Jan 11
January 11, 2021

Happy New Year and welcome back!


The new year brings new opportunities and new challenges to us here at QEHS. Our planning for semester two is well underway but we must wait for final hub numbers before we enact any plans. Parents had until January 8th to indicate if they would be returning to in school learning.   There is no opportunity for students to move from in school learning to hub learning. Depending on our final numbers we may be reorganizing our grade 7 to 9 classes as well as adjustments to high school timetables as well as potential changes to teaching assignments.


Due to the impact of COVID 19 on learning, diploma exams are optional in January and June. All high school classes will continue through to January 22nd with all students attending unless they are writing a diploma exam on that day. Teachers will be working with students on final assessments, credit recovery opportunities and giving students multiple ways to demonstrate their current understanding of the curriculum. In some courses students will be writing a cumulative exam that covers topics for all of the semester.  In these situations a students mark will not be reduced if their mark is lower. Complications occurring from our pandemic response have allowed schools to adapt year end assessments. For further details on final assessments, please contact your child's teacher or visit the D2L shell.


With the Alberta Government's announcement of full return to in-school learning we have made modifications to our lunch time procedures and expectations. These changes have been made to limit an activity which is considered a high transmission activity, eating in close contacts with others.

Starting Monday, January 11th:

  • All students will be required to either eat lunch in the classroom they attend prior to lunch and remain in that room for the first 15 minutes of the lunch break or they can leave the building and eat their lunch outside for the first 15 minutes of lunch. A room will be provided for high school students who are on a prep to eat in a specific classroom.
  • The Café will not be providing any food services.
  • The Student Gathering Area (SGA) and the cafeteria seating will be closed for students to eat lunch or gather in for the first 15 minutes of lunch.
  • For the second 15 minutes of the lunch break students will be allowed to be in the hallways and SGA, but masks must be worn at all times in these areas.

We anticipate this new procedure to be in place for the month of January and we will revisit this decision at the start of semester 2.


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