tattling and being a responsible citizen. We ask that our learning community continue to reinforce these expectations at home so that we build coherence between school and home. When students do make a bad choice/decision and are held accountable the school uses the “CBE Progressive Student Discipline Philosophy” as a guide to bring resolution to the problem. Please see attached. We want to thank our students, parents/guardians and staff for continuing to make Olympic Heights School a great place to learn and for the support given.

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Information has been shared with families of students in Grades 7-12 about the move to at-home learning starting on Monday, Nov. 30. Learn more: #yycbe #WeAreCBE

RT @KiddleCBE: Grade 1 students have been discussing - What makes a great community? Here are their super citizens. We can all learn a lot from our youngest citizens. #supercitizens #WeAreCBE

RT @cranston_school: Staying connected across the school! We are all part of an invisible web! @patricekarst #WeAreCBE

At the Nov 25 regular board meeting, the Board of Trustees voted to approve the closure of the National Sport School effective June 30, 2021. #yycbe

There will be a Board of Trustees public meeting today at noon for the consideration of closure of the National Sport School. Due to current COVID-19 guidelines this meeting will be held virtually. We invite you to stream the meeting online #yycbe