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Construction Merit Award recipient

Open Minds

The grade nine GATE community has been spending a week involved in the Open Minds City Hall School program. While not able to be on site (next year, hopefully!), the class has been able to watch council debates, question the mayor and the councillor for the local ward, talk to local business owners, meet those who facilitate fair entry within our city and explore local public art/housing styles/public parks. One class attended the last week of January and another the first week of February. All other GATE classes are attending different venues later in the school year.


From grade 7 to Art 30, students have been working on refining their drawing skills while using a variety of mediums.  In grade 7 students are introduced to the power of line, shapes and creating interesting textures.  This work with the design elements continues all the way through to high school classes, in which students examine the interrelationship between them for insightful experimentation.

Remembrance Day 2020

2020 Honouring Spirit Indigenous Awards

Congratulations to Tookie Y and Simon O for being nominated for the 2020 Honouring Spirit Indigenous Awards. These awards celebrate exceptional First Nations, Metis, and Inuit students nominated by their education communities based on their exemplary leadership, courage, and commitment to their cultures and educational paths. There were 242 nominations and both Tookie and Simon received honourable mention. We are very proud of you and look forward to your continued success at Queen Elizabeth.   The Alberta School Boards Association released the following video to honour the 12 recipients of the award:

Student Field Trip 

For their Biology unit in Science 20, students undertook a unit long investigation of the Weaselhead and how the impacts of the Calgary West Ring Road expansion through the Weaselhead will impact the ability of local wildlife to move in and out of the natural area. As their culminating project, students analyzed data and information collected during their Weaselhead site visit to design a theoretical wildlife overpass that would provide a safe and reliable migration corridor for native animals to use as they cross over the Ring Road during migration periods.  Students worked in 'consulting groups' and took on the specialty roles of ecologist, landscape architect, engineer, or biologist to collaboratively research successful corridor structures and local flora and fauna, and design a feasible overpass structure that would mimic a native ecosystem and create a safe passage system for fauna moving into and out of the Weaselhead without needing to directly cross the Ring Road.

Student Work

Queen Elizabeth High School promotional video for parents:

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