Apr 20
Spring has Sprung at Patrick Arlie School

Spring has sprung at Patrick Airlie School! Despite the extra snow that we have had late this year, we are definitely recognizing the anticipation of the warmer weather and the increased energy that Spring brings us each year. At this time of year, it can be easy to feel like we are nearing the end of the school year. The truth is, we still have more than 20% of the school year to go! This means we need to stay focused and continue working to support our students in their learning and growth, just as we always do. At school, we are starting to see the gains that our students are have due to the hard work that has occurred at school and the support that occurs at home.

Please remember that we need all children to come to school prepared for learning. This still means having proper outdoor clothing even when it seem nice enough. Even though it is nice in the morning, it can turn cold and wet later in the day. It is best to be prepared. Being prepared means proper clothing, proper lunch and snacks when possible and proper safety wear if riding bicycles and scooters to school. Helmets are a must for safety.

We are looking forward to a strong Spring session from now to the end of June. We hope that the Spring and nice weather, will allow us to come together in some positive community ways.

All the best


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