Mar 30
March 30th Information

Good Morning Students, Parents and Guardians of Prince of Wales,

I hope you are well and have had a restful and joyful spring break.  We are indeed living in unprecedented times, and filled with wonder in terms of what the future will bring us with ongoing learning.  For the foreseeable future, together we will delve into the world of online learning.  The CBE has spent the past two weeks creating programming opportunities that will be distributed online for our students.  Our teachers are taking up this work on a very steep learning curve to provide learning opportunities & activities that will begin in the next shortly.

Before you read the rest of this message, please know that we understand that all families are in different circumstances right now.  We hope that you are in a position to support ongoing learning, but recognize that you may not be. Regardless of your family circumstances, we respect your position and are ready to assist you in whatever ways we can.

The morning of Monday, March 30, teachers will be involved in virtual meetings planning together in grade and subject teams. More detailed information about on-line learning will be sent to you later this week, with assignments starting next week.

Starting today your child’s homeroom teacher will connect with you to discuss your child’s access to technology at home, including access to a computer and the internet. Teachers will be emailing parents and requesting a response. Teachers will also ask you how you and your family are doing and encourage you to connect with wellness supports and resources available within and beyond the CBE.

Teachers will update their blogs with a “Welcome back” message to their students.  Please be sure to check blogs on a regular basis as this will be where teachers will communicate learning to students and parents. As well we will continue to share a weekly update on the school website.

Parents may want to supplement student learning by providing their children with additional resources. The following provincial resources are available to parents:

We are very excited with the prospect of providing these ongoing learning opportunities for our students.  Missing our students in the building has been very difficult, but we look forward to reconnecting with each student.  Please look forward to receiving ongoing messages from teachers and administration in the days to come.  Stay well and stay active.


Shelly Gelfand

Principal, Prince of Wales



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