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At Peter Lougheed School, we celebrate in THUNDER STYLE clothing.  Each day, students are expected to wear their Thunder Gym strip (clothing) while attending their Phys. Ed. Classes.  Our athletic jerseys and uniforms definitely MAKE THEIR MARK at competitions as they are among the best in our City.   All students who play on our Athletic Teams will be expected to wear their Thunder uniform on game day.   

We also will make school spirit T-Shirts, Hoodies, Toques, etc.  available to students at specific times in the school year.  We typically do one order each year of merchandise each school year.  We sell these items at a break-even price point.  We will communicate these out to students using our daily announcements, TV Monitors (in our Student Gathering Space) and through SchoolMessenger to parents.  Payments can be made in our school office using Debit and/or Credit.   

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RT @DrJCarrington: Connection and kindness is what matters. The angst in our communities is palpable. While our world looks different and is ever changing, what remains constant is the need for relationship and connection. To simply be noticed.

RT @DashmeshC: Happy #LabourDay2021 to everyone! We honor the hard work of Laborers today. One of the core teachings of Sikhi is Kirat Karo - To earn an honest living by utilizing our God-given skills and hard work for the benefit and improvement of ourselves, our families, and the world.

A special day @PLougheedCBE. We are saying goodbye to our amazing principal Gord Choate. After 29 years of teaching thousands of students and staff in CBE how to be the best versions of themselves, he is retiring today. @yyCBEdu @Area4CBE #thunderstrong (1/2)

RT @UsihChristopher: “The resilience of our staff and students has been incredible. I am so grateful for the cooperation of not only students and staff but our families," said Christopher Usih, chief superintendent for the CBE.

Caring and compassion at Peter Lougheed

RT @DashmeshC: DCC is ready for 1st dose Vaccines tomorrow from 10am to 3pm. Anyone age 12+ who needs their first dose vaccine is welcomed to visit. Please call 403-590-0970 or email if you require more information. #GetVaccinated #yyc #COVID19AB

RT @DrJCarrington: Truth and reconciliation. In that order. Holding space today, and for as long as it takes, until we understand and acknowledge all of this hidden history.

RT @UsihChristopher: The discovery of hundreds of unmarked grave sites near a former residential school for Indigenous children is further reminder of the work we must do together as educators and parents to eradicate systemic racism. While we can not change the past, the future is ours to shape!